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Newfinns legacy...

The was founded some 5 years ago (could easily be checked via ICANN or respective legal registry...)... Many of the things from that period have been described throughout the horizontal and vertical content of the site, however my personal story regarding Finland, dates since the end of the previous millennium :) and the story of the new Finns and Europeans dates considerably I wish to believe that Europe and as a whole the contemporary civilized world, culminate into the best from our past..??, BUT are not stuck in it!

Then even though New Finns (as has been dethroned from the top search results by the search engines…, many of its articles continue to top  the   search results by subject  throughout  the  world… Also ever since late 2015 and as of today 10.10.2020, I haven’t seen a search engine that does not find Rostislav Dinkov in its searches, I mean: Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Sogou and so on… 

I am writing this not to “glorify” myself, that has never been my goal, but to try to clarify the course of my actions, however diagnosed I might be (look point 3…)... Look at there are stated at least the core of my aspiration, some of my job applications and so, but the most prominent outcomes have diagnoses. Regarding the latter I have made several appeals for clearance to THE respective institutions, but again the only ones responsive were my doctors Yes I could also mention that I have received regularly mails, FB invitations and even tags by members and even parliamentarians of the Green Party, to which I am thankful, but my candidacy was not promoted for the 2019 Parliament Elections as, a, or the reason for that might be the background and presence of my diagnoses ... 

Kind regards, Rosti ----- *****

PS (24.10.2020) ...given the environment that has created the…”True Finns”, across the spectrum...many really bright “foreigners...some with Finnish passports...”, have changed their names, probably in a try to be better accepted by ****. Then, if we take for instance 2008, when Nokia was still the flagship of Finland as well as Global market leader, I was already in Kauppalehti (a leading financial media in Finland) and back then, regarding Nokia and its engineer tries to stay afloat with “zilion” pixels cameras, my words were - "it is like the try to put on a Trabant Formula ONE tyres - very impressive, but pretty useless"…Also just letting aside comments on examples such as the laiter Nokia Lumia 1020 (41 MP camera)..., my brief conceptual argument was that the concept of the back then new horizon Apple, was something like one device with close to limitless applications/outcomes, which generally speaking could be programmed or reprogrammed overnight...vs Nokia's engineering lead approach of dozens of models, producing much more hardware specific, and thus limited, outcomes...The latter was simply much more time and money consuming... Some of my former colleagues could still remember that, however given the given, nowadays most of them would not even answer if I called them…BUT in contrast to all that, YOU could read that across the world***

PS2 (26.10.2020) “Cultural bias occurs when people of a culture make assumptions about conventions, including conventions of language, notation, proof and evidence. They are then accused of mistaking these assumptions for laws of logic or nature. Numerous such biases exist, concerning cultural norms for color, mate selection, concepts of justice, linguistic and logical validity, the acceptability of evidence, and taboos.source. So taking at least that and why not my 7+ diagnosis (look point 3), let me try to share more insights taking for instance the case Trainers House’s background (for the English readers briefly, that’s a done be me Good-will impairment test, while I was in Kauppalehti, because of which the Publicly Listed Company wrote down 31,1...mln eur, in 2 consecutive years (2010 and 2011). It was something never done before in our department and I started the test from scratch... At the beginning studying the necessary IFRS legislation with  all the contemporary changes at the time… Also some of the background was, that an unsuccessful challenge of at least 11,4 mln eur, published at the paper version of Kauppalehti on 7.1.2011 (the article never appeared online, nor my name for some 5,5 years), was to be something like professional suicide for my young then career, which regrettably came a few years later, through my professionally developed disease***. However back then, my boss was the first to notice the impairment news and I remember that he personally came to greet me, his hand was even shaking… Yet later even he added that it should have been Henry (the official? Publicly listed companies analyst and later the chief analyst) and then his boss, Jorma even tried to provoke something like small theatre about it (that the unofficial “glory???” was on Rosti (the whoever), not on Henry (let’s say the chosen one)***. Today I just tried to share that, plus my thoughts about the according to me Finnish cultural bias, to not stand any Finnishness (a collective perception of national and personal identity...) related critique, with the monks with whom I currently live, to which I am really grateful! However it seems that the bias in question (also), is so strong, that even the Abbot, who is really a great and spiritual person, interrupted me with something like - I can’t bear hearing that… 

PS3 (n vuodelta 2006) "En malta tässä yhteydessä olla sanomatta laskentakurssimme osalta, että on hienoa, että olet tälläkin kurssilla sijoittunut parhaimmistoon: vain neljä osanottajaa ylsi välikokeessa kiitettävään tasoon. Minusta parhaiden opiskelijoiden positiivinen esimerkki kannustaa myös muita kurssilaisia parempiin tuloksiin, mikä koituu koko kurssin hyväksi parempina suorituksina." (Lauri Silvasti KHT, Laskentatoimen lehtori, Haaga- Helia).

PS4 (10.11.2020) Also given, the given plus a lot more - I do NOT understand contemporary citizens of EU member states, who think and act along the saying "every frog should know its own swamp"... However diagnosed and/or discriminated I might be, for me the EU is not, and should not be a swamp! Well yes it still is a kind of compilation of independently working differences, which is even more evident now in the Covid 19 time... Concerning the latter I frankly think that without ...federal police and army, the so called European values and norms, will remain predominantly wishful thinking along culturally biased election slogans...

Look “ people are prisoners of their own culture and their behaviour seems right to other people that have been raised in that culture (and have adopted it)”.(Derek Rollinson Organisational Behavuior and Analysis …2005 p. 123), furthermore a substantial part of our conscious behaviour is subconsciously lead, yet I personally wish to believe that our conscious choices could improve us for better*** - "By his measure of approaching God, one becomes more and more aware of one's own imperfection; therefore, "repentance is always appropriate to all sinners and righteous who desire salvation. And there is no limit to perfection ..."". (St. Isaac Sirin , Word 71)”.

PS5 (11.11.2020)' - I still believe that the inferred above issues keep place in 2020 as well, as of course some later trends and developments, rearranged the players of global dominance... I mean for instance, that lately, we've been reading mostly news about the rivalry between US and China and let's say even some disalaience between US and the EU... But, from my point of view the rise of China is the brighter side, because..."the advantage of being second is, that you should not turn your head back in order to see where you are".... For instance UEFA and MMA, are not one club or player competitions...but clusters of top clubs and fighters, which hardly would have kept their level alone, though there could be exceptions*** Referring to the latter, -I+ sincerely wish that " the end of times, we do NOT have "trillions" of souls in a box, playing video games..." (from a recently listened lecture)...

PS6 (29.1.2021) - private Ryan...****

PS7 (22.9.2021) For more than 5 years, stands as moral and hopefully lawful dimension, read throughout the World...

According to what I’ve been told by a clerk in the Finnish alcohol store Alko, Carlos I Solera Gran Reserva (in the picture above) is on average 10 years old. Regarding that it could be interesting to note that the Solera systemis a process for aging liquids by fractional blending in such a way that the finished product is a mixture of ages, with the average age gradually increasing as the process continues over many years (source Wikipedia). Or said in other words normally every year a part of the oldest brandy is bottled (from 10% to 30% - 50%, according to different sources) and on its place into the older and oldest casks goes an equal amount from the age-chain down or up, if you take that the oldest casks are on the floor and the younger ones above... 

For the particular brandy is said: “It all starts by carefully picking grapes from the best Airén grapevines, which are then gently distilled using a traditional method in Moorish pot stills, a traditional copper pot still or alembic (source”. As well “matured in oak-wood casks using the traditional aging system of Criaderas and Solera, until a velvety texture and intense aromas are revealed (source, the package of the bottle)”. It could also be noted that since the producer has also Carlos I Imperial XO (which I haven't tasted), the youngest brandy in the mixture of the one presented, is less than 6 years old…(according to some sources the age limit for XO has been raised to 10 years in 2018…?). 

Technically the presented brandy contains 40% alcohol and 12g sugar/L. 

Colour - deep-dark ambarish-red…which presumably comes primarily from the aging process in oak sherry casks...

Nose - sherry, cherry, vanilla, toffee...Inhaled from very close distance, one can feel alcohol chills with notes of oak in his/her nose, but with nothing excessive or unpleasant… 

Taste - in a freshly opened bottle, my unprofessional, but yet unprejudiced taste, catches a kind of  cherry-grapes (that’s the best term I figured out…) initial taste with sharper, but yet well balanced good brandy aftertaste, with notes of toffee, oak and grapes as well as some kind of watery-freshness at the end… I should also note that the quality of the drink improves, in terms of smoother smell and taste, when you leave the spirit to breath for some time or if you let air in the bottle, ex about 15-20% from the bottle is drunk and you close the rest for tomorrow… I am not an expert, but quite likely the latter results from the processes of evaporation and may be to some extent oxidation on air, but I’ll leave that for your own research :)

Most of the experts recommend room temperature (around 20 C), for best flavour and taste experience of a brandy or cognac…

P.S. Since the articles of aim at transparency and knowledge, I’d like to note that enjoying a quality drink, when you are legally aged, has nothing to do with alcohol abuse in any manner, which may prove strongly culturally and individually biased… In that regard here are 2 videos concerning the matter: Why hangover happen? and  Which alcohol gives the worst hangover? 

Kind regards, Rosti  

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An year of monastery life

"By his measure of approaching God, one becomes more and more aware of one's own imperfection; therefore, "repentance is always appropriate to all sinners and righteous who desire salvation. And there is no limit to perfection ..."". (St. Isaac Sirin , Word 71) - that’s what in my best believe the monks try to live, through prayer, thoughts and action…

Already an year I live among them - right now I am in Valamo Monastery, Finland and prior to that I’ve spent about 6 months in Rila Monastery, Bulgaria. And since it is said that one picture is worth a thousand words, here some pictures from Rila and Valamo for those of you who haven’t otherwise seen them. I live and have lived with the brotherhood according to its rules, but am not officially a novice and since several people asked me what is the way of entering a monastery for longer, I would share my personal experience… I did not have any personal relations or recommendations, just called each of the monasteries (they have web pages and contact information) and at the beginning I appointed a conversation with the Igumen (Abbot). In my personal case it included many things around me and ‘s background and presence, but in general I would say that if your story is convincing enough, you might be invited to the monastery, heard again in person and then presented to the brotherhood and given some tasks. However an important part of your schedule and life then would be the daily services, usually two per day… 

For longer I have been only in Orthodox monasteries, but it may well apply for other denominations as well, I mean that every monastery is a unique spiritual family, given the Igumen, the brotherhood and the living Holy Spirit in it… Also different monasteries might have different regimes and to some extent set of rules. Not less important according to me are the worshipers and other people visiting it. Regarding the latter and as a whole, the monasteries are visited by more spiritual and open minded people, which contributes to the atmosphere of the place, because according to me one of the best things one can get from a monastery visit, is the part of Holy Spirit one can get into his/her thoughts and actions during and after the visit...This is what the monks pray for every day…, though many of them believe that we might well live within the last days of the human kind, which according to many Holy Fathers and up to my best understanding is not for ex 15.12.20XX, but dishonesty, mistrust, diseases, wars and in general unfavorable for normal human life and fulfillment conditions… Which given the current COVID-19 pandemic, global tensions, including many of the features of the contemporary silicone-vibrator-consumer society, sounds not at all far from the truth…That’s why, spiritual hubs, preserving truth and light are even more precious for keeping and fulfilling the providence of God… 

PS “(God) is not revealed in His essence (ousia), for no one has ever seen or described God’s nature (physis); but He is revealed in the grace (charis), power (dynamis) and energy (energeia) which is common to Father, Son and Spirit.” (St. Gregory Palamas - Confession of Faith)

Truly yours, Rosti...

In memoriam (English)


Prime use

Side effects


Valproate (VPA), and its valproic acid, sodium valproate, and valproate semisodium forms, are medications primarily used to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder and to prevent migraine headaches. (Wikipedia)

Most common adverse effects include:[24]

•  Nausea (22%)

•  Drowsiness (19%)

•  Dizziness (12%)

•  Vomiting (12%)

•  Weakness (10%)

Serious adverse effects include:[24]

•  Bleeding

•  Low blood platelets

•  Encephalopathy

•  Suicidal behavior and thoughts

•  Low body temperature 

(Source )


Lithium is a medication commonly used to treat and prevent mania episodes in people with bipolar disorder. Mania is abnormal excitement, which may lead to undesirable behaviors.

Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction to lithium: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Too much lithium in your body can cause death. Lithium toxicity can occur if you take only slightly more than a recommended dose.

Stop using this medicine and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of lithium toxicity: muscle weakness, twitching, drowsiness, feeling light-headed, mood changes, blurred vision, ringing in your ears, irregular heartbeats, confusion, slurred speech, clumsiness, trouble breathing, or seizures.

Call your doctor at once if you have:

•  a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out;

•  shortness of breath;

•  fever, increased thirst or urination;

•  weakness, dizziness or spinning sensation;

•  memory problems, hallucinations;

•  problems with balance or muscle movement;

•  loss of bowel or bladder control;

•  a seizure (blackout or convulsions);

•  low sodium level - headache, confusion, slurred speech, severe weakness, vomiting, loss of coordination, feeling unsteady;

•  thyroid problems - weight gain or loss, muscle pain, tremors, feeling hot or cold, changes in your skin or hair, sweating, feeling weak or tired, fast or pounding heartbeats, increased bowel movements, feeling anxious or agitated;

•  dehydration symptoms - feeling very thirsty or hot, being unable to urinate, heavy sweating, or hot and dry skin; or

•  increased pressure inside the skull -severe headaches, ringing in your ears, dizziness, nausea, vision problems, pain behind your eyes. (Source)

Zyprexa / Olanzapine

atypical antipsychotic primarily used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.[7] For schizophrenia, it can be used for both new onset disease and long-term maintenance.[7] It is taken by mouth or by injection into a muscle.

Common side effects include weight gain, movement disorders, dizziness, feeling tired, constipation, and dry mouth.[7] Other side effects include low blood pressure with standing, allergic reactions, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, high blood sugar, seizures, gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, and tardive dyskinesia.[7] In older people with dementia, its use increases the risk of death.[7] Use in the later part of pregnancy may result in a movement disorder in the baby for some time after birth.[7] Although how it works is not entirely clear, it blocks dopamine and serotonin receptors.[ (Wikipedia)

Temesta / Lorazepam

Lorazepam is used to relieve anxiety. Lorazepam is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines. It works by slowing activity in the brain to allow for relaxation.

Lorazepam may cause side effects. Call your doctor if any of the following symptoms are severe or do not go away:

•  drowsiness

•  dizziness

•  tiredness

•  weakness

•  dry mouth

•  diarrhea

•  nausea

•  changes in appetite

•  restlessness or excitement

•  constipation

•  difficulty urinating

•  frequent urination

•  blurred vision

•  changes in sex drive or ability

Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:

•  shuffling walk

•  persistent, fine tremor or inability to sit still

•  fever

•  difficulty breathing or swallowing

•  severe skin rash

•  yellowing of the skin or eyes

•  irregular heartbeat

Lorazepam may cause other side effects. Call your doctor if you have any unusual problems while you are taking this medication. (Source)

Cisordinol / Zuclopenthixol

zuclopentixol, is a medication used to treat schizophrenia and other psychoses. (Wikipedia)

CNS: NEUROLEPTIC MALIGNANT SYNDROME, dizziness, extrapyramidal symptoms, fatigue, sedation, tardive dyskinesia, weakness, syncope

EENT: abnormal vision accommodation

CV: THROMBOEMBOLISM, arrhythmias, hypotension, tachycardia

GI: constipation, dry mouth, diarrhea, thirst, vomiting

Derm: photosensitivity reactions, ↑ sweating

Endo: hyperprolactinemia, hyperglycemia

GU: ↓ libido, abnormal urination

Hemat: anemia, granulocytopenia

Metabolic: weight change

MS: myalgia

* CAPITALS indicate life-threatening.
Underline indicate most frequent.


Xeplion / Paliperidone

Xeplion is used for the maintenance treatment of schizophrenia in adults whose disease has already been stabilised on treatment with paliperidone or risperidone.

The most frequently reported side effects are insomnia (difficulty sleeping), headache, anxiety, upper-respiratory-tract infection (colds), reactions at the site of injection, Parkinsonism (neurological symptoms including tremor and impaired muscular control), increased weight, akathisia (restlessness), agitation, somnolence (sleepiness), nausea, constipation, dizziness, muscle and bone pain, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), tremor (shaking), abdominal pain (stomach ache), vomiting diarrhoea, fatigue (tiredness) and dystonia (involuntary muscle contractions). Of these, akathisia and somnolence appear to be related to the dose.(Source )


used to treat certain mental/mood disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders).

Dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, difficulty urinating, sleep disturbances, headache, and anxiety may occur. If these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Dizziness and lightheadedness can increase the risk of falling.( Source )

Akinestat / Biperiden

is a medication used to treat Parkinson disease and certain drug-induced movement disorders.

 Drowsiness, vertigo, headache, and dizziness are frequent. With high doses nervousness, agitation, anxiety, delirium, and confusion are noted. Biperiden may be abused due to a short acting mood-elevating and euphoriant effect. The normal sleep architecture may be altered (REM sleep depression). Biperiden may lower the seizure-threshold. Some instances of dementia have been noted to correlate with chronic administration of anticholinergic medications such as Biperiden for Parkinson's disease.[11]  (Source )


principal indications are the treatment of psychotic disorders (e.g. schizophrenia) and of acute mania occurring as part of bipolar disorders.

Chlorprothixene has a strong sedative activity with a high incidence of anticholinergic side effects. The types of side effects encountered (dry mouth, massive hypotension and tachycardia, hyperhidrosis, substantial weight gain etc.) normally do not allow a full effective dose for the remission of psychotic disorders to be given. So cotreatment with another, more potent, antipsychotic agent is needed. (Source)


It is commonly used to treat a range of conditions, including anxiety, seizures, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, muscle spasms, trouble sleeping, and restless legs syndrome.[6] It may also be used to cause memory loss during certain medical procedures.[7

Common side effects include sleepiness and trouble with coordination.[8][10] Serious side effects are rare.[6] They include suicide, decreased breathing, and an increased risk of seizures if used too frequently in those with epilepsy.[6][8][11] Occasionally excitement or agitation may occur.[12][13] Long term use can result in tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms on dose reduction.[6] (Source)


Citalopram is a type of antidepressant known as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).

It's often used to treat depression and also sometimes for panic attacks.

Citalopram helps many people recover from depression, and has fewer unwanted side effects than older antidepressants.

Citalopram is available on prescription as tablets and liquid drops that you put in a drink of water.

Common side effects

Common side effects happen in more than 1 in 100 people. Keep taking the medicine, but talk to your doctor or pharmacist if these side effects bother you or don't go away:

•  dry mouth

•  sweating a lot

•  being unable to sleep

•  feeling sleepy

•  feeling tired or weak

Serious side effects

Serious side effects are rare and happen in less than 1 in 1,000 people.

Go to A&E immediately if you get:

•  chest pain or pressure or shortness of breath

•  severe dizziness or passing out

•  painful erections that last longer than 4 hours - this may happen even when you're not having sex

•  any bleeding that's very bad or you can't stop, such as cuts or nosebleeds that don't stop within 10 minutes



Risperidone is used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia (a mental illness that causes disturbed or unusual thinking, loss of interest in life, and strong or inappropriate emotions) in adults and teenagers 13 years of age and older. It is also used to treat episodes of mania (frenzied, abnormally excited, or irritated mood) or mixed episodes (symptoms of mania and depression that happen together) in adults and in teenagers and children 10 years of age and older with bipolar disorder (manic depressive disorder; a disease that causes episodes of depression, episodes of mania, and other abnormal moods). Risperidone is also used to treat behavior problems such as aggression, self-injury, and sudden mood changes in teenagers and children 5 to 16 years of age who have autism (a condition that causes repetitive behavior, difficulty interacting with others, and problems with communication). Risperidone is in a class of medications called atypical antipsychotics. It works by changing the activity of certain natural substances in the brain.

Risperidone may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

•  nausea

•  vomiting

•  diarrhea

•  constipation

•  heartburn

•  dry mouth

•  increased saliva

•  increased appetite

•  weight gain

•  stomach pain

•  anxiety

•  agitation

•  restlessness

•  dreaming more than usual

•  difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

•  breast enlargement or discharge

•  late or missed menstrual periods

•  decreased sexual ability

•  vision problems

•  muscle or joint pain

•  dry or discolored skin

•  difficulty urinating

•  dizziness, feeling unsteady, or having trouble keeping your balance

Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of the following symptoms or those listed in the IMPORTANT WARNING section or the SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS section, call your doctor immediately:

•  fever

•  muscle stiffness

•  falling

•  confusion

•  fast or irregular pulse

•  sweating

•  unusual movements of your face or body that you cannot control

•  faintness

•  seizures

•  slow movements or shuffling walk

•  rash

•  hives

•  itching

•  difficulty breathing or swallowing

•  painful erection of the penis that lasts for hours


Hedonin / Quetiapine

Hedonin is an antipsychotic medicine. It works by changing the actions of chemicals in the brain.

Hedonin is used to treat schizophrenia in adults and children who are at least 13 years old.

Hedonin is used to treat bipolar disorder (manic depression) in adults and children who are at least 10 years old.

Hedonin is also used together with antidepressant medications to treat major depressive disorder in adults.


Quetiapine may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms or those listed in the SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS section are severe or do not go away:

•  dizziness, feeling unsteady, or having trouble keeping your balance

•  pain in the joints, back, neck, or ears

•  weakness

•  dry mouth

•  vomiting

•  indigestion

•  constipation

•  gas

•  stomach pain or swelling

•  increased appetite

•  excessive weight gain

•  stuffy nose

•  headache

•  pain

•  irritability

•  difficulty thinking or concentrating

•  difficulty speaking or using language

•  loss of coordination

•  unusual dreams

•  numbness, burning, or tingling in the arms or legs

•  missed menstrual periods

•  breast enlargement in males

•  discharge from the breasts

•  decreased sexual desire or ability

Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of the following symptoms or those listed in the IMPORTANT WARNING or SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS section, call your doctor immediately or get emergency medical treatment:

•  fainting

•  falling

•  seizures

•  changes in vision

•  uncontrollable movements of your arms, legs, tongue, face, or lips

•  painful erection of the penis that lasts for hours

•  fever

•  muscle stiffness, pain, or weakness

•  excess sweating

•  fast or irregular heartbeat

•  confusion

•  unusual bleeding or bruising

•  sore throat, fever, chills, difficult or painful urination, or other signs of infection

•  hives

•  rash

•  blisters

•  tightening of the neck muscles or the throat

•  tongue sticking out

•  difficulty breathing or swallowing


Aripiprazol Krka

ABILIFYn vaikuttavan aineen nimi on aripipratsoli, ja se kuuluu psykoosilääkkeiden ryhmään. Sitä käytetään aikuisten sekä vähintään 15-vuotiaiden nuorten hoitoon sairauksissa, joiden oireisiin kuuluvat harha-aistimukset, kuten kuulo-, näkö- tai tuntoharhat, epäluuloisuus, harhaluulot, sekava puhe ja käyttäytyminen sekä tunne-elämän köyhyys. Tällaiseen sairauteen voi liittyä myös masentuneisuutta, syyllisyyden tunteita, ahdistuneisuutta tai jännittyneisyyttä.  

Kuten kaikki lääkkeet, tämäkin lääke voi aiheuttaa haittavaikutuksia. Kaikki eivät kuitenkaan niitä saa.

Yleiset haittavaikutukset (voi esiintyä enintään yhdellä potilaalla kymmenestä):

  • diabetes mellitus
  • univaikeudet
  • ahdistuneisuus
  • levottomuus ja kyvyttömyys pysytellä tai istua paikoillaan
  • akatisia (epämiellyttävä sisäisen levottomuuden tunne ja pakottava tarve liikkua jatkuvasti)
  • hallitsemattomat nykivät, nytkähtelevät tai vääntelehtivät liikkeet
  • vapina
  • päänsärky
  • väsymys
  • uneliaisuus
  • huimaus
  • vapina ja näön hämärtyminen
  • ulostamiskertojen harveneminen tai ulostamisvaikeudet
  • ruoansulatushäiriöt
  • pahoinvointi
  • lisääntynyt syljeneritys
  • oksentelu
  • väsyneisyys

Melko harvinaiset haittavaikutukset (voi esiintyä enintään 1 potilaalla 100:sta):

  • kohonnut prolaktiinihormonipitoisuus
  • kohonnut verensokeripitoisuus
  • masennus
  • muuttunut tai lisääntynyt seksuaalinen halu
  • suun, kielen ja raajojen hallitsemattomat liikkeet (tardiivi dyskinesia)
  • lihasjänteyshäiriö, joka aiheuttaa vääntelehtiviä liikkeitä (dystonia)
  • levottomat jalat
  • kahtena näkeminen
  • silmien valoherkkyys
  • nopea sydämen syke
  • verenpaineen lasku seisomaan noustaessa, mikä aiheuttaa huimausta, pyörrytystä tai pyörtymisen
  • nikotus

Seuraavia haittavaikutuksia on ilmoitettu suun kautta otettavan aripipratsolin tultua markkinoille, mutta niiden esiintymisen yleisyyttä ei tiedetä:

  • valkosolujen määrän väheneminen
  • verihiutaleiden määrän väheneminen
  • allerginen reaktio (esim. suun, kielen, kasvojen tai kurkun turpoaminen, kutina, ihottuma)
  • diabeteksen puhkeaminen tai olemassa olevan diabeteksen paheneminen, ketoasidoosi (ketonien esiintyminen veressä ja virtsassa) tai kooma
  • korkea verensokeri
  • natriumin vähyys veressä
  • ruokahaluttomuus (anoreksia)
  • painonlasku
  • painonnousu
  • itsemurha-ajatukset, itsemurhayritykset ja itsemurha
  • aggressiivisuus
  • kiihtyneisyys
  • hermostuneisuus
  • pahanlaatuinen neuroleptioireyhtymä, johon kuuluvat kuume, lihasjäykkyys, hengityksen nopeutuminen, hikoilu, tajunnantason lasku ja äkilliset verenpaineen ja sydämen syketiheyden muutokset
  • kouristuskohtaukset
  • serotoniinioireyhtymä (tila, joka voi aiheuttaa suurta onnellisuuden tunnetta, uneliaisuutta, kömpelyyttä, levottomuutta, juopumuksen tunnetta, kuumetta, hikoilua tai lihasjäykkyyttä)
  • puheen häiriöt
  • silmämunien kiinnittyminen yhteen asentoon
  • äkkikuolema
  • hengenvaaralliset rytmihäiriöt
  • sydänkohtaus
  • sydämensykkeen hidastuminen
  • verihyytymät laskimoissa, erityisesti alaraajoissa (oireita ovat alaraajan turpoaminen, kipu ja punoitus), joista ne voivat kulkeutua verisuonten kautta keuhkoihin aiheuttaen rintakipua ja hengitysvaikeuksia (jos havaitset jonkin näistä oireista, hakeudu heti lääkärin hoitoon)
  • korkea verenpaine
  • pyörtyminen
  • ruoan joutuminen henkitorveen ja siitä seuraava keuhkokuumeen (keuhkoninfektion) riski
  • lihaskouristukset äänihuulten alueella
  • haimatulehdus
  • nielemisvaikeudet
  • ripuli
  • vatsavaivat
  • mahavaivat
  • maksan vajaatoiminta
  • maksatulehdus
  • ihon ja silmänvalkuaisen keltaisuus
  • poikkeavat maksa-arvot
  • ihottuma
  • ihon valoherkkyys
  • kaljuus
  • runsas hikoilu
  • vakavat allergiset reaktiot, kuten lääkkeeseen liittyvä yleisoireinen eosinofiilinen oireyhtymä (DRESS). DRESS-oireyhtymä ilmenee alkuun flunssan kaltaisina oireina ja kasvoihottumana ja sen jälkeen laajempana ihottumana, kuumeena, suurentuneina imusolmukkeina, verikokeissa havaittavina kohonneina maksaentsyymiarvoina ja tietyntyyppisten valkosolujen määrän lisääntymisenä (eosinofilia)
  • lihassolujen epänormaali hajoaminen, mikä voi aiheuttaa munuaisongelmia
  • lihaskipu
  • jäykkyys
  • tahdosta riippumaton virtsankarkailu (inkontinenssi)
  • virtsaamisvaikeudet
  • vastasyntyneen lääkeainevieroitusoireyhtymä, jos vauva on altistunut lääkkeelle raskauden aikana
  • pitkittynyt ja/tai kivulias erektio
  • ruumiinlämmön säätelyhäiriöt tai kohonnut ruumiinlämpö
  • rintakehän kipu
  • käsien, nilkkojen tai jalkojen turvotus
  • verikokeet: verensokeriarvojen vaihtelu, glykosyloityneen hemoglobiinin pitoisuuden lisääntyminen
  • kyvyttömyys vastustaa haitallisia mielijohteita, joita voivat olla esimerkiksi:
    • voimakas pelihimo itselle tai perheelle aiheutuvista seurauksista huolimatta,
    • muuttunut tai lisääntynyt seksuaalinen mielenkiinto ja käyttäytyminen, esimerkiksi lisääntynyt seksuaalivietti, joka haittaa merkittävästi sinua tai muita,
    • kontrolloimaton ja liiallinen ostelu tai tuhlaaminen,
    • ahmiminen (suurten ruokamäärien syöminen lyhyessä ajassa) tai pakkomielteinen syöminen (syöminen enemmän kuin normaalisti ja enemmän kuin on tarpeen),
    • vimma kuljeksia.

Kerro lääkärille, jos havaitset mitä tahansa tällaista käyttäytymistä. Lääkäri keskustelee kanssasi siitä, miten tällaisia oireita voidaan hallita tai vähentää.

Iäkkäillä dementiapotilailla on esiintynyt lisääntynyttä kuolleisuutta aripipratsolihoidon yhteydessä. Lisäksi on esiintynyt aivohalvaustapauksia tai lievempiä aivoverenkierron häiriöitä.

Muut haittavaikutukset lapsilla ja nuorilla

13-vuotiaat tai sitä vanhemmat nuoret kokivat haittavaikutuksia, jotka olivat esiintyvyydeltään ja tyypiltään samankaltaisia kuin aikuisilla. Kuitenkin uneliaisuus, hallitsemattomat nykivät tai nytkähtelevät liikkeet, levottomuus ja väsymys olivat hyvin yleisiä (esiintyi useammalla kuin yhdellä potilaalla kymmenestä) ja ylävatsakipu, suun kuivuminen, sydämensykkeen tiheneminen, painonnousu, lisääntynyt ruokahalu, lihasten nytkähtely, raajojen hallitsemattomat liikkeet sekä huimaus, etenkin noustaessa makuulta tai istumasta pystyasentoon, olivat yleisiä (esiintyi useammalla kuin yhdellä potilaalla sadasta). Source



Friday, 19 June 2020 14:53

EU, citizens, institutions, trust…

In a contemporary civilized society, trust, democracy, and justice are not terms used only in laws, dictionaries and political campaigns, BUT values, norms and practices applied in our daily lives, if not are worth fighting for... Said in other words, trust, democracy, justice and so, are not given for granted somewhere else, but rediscovered within and around us through our thoughts and actions, which lay the ground of well being and civil order, especially in difficult times…

In that regard, since the very beginning has in my best belief been a lawful attempt in the material establishment of working Union and society, so here yet another example of, mildly said mishandling, that in my best belief must not occur, be neglected or silenced… 

In brief, concerning my pension complaint (see Varma Kela VALITUSOSOITUS, in Finnish), I was requested by KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) to present a document for social security status and benefits from Bulgaria (Finland and Bulgaria are both EU member states). Residing in Finland I wrote to the Bulgarian Social Security Institute and they answered me rather quickly, that since I am not personally in Bulgaria to get the document, nor I belong to their digitally secured system, a way to get the document would be a direct appeal of KELA to them. The Bulgarian authorities even named me the system EESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information), through which the European National  Institutions could easily exchange data. I wrote that to KELA, which on its turn on 5.6.2020 (the deadline for answering them) informed me that it has now directly asked the information from the Bulgarian authorities (see digital copy of our correspondence from the link in front, in Finnish). Then being asked KELA’s sick-leave status decision by VARMA (Mutual Pension Insurance Company), on the 16.6.2020 I asked KELA what’s going on, and they answered me that they haven’t received any information from Bulgaria, even after KELA’s second request on 8.6.2020 (see the link in front) and that KELA has not made its decision… Amazed from the fact that the Bulgarian authorities were answering me within several days but NOT to KELA, I wrote them and asked, to which, within 24h, I got official answer from the headquarters of the Bulgarian Social Security Institute, that as of 18.6.2020 the Bulgarian National Social Security Institute, has NOT received any request for information regarding me from Finland (see document from the link in front)! 

Look in 2014, after the severe for me and family setback, I still vigorously believed in democratically working state and Union, yet now after having some 7 psychiatric diagnoses (see point 3 from the link in front) and the yet another exemplary set of contradictory data between National European Institutions, I just take my pills and smile… 

Quiz - what according to you would be the/a national, EU, international institution, which could clear or coordinate at least the last matter? If you happen to know please give me feedback or share my article with them… When communicating with national or international, social, financial or judicial institutions one usually signs a consent that providing incorrect information to the institution has legal consequences, yet I am not a lawyer, but would assume the same for the information provided by an institution reciprocally   

P.S. (9.8.2020) For the protocol I note that the described above problem moved forward, probably with the help of SOLVIT? I mean that my case was registered with them with number 2955/20/FI on Jul 8 2020 and KELA did a step towards me on 23.7.2020, as prior to that it had finally contacted officially the Bulgarian Social Security Institute. I understood about the latter firstly from the Bulgarian unit of SOLVIT, though my case was registered with the Finnish one... In that regard I'd like to note a strong cultural bias within the units, both branches of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Bulgaria and Finland and a kind of vague EU unity, which I so crazily try to wake up.....

Kind regards, Rosti...


…”Human beings are basically good by nature, but were corrupted by the complex historical events that resulted in present day civil society (Jean-Jacques Rousseau - The Discourse on the Origin of Inequality”)... 

...with”God is dead”, Nietzsche was not declaring that he had killed God or proven that God was dead. He was saying rather that as far as our culture works, if God were dead it would not make any difference” (Dallas Willard, Nietzche vs Jesus Christ)...

“...For in order to model and subsequently remake society based on scientific and rational principles, the uniqueness of the individual must be negated in favour of statistical averages, and the redesign of society enacted by a group of elites, or Technocrats, who view humans as nothing but abstractions, homogenous social units to be managed and manipulated” (Carl Jung, The spiritual problem of modern man)...

“...The consumption of all material, including the raw material man, is determined in a cansailed way by the complete emptiness in which beings are suspended. This emptiness has to be filled up by the unconditional possibility of production, the production of everything But the emptiness of Being can never be filled up, by the fullness of beings, especially when we do not experience it for what it is… The only way to escape this emptiness is to endlessly order and arrange beings, so as to guarantee encessened, endless activity... ”(Martin Heidigger - “The question concerning technology”)... 

Look in many regards of the contemporary world, we live in a kind of silicon-vibrator-consumer society, ruled by selfishness and egocentrism, empowered by passion..., not love..., where substantial part of humanity multiplies into soulless living mass… Society where often many people call their personal interests and prejudices “truth” and defend them by all possible means, for selfish glory and satisfaction or just fun, bending to and worshiping the image in the mirror…. Society where spiritless leaders and bosses rule numbers, not Beings with no horizon beyond, personal and corporate goals and budgets… In such an environment of illusive glossiness (not light) and rearranged emptiness (not essence), one often lives by the inertia of the flow, next to his/her Being and life, engaged in survival activity of mere physical existence. Sad but true, they betray…  

P.S. The articles of contain a lot of hyperlinked vertical content such as songs/lyrics, videos, articles and pictures integrated into the core of the subject…

Kind regards, Rosti....

Given the below presented table as well as some additional information, as of today (20.4.2020)  Japan and France have entered an economic recession, which short description is at least 2 consecutive quarters (3 + 3 months) of negative GDP growth. On it's turn China recorded its biggest GDP drop of -6,8% in Q1 of 2020 for long time, which assumes a global chain recession repercussions throughout the rest of the world...   










QE* mil €

GDP** nom(2019) mil €


Nat. debt/GDP %***

10 y Government Bonds%****

GDP capita ppp €*****

Recession 2020


1 958 440

19 085 401




57 962



3 200 000

16 651 309




39 649



750 000

3 439 238




47 685

Q2 (revised)


243 025

2 442 340




41 685



345 000

2 409 837




41 940



535 079

12 587 573




17 362



883 969

4 588 514




40 545



72 9037

1 458 051




26 387


*Global economic policy response to coronavirus crisis (Reuters)

**List of countries by GDP (nominal)

***National debt to GDP in the 3rd quarter of 2019 of EU countries plus for the rest…

****Bloomberg Barclays Indices (18.4.2020)

*****List of countries by GDP PPP

Bloomberg узнал о новом плане поддержки экономики России на ₽1 трлн Подробнее на РБК

****** Currency conversion course 31.12.2019, 1$=0,8902€ 

Then following the data for the annual GDP growth rate (forecast) of G20, published by Trading Economics, in column “H” of the above table, I have given the quarter of 2020, after which the listed economic entities are forecasted to fall into recession… Taking at least that into account, the governments and/or governing entities of the global economies, have recently announced massive financial stimulus/QE/ programmes, which I tried to present in columns “B” (absolutely) and “D” (relatively, for better comparison)... of the above given table…

In general the QE (quantitative easing… a term borrowed from the 2009 crisis vocabulary…) includes a broad range of monetary and fiscal policy tools, through which the governments try to limit the severity of the crisis (less job losses, bankruptcies etc…) and simultaneously stimulate growth… Hence given the presented data, one can see that relatively the biggest stimulus packages have been announced by Germany, Japan and the EU as a whole (the programme of the EU though is not as homogenous as those of the single states, as at its monetary side it consists of some 500 bn€...from which only expenditure for healthcare could be easily used...

Since the articles of aim at truth, transparency and knowledge as much as  possible, I want to bring to your attention, that in column “C” I intentionally presented the nominal 2019 GDP of the chosen by me economic entities, and that is because it is usually used for budgeting, forecasting and so… Yet then in column “G” I have shown the better for comparisons and real standard of living used, GDP per capita on PPP (Purchasing Power Parity basis - in brief 1 000 $ turned into, let say CNY= 7 071,56 (1$=7,07156 CNY), could buy you a larger basket of the same goods and services in China /vs USA/). And just for the protocol to mention, that if we take the PPP GDP of the national economies, China has for some time already been the world’s largest economy see…

Then in columns “E” (national debt/GDP %) and “F” (10 year Government Bonds yields/rates) I wanted to bring to your attention, often an incorrectly interpreted ratio, when taking solely the numbers, ex. the sole indebtedness of a country… Look in general rarely anything excessive is good, nor is indebtedness… YET it doesn’t necessarily mean that a more indebted economy is a worse one… From the above given table, take for instance Japan (debt/GDP ratio 200,3%) and Russia (debt/GDP ratio 12,5%)... vs their respective yields for 10 years GB (borrowed money) which are 0,01% for Japan and 6,46% for Russia. Said in other words, the trust of the government-bond investors is considerably higher for the largely indebted country, Japan and that is for several major reasons, such as political stability of technologically advanced democracy, which operates at substantially high gear of economic and financial leverage as a whole. Again, Japan’s GDP growth is stable and enough to cover its debts, contemporary standard- and future development needs… One cannot say the same for Greece though, which has a slightly lower (178,2%) than Japan’s debt ratio, BUT not that well working economy!!!

Another thing which is often discussed in the larger public about QE, or more specifically when printing new money, is that it happens in a way freely, which is not quite true. Look the Federal Reserve, ECB or any other central bank take into account many things, when controlling the money supply chain, such as the GDP value and growth rate (in general if you have oversupply of money vs goods and services, you could have an unhealthy high rates of inflation…), national trading accounts, exchange rates, unemployment rates etc… 

Also some people still mix the commodity money (largely abandoned with the golden standard abolition since the 70’s),  with the contemporary FIAT money system… Look in general still most of the raw materials, including the petrol, are quoted and exchanged in USD, because of which major volatility in the price of oil and the USD exchange rates, could have substantial chain effect throughout the globe including currency fluctuations, especially in the so called petrodollar countries (such whose GDP is largely dependent of the volume and the price of oil sold and/or the USD exchange rate…), however the US are the first to abandon (1971) the golden/commodity money standard... 

P.S. The articles of contain a lot of hyperlinked vertical content such as songs/lyrics, videos, articles and pictures integrated into the core of the subject…  

P.S.(27.4.2020) Since some of the feedback I got, ask for some kind of conclusion … I would dare inversely say : “...sometimes hardship and pain are just the other side of the coin of truth...”. Hence despite the challenge and the seemingly imminent global recession, don’t lose faith and act accordingly!!! Then generally speaking there are 3 prime types of recession:

  1. “V (the downhill ends with a hit of the bottom)”, 
  2. “U (after hitting the bottom the economic entity could struggle to restart well, for a longer period)...”,
  3.  “L (after hitting the bottom, the economic entity sees no better horizon ahead...)”...

So taking the economies listed in the table of this article I would assume as follows.

The USA, expected to enter recession in Q3 of 2020, more likely to have a hard “V” OR a kind of shorter lived “U” type recesion, as the prerequisites for my assumption are - the US is in many regards still the world’s scientific/innovation, military and economic powerhouse, with strong central government and … democracy…

The EU, expected to fall into recession in Q3 of 2020, as here I may assume a kind of more typical “U” type recession, which would also be diverse internally, as are the economies of the economic and political block itself… Again powerhouses like Germany and Sweden for instance are much more likely to have considerably shorter recession periods vs some southern EU economies, which on top to their financial struggles, were hardest hit by the COVID 19 pandemia… In the case of the whole EU… I would also dare note as big flows the absence of its own army..., technologies and central government power… For people that haven’t browsed through I would again state being very pro European, yet this very crisis once again showed what “compilation of independently working differences” means…

China expected to enter recession after Q2 of 2020... If not hit by a second COVID 19 wave and/or rather sharp withrough of production facilities away, more likely to have a “V” or short “U” type recession… The prime assumption prerequisites are, that contemporarily China is the world’s production powerhouse, with vast currency reserves, a powerful army and already its own technologies… Look, many other countries had to enter this crisis in order to understand how dependent on China they really are - masks, medicines, equipment, technology…

Japan, already in recession, as here I should admit that after withdrawing from the financial world, I have considerably decreased following what happens with it, hence I have scares knowledge about Japan, yet being one of the world’s technologically advanced democracies, which has strong central government and army, I would assume a kind of probably deeper “U” recession type…

Russia, expected to fall into recession in Q3 of 2020… Well despite being a kind of a weaker economy in comparison with the listed above, on a basic level (food and raw material supplies) Russia will, in my view, enter this recession better prepared than some other countries of the table above… Look, during the last 5 years Russia lived within the realm of economic sanction, and it was time during which it developed many industries of its own, especially in the agricultural and food processing and related industries… However, since the country's GDP is strongly related to the price and the amount of exported oil and raw materials, it could see some hardship through the weaker worldwide demand... Hence here I may assume a kind of typical, or depending on what happens elsewhere, a prolonged “U” recession type…

NOTE Given the sometimes immense QE packages agreed by the governments across the world (ex. see the table above) I would dare make a parallel towards the previous 2009 similar situation,even though now the crisis is much deeper and diverse… Well strange or not after 2009 the gap between rich and poor, deepened even further, and if not the whole truth, this happened because of the pretty uneven redistribution of the, for then vast QE packages… Look we more and more live in the time of the fourth industrial/“technological” revolution, where the already superior in some or many regards to us, artificial intelligence (AI), plaies bigger and bigger role of the, let say, “national/corporational” economic success… And this is how the powerful, technologically advanced AI networks acquired the biggest slice of the QE pie, sometimes solely within the financial sector… This benefited several countries and especially the already rich and powerful corporations and circles within them...

Kind regards, Rosti….

...In short, every day that we spend healthy is all thanks to our immune system (source Immune System: Innate and Adaptive Immunity Explained, 7’01’’)... 

Viruses and Bacteria: What's the difference and who cares anyway? - Plain and Simple ...

How do vitamins work? - Ginnie Trinh Nguyen ... 

Boost your immune system to fight the corona virus ...

# ... # ... # ... 

Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you 

Kind regards, ..... ...

PS The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do ...


PS2 (24.2.2021) How do vaccines work? - Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut + a few words about approved COVID 19 vaccines,

within the EU...see an article (regarding primly the more accessible Astra Zeneca Covid 19 vaccine) ...or see other sources...

And just to note that given that soon I will fly to Finland, 2 days ago (via the social media), I tried to openly ask Finnish and EU authorities/experts,

whether I can get the first (of 2) injections in Bulgaria (an EU member state) and the second one in Finland (an EU member state), but got NO answer...

The Bulgarian medical staff on stage just assumed, that although medically sound...a two EU member state vaccination-coordination is currently absent...

...Sad but true..., as given the pandemic our Union once again looks like compilation of independently working differences...

A point to be noted as well is , that it seems to be unclear whether the European Health Insurance Card matters,

in the case of  the COVID vaccination..? For the protocol I am a Bulgarian and Finish citizen, currently insured via Finland only...


PS3 (25.2.2021)...however, today I have (firstly) been vaccinated with the already mentioned AstraZeneca Covid 19 a Bulgarian government hospital...My second shot is appointed for 12.5.2021...or later...Yet since soon I am flying to Finland, the question whether the second injection could be done there, remains opened...According to what I was told, my current vaccination is registered with the Bulgarian system only...But of course I have a vaccination card with me too...


PS4 (3.3.2021) ...well since 1.3.2021 I am again in Finland as I am thankful for being free off charge PCR tested, at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport...

However my initial question, for EU member states coordination (regarding the COVID 19 vaccination), remains unanswered..., as it seems that the medical and other staff I've asked so far (at the airport in Finland, in the Finnish Social Insurance Institution, at the special Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) Covid 19 vaccination number, at the Vuosaari Policlinic...), does not know what to do with my vaccination card... I could also add that I tried to ask the HUS clerk (by phone), whether they keep a register of the vaccinated in Finland, but was answered something like, that she has no access to it...

Hence my initial question if I could get my second injection in Finland, remains fully opened, as practically my first vaccination in Bulgaria, remains not officially entered/recognized by the Finnish system...???


PS5 (5.3.2021)...after a chain of conversations, visits and calls, my entry into the Finnish national health system (...COVID 19 vaccination...), has been finalised today...


PS6(12.5.2021)... Covid 19: Digital Green Certificates (EU)


Friday, 21 February 2020 18:20


VALITUSOSOITUS 18.11.2019 - 21.2.2020


Työeläkeasioiden muutoksenhakulautakunnalle, osoite PL 28 (käyntiosoite: Ratapihantie 11), 00521 HELSINKI. Viitaten työntekijän eläkelakiin (TyEL 133 §), kuitenkin valitus toimitetaan ensisijaisesti valituksenalaisen päätöksen antaneelle eläkelaitokselle, joka on Keskinäinen työeläkevakuutusyhtiö VARMA, osoite Varma, Muutoksenhaku, PL 3 00098 VARMA, sekä KELA:aan. Ks. myös P.S


Päätökseen 29.10.2019 (postituspäivä 30.10.2019, ks. Liite Päätös (VARMA))


Viitaten EU:n sosiaaliturva-asetukseen,täytäntöönpanoasetus (EY) N:o 987/2009 (III,34§2), sekä vähintään TyEL (28 §,35 §) haetut kuntoutustuki / työkyvyttömyyseläke, vuoden 2014 tietoihin (ks. vähintään tässä mainitut lakipykälät ja kohdat, sekä annetut perustelut liitteineen. Tarvittaessa olen valmis toimittamaan lisää.)!

Vaaditut muutokset

Jos painotetaan ensisijaisesti TyEL 28 § 3/(Julkisten alojen eläkelaki 26 § 3) ,(ks. Liitteet 18.3.2014, Palkka 15.12.2014, B lausunto 5.4.19-31.8.20 ja muut), oikeudenmukainen kuntoutusrahaa. Jos sovelletaan etupainotteisesti TyEL 35 § ja 38 § (ks. Perustelut liitteineen) oikeuden- ja sairastumisvuoden (2014) mukainen työkyvyttömyyseläke (ks. myös Liite Post Scriptum,(PS)). 


Lääkäri- ja KELA-lausuntojen mukaan mm: (ks.liitteet 18.3.2014; 21.3.2014; 12.6.2014_Gaidarova Burkashka (kokonaan johdettu 18.3.2014 sairastumisesta/tapahtumista); ks. myös linkki In Memoriam (Suomi) PS:ssa); 16.12.2015 - 20.1.2016_Aurora_Kaartinen (viittaus - 12.6.2014 tapahtumiin), 7.12.2016-25.1.2017_Aurora_Helppi (viittaus ed. tapahtumiin); 16.7.2018-14.8.2018 Pleven_Bulgaria (pohjautuu ja lausuu vuosien 2014,2015,2016 ja 2017 tapahtumia); B lausunto 5.4.19-31.8.20 (pohjautuu vuosien 2014,2015,2016, 2017 ja 2018 tapahtumiin). 

Koskien Bulgariasta tuodut lääkäritositeet ja lausunnot, olkaa hyvää ja huomioikaa (EY) N:o 987/2009 yhteistyötä ja tiedonvaihtoa koskevat säännökset mm. II 5 § 1, sekä 7.12.2016-25.1.2017_Aurora_Helppi, jossa sanotaan: “Potilas 

varaa ensimmäisen vastaanottoajan Bulgariasta häntä aiemmin (Gaidarova Burkashka) hoitaneelta taholta...”. 

Tänä, 2019 vuonna, olen jälleen tavannut alkuperäissairastumisen toteneen lääkärin, Suomen Terveystalon Seppo Salosen (tarvittaessa ottakaa yhteyttä häneen) (ks. Em. 18.3.2014, 21.3.2014), sekä psykiatriaan erikoislääkäri Olli Kymmäläisen ks. B lausunto 5.4.19-31.8.20). 

Lukuisan joukon lääkäreiden ja tositteiden listalla lisäisin myös, että vuodesta 2016 lähtien KELA kortillani on merkitty YE 112 (ks. liitteet Kelakortti 8.1 ja 8.2.jpg), joka KELA:n lausuman mukaan tarkoittaa “Vaikeat psykoosit ja muut vaikeat mielenterveyden häiriöt (112)” (ks. liite Kela Päätös), joihin olen sairastunut vuodesta 2014 lähtien. 

Poiketen, vähintään tässä valitusosoituksessa ja muualla annetussa, voimassa olleen ja olevan lainsäädännöstä, en ole koskaan saanut sairastumisvuoden (2014) kaltainen kuntoutusrahaa (ks. vähintään TyEL 28 § 3/(Julkisten alojen eläkelaki 26 § 3) tai eläkettä (TyEL 35 § / Julkisten alojen eläkelaki 33 §). 

HUOM vuodesta 2014 lähtien olen työttömänä jatkuvassa lääkityksessä ja hoidossa. 


  1. Päätös (VARMA)
  2. 18.3.2014
  3. 21.3.2014
  4. Psykiatrian erikoislääkäri Seppo Waltimo merkinnät 2014
  5. 12.6.2014_Gaidarova Burkashka
  6. Palkka 15.12.2014
  7. 16.12.2015 - 20.1.2016_Aurora_Kaartinen
  8. Kela Päätös
  9. Kelakortti 1 ja 2.jpg
  10. 7.12.2016-25.1.2017_Aurora_Helppi
  11. 16.7.2018-14.8.2018 Pleven_Bulgaria
  12. B lausunto 5.4.19-31.8.20
  13. Muistio 15.12.2016 - (Salassa pidettävä)!
  14. B2 lausunto 2020
  15. B2 lausunto 2021+ as agreed, should already have been sent by my doctor to Varma and Kela ... (19.11.20208'15'' sttItk

P.S. Tässä liitän myös Helsingin kaupungin psykiatrisen sairaalahoidon apulaisylilääkärin Petri Janssonin, Helsingin Poliisilaitoksen kautta, Keskusrikospoliisilta pyydetty “Muistio - salassa pidettävä!, ks liite 13”, jossa mainitaan minun Auroora Sairaalan hoidoista, kuten myös sanotaan: “Dinkovin onnettomuudessa saamat vammat ovat ilmeisesti johtaneet työkyvyttömyyteen ja työsuhteen purkamiseen Alma Medialla. Ks. s. 3”, joka jälleen Helsingin Kaupungin apulaisylilääkärin, sekä KRP tasolta viittaa siihen, että vuoden 2014 Almamedian työsuhde purkuni, oli lainvastainen (muistiossa mainittu auto-onnettomuus oli vuonna 2009 ja vuonna 2014 olin niin hyvin toipunut siitä, kuin mahdollista), joten jälleen ja vähintään voimassa olleen ja olevan lainsäädännön mukaan olen irtisanottu ja käsitelty lainvastaisesti. Ks em vähintään (EY) N:o 987/2009 III OSASTO (ERI ETUUSRYHMIÄ KOSKEVAT ERITYISSÄÄNNÖKSET), I LUKU (Sairausetuudet sekä äitiys- ja vastaavat isyysetuudet) 23 §, sekä em. TyEL 28 § ja 35 §, vuoden 2014 pohjalta. Myös mikäli mainitussa “muistiossa” tutkitaan sivustoani, jossa on entisen Suomen Pääministerin ja Euroopan Komission varapuheenjohtajan, Jyrki Kataisen kirjoitus, tämän valitusosoituksen lähetetään myös valtion eläkeneuvottelukuntaan. (Jos haluatte katsokaa myös  In memoriam (Suomi) artikkelia, liitteineen). 

HUOM henkilökohtaisesti arvostan hyvinkin paljon Suomen kansaa ja valtiota instituutioineen, Herra Jyrki Kataista, sekä varsinkin Euroopan Unionia! EU on yksi parhaimpia asioita elämässäni ja sydämellisesti uskon että koko aloitteeni on elävää osaa siitä!




Rostislav Georgiev Dinkov

Htunnus: 270373-XXXX

Osoite: Poste restante 00100, Helsinki, Finland

PS  Hello the published above document, along its interactive attachments, are primarily in Finnish … however for those of you, who would like to read them, Google translate or other contemporary translator, could be at your service … Here I want to bring to your attention yet another heavy local Finlandization/Soviet shadow, of the dark past of this small country … The manipulative tricks of the system, working on the principle: “we call truth, only what suits us...”, regardless of the law or the people … the might is right in local measures … 

For instance I got the second rejection of my sickness-based pension application from Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company , after very stubborn personal appeal, without a stamp or signature or any other sign of contact or responsible person … only to learn that my 14 days for lawful answer expire the same day … Well Gott sei Dank, I publically appealed via here, yet being born in, at the time communist state, I would sadly say, that such kind of unlawfulness and or negligence is something not seen or experienced by me or my friends and family, neither before nor now… 

And please stop accusing someone else (ex… Russia, the US… the Martians … or so…) for something that is here and now ….... *** Truly Yours, .....

… return to innocence … redefinition of truth … from 3 towards infinity …

...right and wrong - heal the world... 

EU, citizens, institutions, trust…(14.7.2020)

Absenor, Lithium, Zyprexa, Temesta, Cisordinol, Xeplion, Haloperidol, Akinestat, Chlorprotixene, Diazepam, Citalopram, Risperidone, Hedonin (3.8.2020 - medicines since 2014...)

PS2  Valitusosoitus Työelakeasioiden Muutoksenhakulautakunnalle (lähetetty sähköisesti 7 Aug 2020, myös Varmalle)

Hei, Keskinäisen Työeläkeyhtiö Varman tuoreissa (5.8.2020 Päätöksessä, ks liite) kerrotaan että muutoksenhakuni mm , on käsiteltävänä muutoksenhakulautakunnassa (ks kohta Lisätietoja siitä). Oikean ja riittävän kuvan esittämiseksi haluan jälleen korostaa että sairauteni ulottuu vuoteen 2014 (ks Valitusosoituksessa annetut liitteet ja selitykset), jossa jopa Keskusrikospoliisi kertoo mm  “Dinkovin onnettomuudessa saamat vammat ovat ilmeisesti johtaneet työkyvyttömyyteen ja työsuhteen purkamiseen Alma Medialla. Ks. s. 3”. Varman tuoreissa väliaikaisessa päätöksessä Laskelma, jossa tulevien vuosien eläkkeeksi on laskettu 640,94 euroa on ilmeisesti käytetty vuoden 2019 tai jonkun muun ajankohdan tietoja, joka saattaa olla kronologisesti oikein, mutta ei oikean ja riittävän kuvan osalta (siis v 2014 tietoihin). Toivon että päätöksessänne huomioidaan sen. 

PS3(2.11.2020) On 28.10.2020 I was informed about a postmail (in Finnish language) from the Finnish Pension Appeal Board ( regarding my pension appeal with case number TELK/5173/2019 posted on 7.10.2020. Given my professionally developed disease or may be something else as well, I am not sure that I understand well what it lawfully means, but from what I understood my case has been returned to VARMA (Mutual Pension Fund) for reassessment given THIS TELK/5173/2019 decision^_^_* and its supporting documents (a small mistake there is that I have been enrolled in 3 psychiatric treatments, 2 involuntarily (in Finland) between 2015 (not 2016) and 2017 and one voluntarily in Bulgaria in 2018. In my turn I have asked VARMA in written what does it mean, does it include my appeal for 2014 salary based lawful calculations and do they want something else from me? Simultaneously I have informed TELK (the Finnish Pension appeal Board) about that. 



PS5 (19.11.2020, 8'15'' stt, Itk

When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. … source” …

May 1 be God, let 2 be His creations … then all the, including the satan ..., could be assumed somewhere between 3 and … infinity {in absolute values} … and what you call truth matters substantially…!!!

For instance for our Lord, prime dimensions of … life are light, love and truth ... For His antipode, the prince of this world ...,  prime dimensions are passion (vs ...LOVE...), hate/cheating/manipulation and scientifically known dark matter, ex vibrators, silicon and all kinds of material dark rubbish  Hence if we try to measure … everything through some unit for “universal” exchange … ex money, “m” … we could set the following simple equation : m = f(w) where “w” is the independent variable of everything we could create and/or produce …

Well so far so good, yet a major problem in the contemporary silicon-vibrator-consummer society is that it pretty much produces and reproduces into a soulless stuff of living matter, goods and services … As a result we destroy our Planet and pretty much lives … by blindly serving the prince, not the LORD …, Who created us on His image and likeness … According to many holy fathers, the meaning of our human life is the process of adoration, which returns/directs us towards the supreme might of our Creator...

Repentance is always appropriate for all sinners and righteous who desire salvation. And there is no limit to perfection, because the perfection of the most perfect ones is in fact imperfect...” St. Isaak Sirin, Word 71



...right and wrong - heal the world...

... Nietzsche vs Jesus Christ...

Truly yours, ...

Friday, 31 January 2020 12:43

...Gott sei dank…

Hello, for those of you who have already read some of the’s articles or browsed through it’s pictures or/and music choices, I want to once again state, that all of my content published at, Facebook (Rostislav Dinkov), Linkedin, Twitter and etc. is public and free to NON COMMERCIALLY reshare or good-will use!

 However since lately I started to picture also food, beverages or other … fun to see and often enjoy products, producers, commercial chains or individuals and so, who see good or bad points of my intellectual work are free to contact me, but are not authorised to commercially use it…

P.S. Since today is, in my view, regrettably the last day … of the UK’s EU “....” membership, in style, I want to wish them, the EU, Europe and … the World … may God bless us go brightly ahead … 

P.S.2 Dasein, humanity and artificial intelligence - NewFinns ...

Kind regardsRosti ...


Sunday, 22 December 2019 06:44

...right and wrong - heal the world...

 “Prohibition of murder, theft, and perjury are found in nearly every legal code. Notion of respect for once parents and admonitions against adultery are also implicit if not explicit in the quasi-legal realm of normative rules that order many societies. (Hence) few people, if any, will dispute that the 10 Commandments - and its parallels from other ancient cultures - as well as other directives contained in the Pentateuch of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, inform our notions of right and wrong and, as such, have influenced the development of (Western) law of which the American ... legal system ... is part” (Green, Steven K. “The Fount of Everything Just and Right? The Ten Commandments as a Source of American Law.” Journal of Law and Religion, vol. 14, no. 2, 1999, pp. 525–558. JSTOR, Published by: Cambridge University Press).     



When you are old enough to read these words

Their meaning will unfold

These words are all that's left

And though we've never met, my only son

I hope you know

That I would have been there to watch you grow

But my call was heard and I did go

Now your mission lies ahead of you

As it did mine so long ago

To help the helpless ones  who all look up to You

And to defend them to the end


Ride like the wind

Fight proud, my son

You're the defender

God has sent

Father, father, father...

I look up to you and heed thy call

This letter ends my search

I'll live your dream  now…passed on to me
And I now wait to shake the hand of fate
Like the dusk awaiting dawn
So wizards cast your spell
With no heart to do me well
So it is written, it shall be
Ride like the wind
Fight proud, my son
You're the defender
God has sent

PS ..." No one can teach us the truth if we do not have that presence, which reveals all knowledge to us, within us. This emphasizes Blessed Augustine in his Inner Master: " I have spoken to all. But those who do not have the inner anointing, those who are not internally taught by the Holy Spirit, have always gone untaught… Where His anointing is absent, external words in vain strike in hearing "..." ... (Dogmatic Theology p. 14, Publishes monastery "St. Vmchk Georgi Zograf, Mt. Athos)"...

PS...Some divine wisdom...

PSNietzsche vs Jesus Christ

Kind regards, ...Rosti...***

PS4 Varma Kela Valitusosoitus


1) Jesus to a Child

George Michael

“2) Kindness

3) In your eyes, I guess

You heard me cry

You smiled at me

Like Jesus to a child

4) I'm blessed

5) I know

6) Heaven sent, And Heaven stole

You smiled at me

Like Jesus to 7) a child

8) And what have I learned, From all this pain

9) I thought I'd never feel the same

About anyone

Or anything again

10) But now I know,When you find your love, 

11) When you know that it exists, Then the lover that you miss

Will come to you on those cold, cold nights

12) When you've been loved

13) When you know it holds such bliss

14) Then the lover that you kissed

Will comfort you 15) when there's no hope in sight

16) Sadness

17) In my eyes, No one guessed, Or no one tried

You smiled at me

Like Jesus to a child

Loveless and cold

18) With your last breath

You saved my soul

You smiled at me

Like Jesus to a child

And 19).20)***

PS … return to innocence … redefinition of truth … from 3 towards infinity …

Expressed by, 21)Rosti 22)........

Spiritual insight through Orthodox chants, a piece of the living spirit of ... monastery


Ще направиш голямо добро на себе си ако се предадеш на Божията Воля.Тогава самия Господ е в душата.Никоя друга мисъл не може да влезе, и душата усеща Божията любов, дори и тялото да страда.Когато душата е предадена изцяло на волята на Бог, самия Господ я взема в ръката си и душата се учи директно от Него.Докато преди това Тя се е обръщала към учителите и писанията за поучение.Но рядко се случва учителят на душата да е самия Господ чрез благодатта на Светия Дух, и малцина са тези които знаят за това, (спаси тези които живеят по божията воля). Гордия човек не иска да живее според Божията Воля; той обича да бъде сам господар на себе си и не може да прозре, че човек няма достатъчно мъдрост да напътства себе си без Бог. 

И аз когато живеех в света не познавах Господа и Неговия Свети Дух, нито как Той ни обича.Разчитах на собственото си разбиране; но когато от Светия Дух опознах нашия Господ Иисус Христос,Сина Божий, моята душа се предаде на Бога и сега приемам всяко страдание което ме сполетява и си казвам:”Господ гледа над мен.От какво да се боя?”. Но преди не можех да живея по този начин.

Животът е много по лек на човек който се е предал на Божията воля,в немощ, в бедност или в преследване той мисли: -”Такова е Божието удоволствие и аз трябва да търпя заради греховете си”. В продължение на много години ме измъчваха тежки главоболия,които са трудно поносими, но спасителни,защото душата е смирена от боледуване. Душата ми копнее за молитва и бдение, но болестта ми пречи поради искането на тялото ми за почивка и тишина;и помолих Господ да ме изцели, но Той не ме послуша.Така че, следователно нямаше да е полезно за мене да бъда излекуван.

Ето и друг случай които се случи и за които ще ви споделя, където Господ побърза да се вслуша в мен и да ме спаси. На един празник ни дадоха риба - ден в трапезарията, и докато ядях, кост попадна в гърлото ми и се заби дълбоко в гърдите ми.Обърнах се към св.Пантелеймон, умоляваики го да ми помогне , тъй като лекарят не можеше да извади костта.И когато изрекох думата „лекувай”, душата ми получи този отговор:„ Оставете трапезата, поемете дълбоко въздух, изпълнете бузите си и кашляйте, и ще извадите костта с малко кръв.Това и направих.Излязох,издишах, изкашлях се и голямата кост се появи с малко кръв. И разбрах че Господ не ме е излекувал от главоболията, защото са полезни за душата ми.

Най-ценното нещо на света е да познаваш Господ и да разбираш Неговата воля, дори и малка част (от нея). 

Душа която е познала Бог, трябва във всичко да се подчини на Неговата воля и да живее пред Него със страхопочитание и любов в любовта, защото Бог е любов. С благоговение, защото трябва да вървим в страх да не наскърбим Бога чрез някаква зла мисъл. Господи, чрез силата на благодатта на Светия Дух, обещаваш ли че можем да живеем според Твоята свята воля? 

Когато благодатта е с нас ние сме по-силни духом, но когато загубим тази благодат ние виждаме нашата немощ, виждаме че без Бог дори не може да помислим за нещо добро.

О Боже на милостта, Ти знаеш нашата немощ. Моля те дай ми смирен дух, защото с Твоята милост, Ти даваш възможност на смирената душа да живее според Твоята воля.

Ти разкриваш своите мистерии за нея. Даваш и да познава Тебе и мощта на Твоята любов към нас.

Как да разбереш дали живееш според волята на Господ?

Ето един знак - ако сте притеснени от нещо, това означава че не сте се предали напълно на Божията воля, въпреки че може да ви се струва че живеете според нея. Този, който живее според Божията воля няма грижи. Ако има нужда от нещо, той предлага себе си и това което иска на Бог, но ако не го получи, остава също толкова спокоен, колкото все едно Бог му е дал това което е искал. Душа която се е предала на Божията воля не се бой от нищо, нито от гръмотевици, нито от крадци или каквото и да било. Каквото и да дойде : -”Такова е Божието удоволствие”, казва тя. Ако се разболее, тя си мисли, това означава че имам нужда от тази болест, иначе Бог не би ми я изпратил. И така мъдро се запазва мирът в душата и тялото.

Човекът, който приема собствените си мисли за благополучни, не е в състояние да се предаде на Божията воля, за да може душата му да има мир в Бога. Смирената душа е предана на Божията воля  и живее пред Него със страхопочитание и любов; с благоговение, да не би по някакъв начин да скърби Господ в любовта, защото е узнала как Господ ни обича. Душа която е отдадена във всичко на Божията воля почива тихо в Него, защото тя знае от опита си и от Светото писание че Господ ни обича много и бди над нас и над нашите души, като повелява всичко със Своята благодат в мир и любов.

Най-хубавото от всичко е да се предадеш на Божията воля и да понасяш скръбта имайки, доверие в Бога. Господ, виждайки нашето страдание,никога няма да ни даде повече отколкото можем да понесем. Ако ни се струва, че сме силно засегнати, това означава, че не сме се предали изцяло на волята на Бог.

Нищо не притеснява човек който се е отдал на Божията воля, било то болест, бедност или преследване.Той знае, че Господ в своята милост ни призовава.Следователно Светия Дух когото душата познава е свидетел.Но гордите и самонадеяните не искат да се предадат на Божията воля, защото харесват своя собствен път, а това е вредно за душата.

Аба Пимен казва: „Нашата собствена воля е като медна стена между нас и Бог, пречи ни да се приближим до Него или да обмислим Неговата милост.”

Винаги трябва да се молим на Господ за мир на душата,за да можем по-лесно да изпълняваме Неговите заповеди, защото Господ обича онези които се стремят да вършат Неговата воля и по този начин те постигат дълбок мир в Бога.

Този, който върши волята на Господ се задоволява с всички неща, дори да е беден, болен или страдащ, защото Божията благодат радва сърцето му. Но човекът, който е недоволен от своят жребий и роптае срещу съдбата си или срещу онези, които му причиняват обида, трябва да осъзнае че духът му е в състояние на гордост, която е взела от него чувството му за благодарност към Бога. Но ако е така с вас, не унивайте и не се губете в сърцето си, а се опитайте да се доверите твърдо на Господа и да Го помолите за смирен дух, и когато блажения Божи дух дойде при вас,тогава ще го обичате и ще бъдете в покой, въпреки премеждията.

Душа, придобила смирение, винаги се съобразява с Бога и си мисли: „Бог ме е създал.Той страда за мен.Той ми прощава греховете ми и ме утешава.Той ме храни и се грижи за мен. Защо тогава трябва да мисля за себе си и от какво да се страхувам, дори ако смъртта ме заплашва?

Господ просветлява всяка душа, предала се на Неговата воля,защото Той казва: Повикай ме в ден на мъка, Аз ще те избавя, а ти ще ме прославиш. 

Душа която е обезпокоена от нещо (каквото и да е), трябва да се допита до Господ и Господ ще и даде разбиране, но това преди всичко е във време на бедствие,недоумение или беда. Като общо правило трябва да ни съветва нашия духовен баща, защото това е по-смирен начин. Хубаво е да се научиш да живееш според Божията воля.Тогава душата живее вечно в Бога и е вечна и спокойна, и от пълнотата и радостта човекът се моли всяка душа да познае Господа, да познае голямата Му любов към нас и колко богато Той ни дава благодат от Светия Дух,който радва душата в Бога. И всички неща са скъпи за душата,защото всичко е от Бога. 

Господ в Своята милост дава на човек да разбере, че трябва да търпи скръб с благодарно сърце. През целия си живот аз нито веднъж не се бунтувах срещу скръбта,но приемах всичко като повеля на Божията ръка и винаги съм предлагал благодарност на Бога, поради което Господ ми позволи да понеса всяко страдание леко.

Никой на тази земя не може да избегне страданието; и въпреки че страданията които Господ изпраща, не са големи, хората си ги представят отвъд силите си и са смазани от тях.Това е така, защото те няма да смирят душите си и да се ангажират с волята на Бог.

Но самия Господ ръководи със Своята благодат онези,които са предадени на Божията воля, и носят всичко с постоянство заради Бога, Когото са обичали,обичат и с Него са прославени за винаги. Невъзможно е да се избяга от скръбта в този свят, но човекът който е предаден на Божията воля по-лесно понася скръб, виждайки и разбирайки я, но се уповава на Господ и така скръбта преминава. 

Когато Божията Майка застана в подножието на Кръста, дълбочината на скръбта и беше немислима, защото Тя обичаше своя Син, повече отколкото всеки може да осъзнае. И знаем че колкото по-голяма е любовта, толкова по-големи са страданията. По законите на човешката природа, Божията Майка не би могла да понесе страданието си, но тя се подчини на Божията воля и Светия Дух я подкрепи и й даде сили да понесе тази скръб.

По-късно след Възнесението Господне, Тя се превърна в голямо утешение за всички Божий хора в тяхното страдание.

Господ ни дарява със Светия Дух, и човекът, в който живее Светия Дух, чувства че има рай в  себе си. Може би ще си кажеш, „защо нямам и аз такава благодат?”. Защото не си се предал на Божията воля а живееш по свой собвствен начин. Погледнете човекът,който обича собствения си път. Душата му никога не е в мир и винаги е недоволна. Това не е правилно и не трябва да бъде така, но човек който изцяло е предаден на Божията воля, може да се моли с чист ум и чисто сърце, и душата му обича Господа и намира всичко за приятно.

Така Пресветата Богородица се подчинила на Бога: „Ето слугинята на Господ, да ми бъде според твоето слово, тогава думите на Господ написани в Евангелията на Светия Дух щяха да живеят в душите ни и целият свят щеше да бъде изпълнен с Божията любов, и колко красив би бил животът на земята! И въпреки че в Божиите думи се чуват дължината и широчината на Вселената от толкова много векове, хората не ги разбират и няма да ги приемат. Но човекът, който живее според Божията воля ще бъде прославен на небето и на земята.Човекът, предаден изцяло на Божията воля е зает само с  Бога. Божията благодат му помага да продължи в молитва. Въпреки че той може да работи или да говори, душата му е погълната от Бога, защото се е предал на Божията воля, поради което Господ се е погрижил (за него).

Има легенда, че един разбойник срещнал Светото Семейство, когато пътували в Египет, но не им навредил: и като видял Детето, казал,че Бог и да стане плът, Той няма да бъде по-красив от това дете. И ги оставил да си отидат с мир. Какво учудващо нещо е че разбойник, който като звяр не щади никого, не дръзва нито да дразни нито да наранява Светото Семейство! При вида на Детето и неговата Майчица сърцето на Разбойника омекна и беше докоснато от Божията благодат.

Така беше и с дивите зверове, които станаха нежни, когато видяха мъченици и свети хора, и не им причиниха никаква вреда. И дори дяволите се страхуват от кротката и смирена душа, която ги побеждава чрез послушание, трезвост и молитва.

Друго, за което да се удивите - разбойникът се смилил над Небесния Господ, но първосвещениците и старейшините Го предадоха на Пилат,за да бъде разпнат. И това беше, защото те не се молеха и не търсеха просветление от Господ, за това какво трябва да правят и как.Така често се случва лидерите и техните хора да желаят добро, но да не знаят къде да го търсят. Те не знаят че е в Бога и идва от Бога. Винаги трябва да се молим на Господ да ни каже какво да правим и Господ няма да ни остави да се заблудим.

Адам не беше достатъчно мъдър да попита Господа за плода, който му даде Ева, и така той падна и загуби Рая.

Давид не попита Господ дали би било добре , ако той взема Витсавея за жена и така изпадна в греховете на убийството и прелюбодеянието. Така е и с всички светии,които съгрешиха.Съгрешиха, защото не бяха призовали Бога да ги просветли и помогне. Свети Серафим Саровски казва: „Когато говорих за себе си чество грешах.” Но има и незначими грешки, можем да наблюдаваме такива дори и в Божията майка. Свети Лука ни казва че, когато Тя и Йосиф се връщали от Йерусалим, Тя не знаела къде е нейният Син, предполагайки, че Той пътува с техните роднини и познати и едва след като три дни са го търсили, са го намерили в Храма в Йерусалим да разговаря със старейшините.

Така единствено Господ е всезнаещ, и всеки един от нас,който и да е той, трябва да се моли на Бога за разбиране и да се консултира с духовния си баща, за да избегне грешки.

Светия Дух ни поставя всички по различни пътища; един живее в безмълвна самота в пустинята, друг се моли за човечеството; друг пък е призован да служи на Христовото стадо; на четвърти се дава да проповядва на страданието; докато друг служи на ближния си чрез неговите блага или чрез плодовете на неговия труд- и всичко това са дарове на Светия Дух, дадени в различна степен на един човек тридесет пъти, на друг шестдесет или сто. 

Ако се обичахме един друг в простотата на сърцето,Господ чрез Светия Дух би ни показал много чудеса и би ни разкрил големи мистерии. Бог е ненаситна ЛЮБОВ.

Умът ми е арестуван от Бога и оставам да пиша...Колко ясно ми е че Господ ни управлява. Без Него дори не можем да мислим добро.Следователно ние трябва смирено да се предадем на Божията воля, за да може Господ да ни напътства. (Амин!)

Превод от английски, Г.С. (виж. оригинала) или чуй аудио

“А праведникът и да умре рано, ще бъде в покой, защото не в дълговечността е честната старост, и не с броя на годините тя се измерва. Мъдростта е седина за людете, и безпорочният живот – възраст на старостта. Като благоугодил Богу, праведникът е обикнат и, като живял посред грешници, е прибран; грабнат е, да не би злоба да измени разума му, или коварство да прелъсти душата му.”(Премъдрост Соломонова 4, 7-11)


 "But though the righteous be prevented with death, yet shall he be in rest.

For honourable age is not that which standeth in length of time, nor that is measured by number of years.

But wisdom is the gray hair unto men, and an unspotted life is old age.

He pleased God, and was beloved of him: so that living among sinners he was translated.

Yea speedily was he taken away, lest that wickedness should alter his understanding, or deceit beguile his soul."(Wisdom of Solomon 4, 7-11)

Thursday, 28 November 2019 07:19

...Some more divine insight...

“Което е тайно, принадлежи на Господа, нашия Бог, а което е явно - нам и на синовете ни довека, за да изпълняваме всички думи на тоя закон.” (Второзаконие 29:29)


“Той се явява не според същността, защото никой не е видял, нито е прозрял в Божието естество, а според благодатта, силата и енергията, които у Отца, Сина и Светия Дух са Общи.” (Св. Григорий Палама - Изповедание на вярата)


“Имам още много да ви говоря; ала сега не можете го понесе.” (Йоан 16:12)


P.S. ..."Не отговаряй на глупеца според глупостта му, за да не станеш и ти подобен нему; не отговаряй на глупеца според глупостта му *, за да се не помисли за мъдър." (Притчи Соломонови 26 4-5)...


“The secret (things belong) unto the LORD our God but (those things which) are revealed (belong) unto us and our children forever, that (we) may do all of the words of this law.” (Deuteronomy 29:29)


“(God) is not revealed in his essence (ousia), for no one has ever seen or described God’s nature (physis); but he is revealed in the grace (charis), power (dynamis) and energy (energeia) which is common to Father, Son and Spirit.” (St. Gregory Palamas - Confession of Faith)


“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” (John 16:12)


P.S. ...“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him. Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.”(Proverbs 26 4-5)...



Wednesday, 20 November 2019 00:56

...Some divine wisdom...

...”Блажен човек, който е придобил мъдрост, и човек, който е спечелил разум, защото нея да придобиеш е по-добре, отколкото сребро да придобиеш, и печалбата от нея е повече, отколкото от злато. Тя е по-скъпа от драгоценни камъни; (ни едно зло не може да й се противи; тя е добре позната на всички, които се приближават към нея,) и нищо, което е теб въжделено, не ще се сравни с нея. В десницата й е дългоденствие, а в левицата й - богатство и слава; (от устата й излиза правда; закон и милост носи на езика си), пътищата й са приятни пътища, и всичките й пътеки - мирни. Тя е дърво за живот на ония, които я придобиват, и блажени са, които я запазват.”...(Притчи Соломонови, 3:13-18)


...”Тогава Иисус казваше на повярвалите в Него (иудеи): ако вие пребъдете в словото Ми, наистина сте Мои ученици, и ще познаете истината, и истината ще ви направи свободни”... (Йоан, 8:31-32)


"Според мярата на приближаването си към Бога човек все по ясно осъзнава собственото си несъвършенство, поради това "покаянието всякога подхожда на всички грешници и праведници, които желаят да получат спасение. И няма предел на усъвършенстването..."". (Св. Исаак Сирин, Слово 71)


…"Молитва от митрополит Филарет Московски

Господи, аз не зная какво да искам от Теб.
 Ти едничък знаеш какво ми е потребно.
 Ти ме обичаш повече, отколкото аз умея да обичам себе си.
 Отче! Дай на Твоя раб това, което не умея да искам.
 Не дръзвам да прося нито кръст, нито утеха - само стоя пред Теб.
 За Теб сърцето ми е открито.
 Ти виждаш моите нужди, които самият аз не осъзнавам.
 Виж и постъпи с мен според Твоята милост:
 накажи ме, изцели ме, смири ме, въздигни ме.
 Благоговея и безмълствувам пред Твоята свята воля
 и пред Твоя непостижим за мене промисъл.
 Готов съм на саможертва, предавам се всецяло на Теб.
 Нямам друго желание, освен да върша Твоята света воля.
 Научи ме да се моля. Амин!"...


...“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her; those who hold her fast will be blessed”(Proverbs 3 : 13-18)...


...“To the (Jews) who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8 : 31-32)...


"By his measure of approaching God, one becomes more and more aware of one's own imperfection; therefore, "repentance is always appropriate to all sinners and righteous who desire salvation. And there is no limit to perfection ..."". (St. Isaac Sirin , Word 71)


Morning Prayer of Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow

...“O Lord, I do not know what to ask of Thee. Thou alone knowest what I need. Thou lovest me more than I know how to love myself. O Father, grant Thy servant what I myself do not know how to ask. I do not dare to ask a cross of Thee, nor consolation; I only stand before Thee with my heart open; Thou seest the needs that I myself do not know. Look, and work in me according to Thy mercy; smite and heal me, cast me down and raise me up! I am reverent and silent before Thy holy will and ways that are unfathomable to me. I offer myself as a sacrifice to Thee; teach me to pray. Do Thou Thyself pray in me. Amen.”...

Kind regards, Rosti

Wednesday, 13 March 2019 16:34

Tuomiokirkko aurinkoisenakin päivänä

The Holy Father, Son and Spirit...along the spirit of silence and the chant of the bells (Rila monastery, 22.9.2019)

In the heart of Helsinki stands a Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko), a prominent landmark of the city and pretty much of the Finnishness itself, as of course taking the positive legacy of a father (Nicholas I), and a son (Alexander Nikolaevich II). The Cathedral is protestant (Evangelical Lutheran) and was built as a tribute to Nichlas I, however it is Alexander Nikolaevich II whose monument is in front of it, who gave Finland greater autonomy (1863) and in a way an incremental step towards its independence (1917).

High in the Rila mountain, Bulgaria, throughout centuries stands the Rila monastery , spiritually founded by St. Ivan Rilski in the beginning of the 10th century, materially grounded/built around the beginning of the 14th century (a gradual process of ups and downs throughout its and of course the Bulgarian history and Orthodox Christian presence). In the monastery every morning the monks serve a liturgy (on the video a special лития service), where the name of the Bulgarian liberator Alexander Nikolaevich II is praised. As a pure coincidence with the original publication of the front picture, Alexander Nikolaevich II was assassinated in St. Petersburg on  March 13, 1881. However as a hearted member of the contemporary world and the new European generation, I strongly believe that it is his positive legacy of Christian and civilized spirit that matters most. After all it is the heart of the 10 Bible Commandments and Christian morals, that lay in the core of the constitutions and other legislation of the contemporary civilized world, far beyond Christianity see P.S.3. And it is YOU through your thoughts and deeds by soul, mind and action, who lives the legacy, wherever you might be.

P.S. Човек и добре да живее, умира и друг се ражда. Нека роденият по-късно, като гледа този надпис, да си спомня за оногова, който го е направил. А името на архонта е Омуртаг, кан сюбиги.

P.S.2 Almost simultaneously with the rediscovery (1858) of the inscription of the Bulgarian Khan Omurtag above (”Even if a man lives well, he dies and another one comes into existence...”),and the passing away (1881) of an Emperor, Alexander Nikolaevich II, a new city of St. Petersburg, Florida, US was born (early settlement 1875-1899) and that’s an example of the continuum of the Creator and the legacy of our ancestors...

P.S.3 (12.10.2019)  “Prohibition of murder, theft, and perjury are found in nearly every legal code. Notion of respect for once parents and admonitions against adultery are also implicit if not explicit in the quasi-legal realm of normative rules that order many societies. (Hence) few people, if any, will dispute that the 10 Commandments - and its parallels from other ancient culturesas well as other directives contained in the Pentateuch of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, inform our notions of right and wrong and, as such, have influenced the development of (Western) law of which the American legal system is part” (Green, Steven K. “The Fount of Everything Just and Right? The Ten Commandments as a Source of American Law.” Journal of Law and Religion, vol. 14, no. 2, 1999, pp. 525–558. JSTOR, Published by: Cambridge University Press).                                                                                                                

Let’s start with the salary account itself (in Finland everything in that...accounting regard is sound, I mean that every month the salary department of one’s employer sends the salary bill to several instances, including your bank, where it’s saved for at least 5 years…). So according to it my previous (2014) year my cumulative brutto-salary was 53 017,82 €, from which 13 992,54 € taxes were paid (precalculated, could be leveled backwards…) and my basic monthly salary was 3 556,71 € (22,51 €/hour, at 37,5h working week). For the non Finnish people, the difference between 12x3 556,71=42 680,52 € and 53 017,82 € comes from the fact that in Finland every additional work, bonuses and so, come on top of one’s basic salary and with really very small exceptions, they are all taxable income! In my case all of my unused vacations were paid as a pretty much extra-paid lump-sum (plus the salary calculation for 2014 contains 3 (till the end of the year) salaries paid in accordance with my really very complicated illegal lay-off…contract...). I should also mention that my basic monthly salary of 3 556,71 € was quite likely lower than my native Finnish colleagues salaries (could be checked by the authorities…) and roughly equals the salary of an experienced bus-driver from the Helsinki metropolitan area…(they of course have much harsher working hours and...conditions…)...

The reasons why I write that is firstly my stand for equality on the human-rights and labour stage, where very often the foreign workers are directly (not taken to work, treated differently etc…) or indirectly (lower salary, worse rights and working conditions etc…) discriminated, as the general case is that in working conflicts, the local authorities defend the locals…, which in fact are pro-nationalistic and unjust aspects, outside the scope of the stated EU core values… Then for the very same reasons I want to show that...even in Finland (one of the EU countries with the lowest percentage of foreigners…even though at the top years of Nokia there were many...) it is possible to have a well educated white-collar worker paying equally-progressive taxes with the locals (a point the nationalists often argue against…).

Secondly I am often asked - how is/was there, so here I give a real example as such…as often I am asked - how I financed my trips...

Thirdly even today in Bulgaria and some other EU countries, it is really hard to find work for even the monthly taxes I paid in Finland - around 1 200 €/ also the working conditions could be whatsoever…

In my personal case I am sometimes implied to go back to Finland and to apply for a pension there... After all I have several craziness diagnoses from there (look point 3). However my New Finns and Europeans stand is also against the Finlandization past and practices of Finland as such… for the the very sake of the Finns themselves (...for that part of them, who accept it of course…)...Furthermore I left Finland in 2017...almost 3 years after my illegal lay-off and if Finland ( a way very centralised state…) wanted, it would have pensioned me… Aurora Hospital was full of pensioned locals….

Kind regards, Rosti

Hello again everybody, this time I will share with you a yesterday experience when I was hit by a car while crossing a pedestrian road (look the picture above) at around 10 a.m.

The main road, blvd Ruse is the street on the left, the secondary road, Neofit Rilski (marked with a triangle) is the one from the right, where the...worn but existing pedestrian road is located...I was crossing down (towards the triangle-sign) wearing black t-shirt, bermudi, rapsack and some four years old summer shoes, that for good, have already worn-out soles ( they slide easily onto the asphalt)...While crossing I was also eating local ...sandwich…(banitsa)...The...execution dark-blue car was present on Neofit Rilski (at the right) at the moment when I stepped on it, but it was stopped (in general along the pedestrians, it has to give road to the main blvd Ruse vehicles too, because of the triangle…)...

However, for some reason the car started moving and rapidly accelerating exactly when I was in front of it...I noticed it but thought that this is...the next local …. “hero” with the very evident for this town macho mentality...and to be honest did not expect that the car will hit me...BUT it did… The main first hit was down at the upper part of my calf, as it practically “chopped” me and I felt down on the front bonnet of the car hitting it with my right elbow...Then the car rapidly stopped and I stepped back on my legs in front of it (I had no visible injuries from it…)...I male from behind asked, are you OK, but my attention and really big...amazement was directed towards the car, whose driver turned to be a 50+ year old bulgarian woman, who came out and I asked - why did you do it??? She answered I did not see you...and it could have been worse...which is true...However I turned back and noticed at least 3 people behind who quite likely saw everything (probably some of the other people in the cars on the road too…)...I also asked the woman, shall we call the Police, she said nothing and after a while she got back in the car and continued her trip… I took her number and after...several attempts the case was reported to the Police, initially via 112...later on I was called by a Police clerk and re-explained the occasion...I was told that the authorities will take care  of the woman...I really hope so, because let me tell you something else. I shared my experience with several of my local friends and they, in a way accepted it as such...Furthermore they do not trust the Police… Look Bulgaria continuously has one of the highest death-tolls on the road and the reasons for that are according to me few major:

  • the local Balkan/macho (includes males and females…) mentality;
  • contemporarily the Bulgarian youngsters (already major players on the road) have one of the lowest educational levels in the OECD Pisa tests
  • the state of the general Bulgarian system...lack of trust in the authorities..., absence of working civil society, really law moral code...etc...

Look I personally believe that if this has happened in Finland, from the at least 3 present at the moment witnesses (excluding me and the driver…) at least two would have called the Police (working civil society…) and it on its turn, it would have acted briskly and accordingly (... the honour to be a Policeman/government clerk)... In Bulgaria it is the “so what” balkan mentality and...the grave-plates on the road…

P.S. For the foreign reader and generally speaking, it is also technically possible that I, the European and human rights promoter, was warned by an initially mild hit…In Bulgaria (...maybe other countries as well…) the dishonesty (...hits under the belt…) is considered as means of “success”...

P.S.2 Yesterday (27.8.2018) I called back the Police clerk, who called me after informing 112 on 25.8.2018 and despite the words of the woman from 112 - "that my case is accepted" and the words of the Policeman that "we will take care of the woman, who hit me", they did NOTHING, as now they say that I haven't made a written complaint... However once again I do it on the pages of (according to what I've been told it's not possible to make a complaint digitally...)... So mind yourself while in Bulgaria, I say it once again, the country has one of the highest death-tolls on the road... Also if taken to a local hospital you might be expected to bring your own sheets and food, as well as to pay for the medicine, despite the fact that you have European Health-insurance card - it's simply the same for the locals... So the best thing would be to contact the staff of your Embassy and to be taken to a private hospital... In 2009 if my local friends haven't contacted the Finnish Consul in Sofia, I would have been dead... Look it's something between the ignorance and the often incompetence of the local "so what" mentality, which could virtually kill you... Take care!

P.S. ... yesterday 6.2.2020 around 16:45h, on the pedestrian road (in front of the former sore Sliven ... above 50 m back from THIS picture) I had close to similar situation, luckily this time with no impact ... I called to 112 at 16:52h, yet ... Bulgaria’s road death toll in 2019 was higher than in 2018 – Interior Ministry

Kind regards, Rosti

Wednesday, 22 August 2018 12:01

Free spirit, consumerism and something else…

How do you, your culture and perception define free spirit? Well a common dictionary definition would say “noun -an independent or uninhibited person; synonyms - individualist, individual, nonconformist, unorthodox person, unconventional person, original, eccentric, bohemian, maverick, rare bird, rarity…” . I would also add that a culture and/or a nation could be more or less free spirited than another, which may refer to compilation of factors, such as legal system, educational level, religion/system of beliefs, cultural and historical heritage etc… and their outcome interconnections… Referring the latter I mean that even the metal Kings Metallica ( spirited and mature artists…), look and behave differently in for instance Mexican and US environment, which might have some degree of individual-state-of-mind bias of the moment, but if you watch many of their life performances, you would see that my initial assumption (...of free spirit cumulative difference…) rather exists for both artists and public… Then also sometimes the free spirit of the public lives underneath the system like in the case with the...late Soviet Union - see Enter Sandman from Moscow 91 - here I just use Metallica as something like Common Denominator for comparison across cultures of different types…

Then how free will and spirit go along with the late rather corporate commercialism, where often the individual is counted and optimized (...directly or indirectly)... predominantly as a consumer, not necessarily an individual and free spirited being…

Look as heartedly free-spirited individual I have already 7 (...look point 3...) diagnosis for craziness which is a way of modern witch-hunting…, YET I, the crazy one, would dare claim that in the late years we live in a worse and worse world, where the clashes sparked even between the big superpowers…

Well many of the monks with whom I spent some time say that we live the Biblical last times, yet again as heartedly free spirited person I would say - live them truthfully and well… Look, according to the particle physicists the amounts of matter and antimatter coexist in the Universe around us and they are “visually” quite alike - don’t let your free spirit create/serve antimatter…, the balance is crucial…

Kind regards, Rosti


Have you ever thought why people from different times and cultures (language groups) laugh and cry at different things...A simple assumption would be - because they perceive the World least so says Nietzsche “that the World as we know it is a construction of the human mind, of language, of social structures” which builds our perspective for good and bad, funny and sad and so on and it is culturally divergent. For instance the Eastern cultures and seemingly languages tend to perceive the World more deductively and collectively, while the West tends to be more individualistic and arguably selfish... For instance see this (the videos, texts, songs etc. hyperlinked are vital part of the vertical content of the story…) and then the cultural differences quite likely reflect in the languages expressing those cultures, here an excellent supporting videos would be this (here I would dare to argue that using the same content, I would dare to argue that I consider myself a culturally enriched four-languages speaking person…) and  How the Languages We Speak Shape the Ways We Think . Given the latter videos I would also assume that culture and language intertwine in the process of shaping one’s way of thinking as well as in shaping themselves. However at least to me it seems that culture is predominant, because at the end of the day we often say or have to say what we are expected to, in order to succeed or to be approved, at least in the short run.

Then speaking four languages I would also note that the newansses of “truth” diverge between languages and cultures. If you’ve watched the given above videos you probably noticed that in some cultures the most descriptive/valuable features of an object are those referring to its shape and appearance, while in other cultures the same object is valuable or not, because of its content/material and why not comfort. Very often in my intercultural speeches I tend to define what I mean. Also when speaking with a person knowing some or in some cases all of “my” languages (Bulgarian, English, Finnish and Russian) I consciously tend to change between languages aiming the best expression of the meaning I aim - it simply differs between cultural spaces... In some cases some words, phrases or situations have no direct translation between cultures and languages, for instance the term “reviiri kohteliaisuus Fin”, which is something like respect of personal space, has no direct translation into Bulgarian and it might also be accepted as oddness and rudeness …???

Anyway let me try to finish with my late music playlist called between cultural spaces as I hope that you enjoy at least some of the songs or videos at best both...In my case I understand the lyrics of all of the songs and it influences their meaning to me…

Kind regards, Rosti

Sunday, 05 August 2018 11:25

...Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life....

Larger Than Life
I may run and hide
When you're screamin' my name, alright
But let me tell you now
There are prices to fame, alright
All of our time spent in flashes of light
All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life
Looking at the crowd
And I see your body sway, c'mon
Wishin' I could thank you in a different way, c'mon
'Cause all of your time spent keeps us alive
All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life
All of your time spent keeps us alive
All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time
Sunday, 15 July 2018 06:05

...Diadia Lionia и Дe4о пора_li

Hello again people laughing, this time I'll share some...of my late experience... Several days ago I, Rostislav Dinkov, visited for the first time the restaurant..."Dvete Surneta" in Kayluka, Pleven... As lately usually happens...I was unserved and went to ask the staff what's the matter...I was said to just sit and wait...Well I waited, waited while the waitress was gladly serving...someone else...when...appeared a man, according to him - diadia Lionia (looking like sambist/massagist…), klinking while walking with one of his legs...He was dressed with something like "bermudi" and "...potnik...''...Apparently he was asked to "calm me down" - for just insisting to be served accordingly (I usually pay with Debit card...or cash...)… Well we started talking normally and I invited him to join me at myself-chosen peaceful cornered table, and just when I was about to show him some pics from St. Petersburg from 2015, suddenly appeared second...heavy weight...guard/manager/businessman?, who walked and asked around, initially not once at a sudden he started shouting towards me...I was seated at the left corner of the table (...with face towards him...) as at my right side sat Diadia Lionia… 

Well then again once in a sudden the...front man run towards me and gave me several, apparently hand strokes...(...qite likely a boxer...)… In that situation my defensive reaction was to try to safeguard my head... However cornered in between I got at least 3 strokes while sitting, one on the top of my head, one at the side of my head and the third most powerful one... a kind of "bent /...liver hit" at the left side of my chest...where in 2009 I quite likely had partially damaged ribs...possibly he damaged some again... 

P.S. Well I am ok, but it's sad but true...reality...again...

Zum Prost, Rosti

Wednesday, 04 July 2018 05:30

...the Call...

...Backstreet Boys - The Call (Lyrics)...

Kind regards,...

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Educational level and GDP correlation...

A point I would argue is that there should be rather direct correlation between educational level and GDP per capita, which in a contemporary society is considered a basis for well-being and prosperity. 

In other words, if there's one investment that policymakers should make to boost the country's GDP, it's investing in schools.
University of Munich's Ludger Wössmann wrote the paper as a way to convince policymakers of the strong connection between education and the economy. I first came across the study on Twitter, via former teacher Paul Bruno, and it turned out that Wössmann had looked at a wide variety of indicators, such as unemployment rates and income levels, showing that they're all deeply linked to higher levels of schooling. 
But the strongest connection might be between student achievement and economic development. Using a host of international exams, such as the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, or TIMSS, Wössmann found that student outcomes explained some 75 percent of recent economic development. Or as Wössmann writes in the paper, "empirical research has shown that education is indeed one – if not the most – important determinant of economic growth in the long run."
When I reached Wössmann in his office in Germany to discuss his findings, he told me that "again and again, I am surprised at how robust and consistent the evidence is for education as a determinate of economic growth." 

KASPERI  SUMMANEN | 04.04.2016 | 07:46

Akavan mukaan pysyvästi heikentynyt osaaminen voi vaikuttaa talouskasvuun erittäin merkittävästi.

OECD tarkastelee eri maiden osaamiseroja PISA-tulosten perusteella. Suomalaisnuorten matematiikan ja luonnontieteiden PISA-tuloksen keskiarvo on laskenut 23,5 pistettä 2006–2012.

”Jos tämä heikennys jää pysyväksi ja heijastuu aikuisiän osaamiseen, voi OECD:n raportoimien tulosten perusteella päätellä, että Suomen talouskasvu voi hidastua pitkällä aikavälillä 0,46 prosenttia vuodessa. Vuosisadan vaihteeseen mennessä Suomen bruttokansantuote (BKT) jäisi 25 prosenttia pienemmäksi kuin tilanteessa, jossa osaamistason laskua ei tapahtuisi”, kertoo pääekonomisti Eugen Koev Akavan tiedotteessa. 

Programme for International Student Assessment 

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a worldwide study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in member and non-member nations of 15-year-old school pupils' scholastic performance on mathematics, science, and reading. It was first performed in 2000 and then repeated every three years. Its aim is to provide comparable data with a view to enabling countries to improve their education policies and outcomes. It measures problem solving and cognition in daily life.

In 2015 over half a million students, representing 28 million 15-year-olds in 72 countries and economies, took the internationally agreed two-hour test. Students were assessed in science, mathematics, reading, collaborative problem solving and financial literacy.  Map of Pisa countries: 

Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017 


The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) uses six objective indicators to rank world universities, including the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, number of highly cited researchers selected by Thomson Reuters, number of articles published in journals of Nature and Science, number of articles indexed in Science Citation Index - Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index, and per capita performance of a university. More than 1200 universities are actually ranked by ARWU every year and the best 500 are published. - thank you Rosti New Finns

P.S.-1 Случва ли Ви се все още да намирате из...публичното виртуално пространство Ваши постове от преди 15+ :) години…? На мен ми се случи………..и това :), и си позволявам да го препубликувам и на Да много неща са променени и много в текущото ежедневие са напълно нови…:), но лично аз продължавам да вярвам, че разказът на Момо е значимо интересен…(2018)

Поместеното по-долу е публикувано от "Оптимист.." в друг форум преди години, но мисля че си заслужава да се прочете от живеещите и на изток и на запад! (2002)

Приятно четене!

""Това есе го бях публикувал в клуб Емиграция преди около три години. Сега пак се сетих за него. Авторът е хърватски журналист и писател. Писано е преди '89г. Не знам кога точно"

ИЗТОК – ЗАПАД – 011 by Momo Kapor

На Изток чиновниците работят от седем до три.

На Запад – от девет до пет.

Чиновническият Изток се буди в пет и половина.

Чиновническият Запад – в седем.

Махмурлията Изток пъпли през мъгливото зимно утро, псувайки службата, държавата, живота, съдбата... Изтокът е плуобръснат. То е, защото се е бръснал снощи, за да може сутринта малко повече да поспи. Гладко избръснатия Запад мълчаливо се вози в метрото. Изток разказва политически вицове в препълнения автобус. Запад чете вестник. Абсолютна тишина. Никой с никого не говори. Изток се влюбва в непозната чиновничка между три автобусни спирки. Естествено на работа идва в седем и половина и сърдито казва на шефа си: “Какво толкова? Да не би да сме на Запад?”

Запад започва да работи в девет.

По това време Изток вече бавно започва да идва на себе си. Изпил е три кафета и е прочел във вестниците какво става на Запад. До девет и половина Изток разправя какво е гледал снощи по телевизията...

Запад вече сериозно работи. Той не може да преразказва какво се е случвало по двадесет и седемте телевизионни канала, защото никой не е гледал същата програма.

В десет и половина Изток, който е имал два часа преднина пред Запад, отива на заслужена закуска, която се плаща с купони. Като че ли цяла сутрин е копал, той закусва телешка глава в шкембе, гулаш, скара, бюреци, дреболии, фасул чорби, агнешко със зеле на фурна и други по-леки ястия. После дъвче клечка за зъби и изпива три бири, наградени на световни панаири.

Запад има обедна почивка между дванадесет и тринадесет часа. Той изяжда на крак сандвич със студено пилешко (бялото месо) и изпива един “севън ъп”. След това се връща на работа. В коридора на предприятието, където работи, е изпил първото си нес кафе в картонена чаша.

Изток вече има предимство от три бири и два коняка. Между другото е чул за някаква разпродажба, отскочил е да види за какво става дума и след два часа се е върнал в канцеларията си.

Запад се е уговорил събранието на синдикатите да бъде в събота, когато не се работи. Ще коментират евентуалната стачка.

Изток с помощта на синдикатите се е заредил със замразено телешко, което ще натика в камерата за дълбоко замразяване. Окървавените си дрехи е занесъл на химическо чистене.

В три след обед Изток се връща в къщи. Преди това се е отбил на една пача и още една бира.

Запад продължава да работи.

Изток е полегнал на дивана и скоро захърква, след като предварително е покрил лицето си с вестника – да не го кацат мухите. Будят го в 19:30 да гледа телевизионните новини. Изток има хиляди забележки по повод икономическата ситуация.

Запад продължава...

След като е видял новините, Изток се нахвърля върху леката вечеря: варени свински крачета с хрян и червено вино от тъста му на село.

Шест часа: Запад се връща у дома. Няма сили да прочете вестника си в метрото.

Западът е изцедил всичко от Запада.

Изток е по-свеж вечерта, отколкото сутринта! Той вече играе карти с кумовете си и отваря трета бутилка от червеното.

До смърт умореният Запад захвърля мокасините от краката си и пие уиски за да дойде на себе си. Срутва се в креслото и гледа треперещите телевизионни картинки, без да разбира съдържанието им. Пита се: дали живота изобщо има някакъв смисъл? Къде води всичко това? После без желание вечеря: бледа атлантическа риба без вкус и варен зеленчук. Чаша бяло вино.

В този момент Изток има преднина от пет бутилки червено.

Запад си ляга рано. Утре е работен ден. Запад ще живее само през уикенда. От петък в пет след обед до неделя вечер.

На Изток всеки ден му е празник. Не бих живял на Запад, казва на жена си, и милион да ми дават дневно!

Запад взима хапче за сън.

Изток лекомислено взема заем от Запада.

Запад одобрява заемите, за да може да живее от лихвите на Изтока.

И на Изток и на Запад спят като бебета и сънуват цветно...

Не може да се каже, че Изток обича децата си повече от Запад. И въпреки това източните деца остават много по-дълго в семейното гнездо от западните. Затова на Изток се остава по-дълго млад. В момента когато западният петдесетгодишник се оттегля от бизнеса в спокойствието на своето ранчо, неговият връстник на Изток минава все още за млад, перспективен човек, на когото за съжаление му пречат по-възрастните!

В един източен и в един западен град, в един и същи ден се родили малкият Изток и малкият Запад. Против едни и същи болести ги ваксинирали, но работа не си намерили в един и същи ден.

Докато малкият Изток ритал топка, бащата на малкия Запад му намерил работа – да бъде вестникарче. На дванадесет години спечелил първите си пари.

“На Запад на твоите години вече сами печелят!”, викал из къщи бащата на Изток. “Остави детето да се наспи… - защитавала го мама Изток. Ако не сме могли ние, нека поне той…”

И докато караха малкия Изток да свири на пиано (за което очевидно нямаше слух), да учи марксизъм, цигулка, упражнения за масовки и мъртви езици, малкият Запад след училище разнасяше кафе из магазините в квартала. На осемнадесет години имаше солидни спестявания и добри делови връзки.

Когато малкият Изток влезе в университета, малкия Запад вече напусна бащината си къща и взе апартамент под наем. И докато малкият Изток мрънкаше за джобни пари, малкият Запад даваше на семейството си пари на заем, които прилежно му бяха връщани.

Малкият Изток дълго и безгрижно следваше обществени науки.

Малкият Запад прекъсна образованието си. Той нямаше време за прекалено дълго следване. Ако са му необходими зидари, ще внесе готови от Югославия. Ако му потрябват архитекти – ще плати за най-добрите, вече завършили, пак от Югославия. Ако му потрябват пари, ще вземе от лихвите, естествено от Югославия.

Малкият Изток все още пита майка си: “Старо, какво има за обяд?”

Малкият Запад се пресели в съвсем друг град и веднъж в годината честити на роднините си за празниците.

Накрая малкият Изток някак си завърши университета, мина преза казармата и се ожени, за да живее в едната от двете стаи. Баща му ходи къде ли не да му търси работа, докато той редовно участва в дискусиите за безработицата на младата генерация. Между другото той вече е на двадесет и седем години и в живота си не е спечелил нито един динар! Той и жена му (която все още следва) живеят от това, което им дадат родителите. Майката все още готви и кара сина си на средна възраст да се облече по-топло, защото навън духа. Бащата дава поредица от полезни съвети. Майката все още не може да заспи, докато детето и не се прибере в къщи. Малкият Изток живее така, сякаш е в целодневна детска градина. Малкият Запад който вече е голям, е завел децата да видят дядо си в другия край на страната.

Малкият Изток най-сетне е получил разрешение да остъкли терасата и така да разшири хола.

Старият Запад умира сам в старчески дом. С това е платил самостоятелността на малкия Запад. Очите му затваря дежурната болногледачка. Малкият Запад наследява спестяванията и застраховката му.

Стария Изток все още седи на мястото си, начело на масата и на него първо му сипват в чинията. Продължава да дава цяла поредица от полезни съвети. Един ден малкият Изток ще седне на неговото място. Няма да наследи нищо, освен навика да дава безсмислени съвети.

Тъй като образовението е безплатно и задължително, Изтокът е пълен с интелектуалци без пукната пара в джоба, които не знаят какво да правят с натрупаните знания.

Бил съм в къщите на хора с добро положение на Запад. Някои от тях имаха повече бани от колкото книги!

От друга страна източните интелектуалци нямат къде да приберат своите библиотеки, защото много от тях живеят в общи апартаменти.

На Запад, онези които умеят да различават супата “Кембъл” на витрината на супермаркета от същата такава камара консерви на Анди Уорхол в някой музей, обикновено работят като изкуствоведи.

На Изток екскурзоводите – магистрати по история на изкуствата, с изтъркани пети, водят по музеите пребогати западни неграмотници и им обясняват, че разпятието преди Христос не е съществувало. Същите им оставят дъвки вместо бакшиш.

Запад няма време да учи чужди езици; по-практично му е да ангажира преводачи. Много източни полиглоти никога не са виждали страните чиито езици говорят перфектно! Те знаят наизуст поетите на Париж, Лондон и Сан Франциско, за които голяма част от французите, англичаните и американците не са чували дори когато те са им съседи. Но въпреки това абсолютно празното платно на Марк Ротко струва най-малко половин милион долара.

Препълнената икона с четиридесетимата мъченици от дванадесети век, западнякът на Изток ще получи за по-голям транзистор и слънчеви очила. На запад красотата е скъпа. Тя е доходна професия, чеиз. Красавиците са фото модели, манекени, артистки или богато омъжени съпруги.

На Изток красотата е безплатна, защото все още съществува вярването в приказката за любовта и себеотрицанието. Затова келнерките на Изток често са по-красиви и по-благородни от гостенките, на които сервират.

И докато богатите хора на запад въпреки богатството си не смеят да носят със себе си повече от двадесет долара по улиците, да не би някой да ги убие и обере, в сигурния Изток биха носили милиони – да си имат!

Запад копнее за забравените естествени миризми на пот и възбуждаща женска кожа; Изток мечтае за непостижимата западна козметика, която отдавна всичко е унищожила.

Остригани пънкари от Бронкс учат Изтока как да свири рок.

Довчера полугладните и полуголи източняци на Запад стават клавирни звезди, примабалерини, автори на бестселъри и режисьори с куп Оскари. Изкуството най-добре се учи на Изток, а най-скъпо се продава на запад. И все пак пан Храбъл в Прага мечтае за уиски, а пан Форман в Холивуд мечтае за пилзенска бира.

Бягайки от насилието, отчуждението и терора на потребителското общество, западните интелектуалци намират на Изток изгубената близост, пътуват до най-затънтени села, записват народни поговорки и се учат да свирят на кавал.

Източните интелектуалци биха дали всичко това за толкова долара, колкото първите плащат за самолетния си билет през океана!

Западните интелектуалци кичат стените на къщите си с гусли и кърчази, които са донесли от Изток.

Техните Източни колеги лепят по стените на апартаментите си снимки на Мерилин Монро, реклами за кока-кола (от които западните са избягали) и плакати “I love N.Y.”.

Изглежда че на всеки му е по-вкусно в чуждата къща.

Вестниците обикновено имат кореспонденти и на Изток, и на Запад. Онези от Изток пишат само за тази страна на света. Онези на Запад стават експерти по Запада.

Опитвам се да бъда кореспондент и от Изток, и от Запад едновременно, с редакция в Белград, защото гледан от тук, светът се разбира най-добре.


И така на Изток съществуват лозунги, на Запад – реклами! При нас е смесено. Ред реклами, ред лозунги. И на едните и на другите винаги някои думи липсват или не светят.

Върху червените лозунги (червени букви на бял фон) Изток “слави” вечното, непресъхващо и зациментирано приятелство с Изтока.

С бели букви на червен фон Запад слави приятелството си с кока-кола!

И макар, че никой като Изток не слави до такава степен индустриализацията и електрификацията, токът никъде не спира толкова често, както от тази страна на света.

Интересно, въпреки че Изток непрекъснато твърди за себе си, че е най-добрият от всички възможни светове, от Запад никой (освен английските шпиони склонни към хомосексуализъм) не бяга на Изток, а всички бягат в обратната посока.

На Запад правенето на покупки е истинско тържество, което се оставя за събота. Запад купува онези дрехи и коли, които желае. Това може да бъде и досадно. Изток е пълен с изненади. Там нищо не се търси, а се купува онова, на което случайно попадне, пък макар и на човек да не му трябва, защото и него утре може би няма да го има. Щом източнякът види опашка на улицата, веднага застава на нея, без да пита за какво се чака. Затова ръчния багаж на хората от Изток е винаги много по-голям от този на западняците.

Пътувайки из Изток, попадам на най-качествени китайски четки за акварел, направени от опашката на видра, но по никакъв случай не мога да купя кило картофи! Изток просто е затрупан от ръчни, джобни и стенни часовници от всички големини и форми, но е истински подвиг насред селскостопанската страна да намериш яйца или мляко! Там, където обикновените обувки с гумена подметка са непостижима мечта, мъжете по улиците носят най-елелгантните пилотски куфарчета с шифър, който някой, кой знае защо, е произвел в огромни количества. В магазините, в които често няма моркови или цвекло, се продава най-качествения кубински ром за коктейли!

И въпреки че от дън душа презира потребителското общество и неговите символи, във всеки по-голям град Изток поддържа малки западни оазиси, в които се продава стока за западна валута.

В съседна Унгария тези магазини се наричат “Конзумеск”, в Чехия – “Тузекс”, в Полша – “Певекс”. В България магазините на “Кореком”, на шега са наричани “корекция на комунизма”! В Съветския Съюз те са “Берьозки”...

Винаги ми е било малко неприятно да влизам в тези малки западни светилища, в които тъжно седят взети под наем жрици на потребителското общество между различните видове уиски, ефтини парфюми, шоколад и цигари, а да не могат да си купят нищо от богатствата на Али Баба. В очите им се чете завист към онези щастливци с чужди паспорти, които купуват каквото им падне. Те естествено не могат да си представят, че на Запад техните елитни магазини са най-бедните провинциални магазинчета на самообслужване!

Белград, както обикновено, е отишъл най-далеч; понеже отдавна е измислил оказионите и “дипломатическите” магазини, е решил този път да не бъде оригинален, затова цялата тази работа е нарекъл с истинското и име – дюти фри шоп. С това показва, че сегашното състояние смята като временно, подобно на чакалните на летището. Защото само в тежките времена на сиромашия и криза цъфти любовта към непостижимата западна стока. Като ни потръгне, не я купуваме в Белград, а там, където се произвежда!

Междувременно модата на Кирилицата е покорила Запада. Значи ли че сега ние сме на ход?

Изтокът пие, защото бъдещето му е неизвестно; Утре сутрин трябва да поскъпнат хлябът, млякото, цигарите, алкохолът...

Западът пие, защото бъдещето му е подсигурено. Той точно знае кога ще изплати къщата, която е купил на изплащане, колко висока ще бъде пенсията му и в кой старчески дом ще живее, когато го напуснат децата му. И защото всичко това му е непоносимо, Запад намира утеха в алкохола.

Изток пие каквото му падне; ако няма водка или бира, може и одеколон; ако няма и него, има газ в газената лампа!

Запад от пиенето е направил истинска наука; там само простаците не знаят най-добрите години на гроздобер, дългото и рафинирано пътуване на виното от аперитива до дижестива.

На Запад обикновено всеки плаща своето питие.

Бедният Изток (точно защото е беден) вика: “Какво пие кръчмата? Аз черпя!”

Пил съм на Изток, и на Запад и съм забелязал, че има много общи неща. Винаги всичко завършва по един и същи начин – повръщане!

Изток сутрин пие сода бикарбонат или зелева чорба; Запад – шумящи таблетки “Алка Селтцер”. И на Изток, и на Запад сутрин се кълнат, че никога в живота си няма да глътнат ни капка. Разбира се, никога не удържат на клетвата си!

Нито Изток, нито Запад се страхуват толкова от себе си или от неутронните си бомби, колкото от собствените си жени, когато на разсъмване пияни се прибират в къщи.

И така, от едната страна е Изток, от другата – Запад, а Белград не е нито тук, нито там, седи си сам и си пие по собствен начин.

Когато се пие, казват белградчаните, веднага трябва да се излее първата и последната чаша; от първата се намръщваш (защото ти е първата), а от последната се напиваш!

Впрочем белградчаните никога не биха се напивали, ако не бяха толкова горди. Всеки би пил сам в кръчмата толкова, колкото му се пие, и би си отишъл в къщи на време, но понеже белградчаните седят на групи (не по-малко от десетина), на събрани маси, всеки от тях смята, че е въпрос на чест да плати един кръг, което накрая завършва трагично.

Белградчаните много обичат да се чукат с чаши. Някои го обясняват със старата максима, че освен на аромата, букета и цвета на питието, трябва да се наслаждаваш и на звука; но по-вероятно е, че чукането е един вид агресивно диктуване на темпото, налагане на собствено темпо на пиене, защото какво му остава на човек, след като се е чукнал, освен да изпие чашата си до дъно?

Когато пият, разнежените сърби все се сравняват с онези страни, в които е по-зле – никога с онези, в които е по-добре! Тогава обикновено казват: “Трай си, тук все още някак се живее! Я виж, как им е на ония там?!”

За разлика от Изтока и Запада, които се страхуват от жените си, белградчаните имат навика да демонстрират храбростта си така; посред нощ с напоената си компания будят съпругите си и ги карат да им варят кисела чорба или да им изпекат баница. А може би е така, защото се плашат да се приберат сами и водят другарите си за кураж?

Истинският белградски ритъм в пиенето на вино не съществува нито на Изток, нито на Запад. Състои се в следното; най-напред се поръчва литър бяло вино и сифон газирана вода, после половин литър, та три децилитра, за да може накарая за изпроводяк да поръча един шприц!

Последните двадесетина години белградчаните пият и уиски, но веднага изхвърлят леда от чашата. Ирландците са съгласни с тях, защото и те пият само уиски. “Ако е неоходимо – казват ирландците – ние щяхме да бутилираме уискито с лед!”

Няма да повярвате, но в Белград също съществува Бермудски триъгълник! Това е онзи тайнствен триъгълник между ресторантите “Шуматовац”, “Под липата” и “Гърмеч”, където завинаги и без следа са изчезнали най-даровитите белградски литературни пера.

Когато един мой приятел се върна от болницата след третия делириум тремене го попитали в “Под липата” как се е чувствал при поредния делириум, а той им отговарил: “Вярвайте ми, толкова се е разрастнал, че за малко да не го позная.

Като че ли не е същия влак онзи, който точно на минутата е тръгнал от някоя централна западна гара; парфюмиран, чист, с колосано бельо, снабден със зелен пенещ се течен сапун, хартиени кърпи и рола тоалетна хартия, и този, който със закъснение от два часа и половина най-сетне пристига на Изток, изглозган до дъските, като че ли е преминал през ято скакалци. Някъде изчезнаха елегантните бордови домакини със списанията и кафето, стюардът в бяло, който със звънец обявяваше времето зя обяд, изчезна на някой исторически кръстопът, заедно с вагон ресторанта. От всичко остана само една разклатена количка, претрупана с концентрати и бисквити.

Дезинфекцираните тоалетни чинии на английските клозети междувременно се превърнаха в пътуващи клекала от ориенталски тип. В коридора на първа класа мустаката чистачка, облегната на метлата си (като току-що кацнала вещица) пуши и споделя с кондуктора мисли за живота, а след това с петата си гаси фаса. Отнесено е и смъкнато всичко, което не е звинтено или заварено. Останали са само завинтените плочки, които напомнят за Запада:


На границата с Изтока отоплението или съвсем се изключва, или става три пъти по-силно. Главното е, че никога не е нормално.

Пътувайки през западните страни към Изток, пътникът не забелязва границите, нито пък някой го пита за паспорта. Докато гледа тромавите крави как преживят върху ванройсдайловската трева, пътникът се пита къде започва Холандия и къде свършва Белгия?

В това отношение Изтокът много повече държи на себе си! Влаковете стоят с часове на границите към бъдещето. През коридорите и купетата минават най-различни униформи, безкрайно дълго се преглеждат документи, удрят се печати, а милиционерите с чукче проверяват дъното на вагона, да не би да им се изплъзне някой бежанец.

Но точно на онова място, където свършват удобствата, започва животът! Когато се премине от Запад на Изток, всички купета за непушачи стават за пушачи, а всички пътници – братя на път!

За разлика от влака на западната страна, където пътниците си мълчат, тъпо се блещят през прозореца, четат вестник или книга, мъчейки се да не се поглеждат (защото е неприлично), и всеки е наметнат с плаща на самотата и равнодушието – мъртви, мълчаливи сенки, в източния влак се разговаря, пие, яде, предлага се храна, има караници, играе се комар, изповядват се, смее се и се спи, купува се и се продава, контрабандира и надхитрява, одумва се властта, търсят се изчезнали роднини, намират се общи познати... Влакът, който е изгубил комфорта си, е придобил сърдечност!

Пътувам с братята варвари, които са подирили на Запада цивилизацията и са забравили за този подарък; гърци, турци, българи, сърби, цинцари, арменци, македонци – малкият балкански Вавилон си отдъхна в момента, когато събу обувките си, протегна краката си и напусна западните граници.

Но трябва да се премине през чистилището на митницата! За западните митничари всички пътници са редовни, освен онези, за които се докаже, че не са. На Изток никой не е редовен, освен онзи, който с неистови мъки докаже, че е, но и тогава върху него остава сянката на съмнението; Този път се измъкна, но следващия...

Ако западнякът контрабандира нещо, тогава сигурно става дума за професионалист, а стоката е опасна и скъпоценна; наркотици, пари, злато, произведения на изкуството. Защо да контрабандират уиски или кашон “Марлборо”, кафе или дънки, когато могат да си ги купят в кварталния магазин? От друга страна, Изтокът точно знае какво липсва и буквално внимава някой негов поданик да не го внесе.

Понеже на Изток е забранено всичко, което не е изрично разрешено, влаковете са истински движещи се контрабандни университети, а всички пътници към светлото бъдеще стават близки съучастници за разлика от западняците, които по време на пътуването никога не се сприятеляват. Започва прастаро надиграване с митницата – игра на жмичка, интелигентност и хазарт. Купето се превръща в пътуващ обменен пункт, борса на страха и надеждата. Колко обувки разрешават? Колко рокли? А кафе? Колко от това или онова?

Най-сетне композицията от двадесет и четири части потегля на Изток (проверени сме и пуснати) и онези пътници, които не са свалени от влака на тъмната гранична гара, могат да си отдъхнат. Победили са тоталитаризма! Отварят се бутилки, разменят се адреси, валят обещания, които никой няма да изпълни... Минава се на ти, започва празненството!

Изток празнува, че е излъгал себе си!

И накрая има ли нещо по-прекрасно от пътуването на Изток?


Пътуването от Изток на Запад!!!

На Запад супермаркетите се раждат от малки бакалници, в които работят само членове на семейството; жената е на касата, мъжът зад тезгяха, дядото опакова здравата, децата разнасят стоки по домовете...

При нас най-модерните магазини на самообслужване година или две след отварянето завършват като бедни бакалници!

След тържественото отваряне на новия супермаркет в самия център на града си мислиме, че и ние най-сетне сме станали Европа! Какво си нямаше тук в началото! Сьомга, датски черен хайвер, треска, замразени фазани и зайци, мариновани миди, кифлички с ким, кетчъп и сирена, десетина вида сладолед, от пиле мляко...

А после някъде изчезнаха онези усмихнати продавачки от отварянето и неусетно ги смениха някакви полуградски – полуселски същества с измачкани блузи, намръщени лица и угрижен вид, които вероятно е назначил някой влиятелен роднина или земляк от управлението. След време смени се и шефът. Крал ли е, какво ли? Идват някакви нови продавачи, а от полиците на рафтовете, докато се обърнеш, са изчезнали горгонзолата и рокфорът.

Шефът не иска повече да поръчва горгонзола, защото е забелязъл, че има някаква съмнителна зелена плесен! Хладилниците безполезно стърчат, а бирата винаги е топла, защото народът ни, както е известно, открай време има страх от студеното пиене; викат, че вреди на сливиците.

Възхищавам се от френските сирена, а сами бихме могли да поднесем на гостите върху табличка най-малко тридесетина първокласни домашни сирена, и то, без да се посрамим пред света; от онова прясното сирене, че овче, хомолско, пашко и кашкавал, до най-финия трапис, македонското “фета”, далматинското сирене в зехтин и херцоговското “от мех”…

Естествено в нито един от белградските супермаркети няма да намерите е една трета от споменатите сирена. Защо? Защото онези, които решават какво ще се продава в града, цял живот са яли само един вид сирене, и то своето, домашното, а всичко останало предизвиква у тях дълбоко недоверие. И така, стигнахме до сирене – обикновено, краве, солено! Маринованите миди изсъхнаха от мъка в бурканите, а сладоледите се стопиха от безсмислие. И този път манталитетът се показа по-силен и по-издържлив от пустото ни желание да стигнем света. Асортиментът полека се свежда до основните артикули: хляб, сланина, консерви и сухи ребра. Върху стъклата, които някога блестяха от чистота, се натрупва сивкавия слой на посивелия ни живот. Машината за мелене на кафе естествено не работи. Мели си сам! До касата цяла сутрин махленското бостанско плашило от чисто любопитство контролира кой какво купува. “Значи пак имат гости!” Кварталният алкохолик седи върху обърнатата каса швепс, пие топла бира и я пресича с малки конячета. Мърляви дечурлига купуват дъвки. Касиерката е изключила утринната музика; прави помен на покойната си баба на село. Усамотена хлебарка пътува върху малкия глобус портокал. Всички сме едно семейство. Няма пушена сьомга, нито словенско пенливо. Дежурният милиционер се е отбил да поприказва със земляците си; убива го мъката по родното село!

Скритият, неунищожим дух на паланката разяжда стария копнеж по Европа – копнеж, който вече е уморен от дългата, несподелена любов…

Чувам, че скоро щял да дойде нов шеф! Ще върне ли касатото (италиански сладолед със захаросани плодове), уискито, бадемите и сметаната в туби или от носталгия по родната бакалница в ТКЗС-то ще зареди с дръжки за лопати, басма и газ. Ще видим! Европа, адио!

Пътувал съм на Запад и винаги съм откривал, че съществува нещо още по-западно от него.

Бил съм на Изток – има още по-източни страни и народи.

Но къде е Изток? Къде е Запад?

Намерих най-приемливия отговор в едно старо есе на Тин Уевич (хърватски писател) от 1933г. “Фактически, като географско понятие няма нито Запад, нито Изток, защото земята е кръгла… е написал добрият, стар, пиян и мъдър Тин. Изток и Запад, тези две колосални фикции и фантасмагории, както и непреодолимият яз на бъдещето ще принадлежат на всички”."



Monday, 25 June 2018 06:46

Let’s talk about…

Let’s talk about sex..., though in the Bulgarian format there is a saying, saying that “money and sex are...done :) not talked…”. However since currently I have neither of them, let me try to share some of my past experience and level of comprehension of the matter...However trying to keep the things confidential and hopefully educationally interesting, I’ll not disclose identity details about my partners...or even direct experience...

According to Wikipedia, sex/sexual intercourse is: “Sexual intercourse (or coitus or copulation) is principally the insertion and thrusting of the penis, usually when erect, into the vagina for sexual pleasure, reproduction, or both...” and that male/female copulation, is up to my understanding also the Biblical dimension of the matter, which is the subject of this article… So as a male who truthfully loves women..., let my try to ask some indirect help from another mighty female artist :), who in my best understanding discloses very well how it feels to be copulated with love and/or passion or both...So here comes Shakira with my hips don’t lie...where she shares a lot...For instance (from the lyrics…), she says: “Oh baby when you talk like that, You make a woman go mad, So be wise and keep on, Reading the signs of my body...” and that with the reading the signs of one's body is really...from the “heavy combat forces” :)... I mean that it could be very well compared to them, for instance your opponent is much more vulnerable (well that’s the aim of a combat…) if you know his/her moves OR can react reciprocally to close to real time as possible… I say so, because up to my best...understanding a good fight and a truthful sex are pretty close as energy, passion and at best devotion...Look in both it’s really important to try one’s best...with whatever it might be :) merge with the moves and the energy of the other side as naturally as possible...Said otherwise relax, feel and execute accordingly... So in that or pretty close to it wave of thoughts, Shakira continues: “And I'm on tonight you know my hips don't lie, And I'm starting to feel it's right, All the attraction, the tension,Don't you see baby, this is perfection” at the other side the...lover/partner...responds: “Hey Girl, I can see your body moving, And it's driving me crazy, And I didn't have the slightest idea, Until I saw you “dancing :)””...

Well up to my best...comprehension, it is as simple as that :)...when nature, passion and truth matter… Otherwise it more and more seems that we live in a silicone-vibrator-consumerist society, where women/partners can imitate love and orgasms, but rarely live and achieve them...Plus mastery is naturally not measured in silicon and centimeters…

PS ... 2 of us, through spiritual and cultural richness ....

Kind regards, Rosti….


...Lorelei - Scorpions…(lyrics…)...

There was a time when we sailed on together

Once had a dream that we shared on the way

There was a place where we used to seek shelter

I never knew the pain of the price I would pay

You led me on with a cloak and a dagger

And I didn't know you had made other plans

You had me believe we were meant for forever

I really thought my heart would be safe in your hands


My ship has passed you by

And though you promised me to show the way

You led me astray

You were my Lorelei

What kind of fool was I

Cause I believed in every word you said

And now I wonder why


There was a time when we held one another

Bearing our souls in the light of the flame

Those were the days now I've lost my illusions

Sometimes I wake in the night and I call out your name


My ship has passed you by

And though you promised me to show the way

You led me astray

You were my Lorelei

What kind of fool was I

Cause I believed in every word you said

And now I wonder why


Now there's a light that shines on the river

Blinding my eyes from so far away

Shot through the heart but now I know better

As hard as it is to resist the song that you play


My ship has passed you by

And though you promised me to show the way

You led me astray

Oh, Lorelei!

What kind of fool was I

Cause I believed in every word you said

And now I wonder why



Kind(=NewFinns&Rosti...) regards(=TrueFinns…), Rosti….^n


Tuesday, 12 June 2018 12:20

Bulgarian format vs Finnish format...

Hello, those of you who have already browsed through, may have noticed that during the process of severe harassment and discrimination against me and my family (look point 3…), I have been diagnosed...with bipolar disorder+^ well.. Then in another one of my  articles (look the last three paragraphs…) I have tried to state that, surely by growing up within two cultures, the Bulgarian and the Finnish ones, I have developed a kind of multicultural personality, compiling in my best believe - the best features of both… Said in other words, yes because of the often great cultural differences between these two countries, I have a kind of bulgarian and a kind of finnish personality and here I’ll try to explain it for the monocultural people and not only…

Hence by Bulgarian format I mean the set of cultural, organizational, national and so on norms, that form and shape the understanding and behaviour of the bulgarians as well as their productivity and life-action outcomes...And respectively by Finnish format I mean the, norms, values, beliefs, traditions and so on, forming the pool of the finnish cultural behavioral and economical type. Starting backwards in another of my articles I’ve tried to characterize the finnish cultural and societal space, so have a look at it...  Compared to it, the bulgarian cultural, societal and personality set is a kind of more individualistic, masculine and oriental… Such where the general momentum of “chaos” is higher…and where the personality based and emotionally oriented norms, form a substantial part of the bulgarian personality and society set…So for clarity, let me try to present you a table containing chosen by me cultural, societal and economical dimensions of the bipolarity pools: 

Bulgarian format

Finnish format

Personalities - southern, more emotional, individualistic and oriental types...The masculinity and the patriarhat are somehow predominant… Orthodoxy and slavonic dimensions also play part… Conservatism towards traditions may play part… Exebitionism in terms of show your best clothes, cars, phones rather evident. Personal freedom and space - not very highly appreciated...

Personalities - northern, introvert..., collectively shaped, often described as cold by the southern people...Femininity and liberalism are kind of predominant. Protestantism(Luther) and Swedish-German-Russian features evident. Visual modesty is rather a norm…Personal freedom and space - respected and rather tolerated..., yet if clashed with collectivism, the latter prevails... 

Society - rather individualistic, southern-balkan type...Not necessarily civil, such where the word-on-mouth and the given feedback, influence decision making at the business and political stage...

Society - strongly collective, such where the subjugation of the individual to a group—whether to a race, class or state leads... “Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called “the common good. ” Closer to collectively civil society...

Trust in the institutions - very vague to absent, which is really sad… I also often have the “feeling” that in the institutions I often face personality-based service and behaviour, instead of organizational culture and legally based such… Something like you never know what will happen and how long would it take...

Trust in the institutions - very strong which is generally very good...Yet the institutions and their clerks are often so powerful, that form a kind of “institutional-democracy”, in which the small individual is back-staged and often suppressed...

Friendships - very important and favour-minded… In the Bulgarian format one relies more to her/his friends and family than to the institutions and the state….

Friendships - important, but secondary to collectivism and institutions… If you have a problem you call to the institutions, not your friends or even family...

Family - very important, often the core dimension of a life-philosophy… Also often the family type is predominantly masculine, such where the man is presumed money-maker and the women a host and child-carer… The kids...might never leave home in the Scandinavian manner…

Family - important, but the degrees of personal freedoms and space are greater...The femininity and masculinity rolls might be intertwined...The kids are supposed to leave home around their 20ies and start living independently…

Schedules/Appointments - rather chaotic, such where the leading principle is “do it at the last moment” and “so what if it doesn’t happen…”...

Schedules/Appointments - sharp and strictly kept, often leading the scheme of one’s personal decision making... The leading principle is rather “if you agreed, just do it...”

Paying taxes - statistically flat and very law...Mentally unimportant and often overlapped with sense of kind of “success”... The leading principle is something like “everything for me and now…”

Paying taxes - progressive and very high, could reach over 60+ % of the personal salary income...Mentally very important part of the collective and through it personal success...The leading principle is something like “that’s how we care for each other...”

Nationalism - averaged to rather vague shadows of the past...

Nationalism - regrettably strong, especially in the late years  

Road deaths 2017 - 678 ...source

Road deaths 2017 - around 295 ...source

Size - 110 994 km2; Population - 7,1 mln; Gdp per capita (2016) 7 350,80 USD

Size - 338 424 km2; Population 5,1 mln ; Gdp per capita (2016) 43 090,25 USD

So I hope that given my knowledge and personal experience from both sides of the coin of my multicultural personality, I am really “expected” to see the world and behave through different prisms of life in the two cultural, economical and societal spaces… So I’ve decided to take a different “golden-line” called New Finns, Bulgarians and not at all an easy one....  

P.S. If I have to sum it up I stand for "diversity is richness"...As at it's good side we live in a world, where the cultural and scientific heritage of the humanity is multicultural outcome of productive intercultural collaboration… Where even the blindest national-socialists or other blindly prejudiced radicals calculate with Arabic (1,2,3...) and Roman (I,II,III...) numbers, write with predominantly Latin (envisioning the western world...) letters and use pretty much US lead technologies on produced or lately also developed in ...China..., ...Japan..., ...South Korea... and so devices... Plus I personally admire the eastern set of ...moral and emotional values and norms, which are also a part of myself...and beyond...

And of course never forget God/Nature/Universe, ...we... are only a small part of Him/It not vise versa...

P.S.2 the this regard Finland is a kind of better organised, I mean that the bicycle-paths are much better located and marked...yet in both cases, Finland and Bulgaria alike I consider the bicycle-riders on the pedestrian areas a problem and danger for the pedestrians… A recent example could be a case since about 2 days ago, when a young male…(presumably…), negligently…? scratched my left elbow on a pedestrian path not marked at all for bicyclers...He didn’t stop after the contact, even did not look back...I did… However a much bigger problem according to me is that, without making a complaint, I asked a policeman, what the Police would do in such case...and it was difficult for him to give a clear answer (he is a very nice guy! and I believe policeman)...

Look the bigger problem is that with such “negligible” behaviour, this young guy/woman...will get after that in the car...and the result quite possibly could be as it is...injuries and deaths on the road...

Kind regards, Rosti…. 


Friday, 08 June 2018 09:56

Toto/Lotto net it down…

Let’s say that this is a kind of story of a fisherman playing toto/lotto (depending on how it’s called at your area :) ). The general case of this game is a main set of “N” numbers out of which “n” are chosen fairly..., without repetition… However, since our fisherman is not very good in probabilities let’s try to give an example with numbers from the Bulgarian surroundings where there is such a game called 5 of 35 OR where our general set N=35 and the sample draw n=5 and for the protocol... in one game there are 2 independent 5/35 draws… 

So trying to keep the things simple let’s try to present what happens within one such draw. Well using the long ago invented Arabic numbers (1,2,3…) and the rules of combining numbers or equal separable entities :), using Google sheets (or other tools…), we have combin(35;5)=324 632 possible combinations. Then using a little bit more complicated calculations for combining numbers and/or groups of them, we have the following distribution of parity:



g (=nr. elements)

r (=nr. elem. perm.)



fact g


Probab %





































































Where out of the all 324 632 possible combinations we have exactly  13 485 combinations of type (2+2+1 - ex 3,4,12,13, 33), exactly 13 485 combinations of the type (3+2 - ex 17,18,19, 26,27), exactly 169 911 combinations where we have no any parity (ex 5,7,19,23,34) and so for the other types of the parity distribution with its corresponding combinations. 

Since the comprehension level of our fisherman is better with fish and other things than numbers, let’s try to help him understand a little bit better what the above table logically means. I would argue that in an incremental increase (defined as each next independent, fair...draw), each one of the 324 632 combinations should have an equal chance to occur… Imagine that each combination of 5 numbers corresponds to a caught fish consisting of 5 numbers put in a basket. So after catching the whole...lake :) we have a basket-full of equally shaped and sized 324 632 five-number-fishes...which are separable only by their content (I mean that every combination of 5 numbers is a unique 5 out of 35 set)... Then If we re-catch one of these “5-number fishes” from the basket using a random table help..., all of them should have an equal chance to be pulled out of the basket… Yet following the above calculated distribution of parity and applying the law of the big numbers, after having a big enough number of re-caughts from the basket, we should start having a distribution/diagram shaping in accordance with the above calculated table…I mean the diagram shall have its peak along the unpaired set of combinations, followed by those with one pair in them...etc..And this would be because most of the equally re-caught basket-full fishes (52,34%) consist of unpaired numbers, (38,77%) consist of one pair and three unpaired numbers and so on... 

But as many can...feel?, our fisherman remains dissatisfied, because he still says - so what how would this knowledge help me play toto/lotto or catch fish better, so let’s see are there ways of improving the play/catch? Yes there are, for instance by improving the catching tools from a single hook (playing with 1 combination) to fishing simultaneously by manu hooks or a net :) 

Hence as I believe many of you can guess that one’s chances to catch fish improve substantially if he/she fishes with let’s say 6 meters radiused (round) net (the shape matters, but is not that important…) instead by a single hook… Well that could be compared to toto’s/lotto’s full or partial combinations games, which are often readily available… I mean that out of the 35 general-set numbers, one could for instance...choose 12, which combine into 5 in exactly 792 ways. 

In our example that would mean that if we play with all such possible (comb(12;5)=792) combinations, our let’s say 12 meters diemetered net (the comparisons aim to close the gap between...combinatorics/probabilities and the fisherman’s level of understanding…), we shall be able to catch every single fish falling under its area…However that’s usually very expensive, so our fisherman decides to try with a less expensive 12 meters diameter net, which has bigger holes in its structure… So that would practically mean that some of the fishes falling under the area of the net would be able to escape, because of the...bigger holes in its structure...And that corresponds to playing toto/lotto by not-full range of combinations... I mean that in the given example of 792 combinations, we could chose less...for instance 30 :) and pay less for the net/game…(instead of 792xY we pay 30xY, where Y is the price of a single combination…). 

Yet if one asks, could the fisherman increase further his chances for catch, I would generally say YES - by playing/fishing with different sizes and configurations of nets (the size and... the place of the holes might matter)... For instance if he/she inreseas the area of the...round (not compulsory…) net to ... 9 meters in radius... (A=πrr) :), he/she increases the chance of catching fish under the net/game…, as respectively the rule is “the more the most”...I mean the the more combinations you play with (a bigger net…), the more your chances for match :) increase… Here I intentionally used the word match not win, because the toto/lotto games are usually preliminarily tested and calculated so, that…for instance the Jackpot amount :) would be considerably less than the price paid for the full range of combinations in the game… 

For instance according to the current Eurojackpot rules :) the maximum Jackpot could reach 90 mln euro and if someone wants to assure 7 numbers correct (not necessarily a full Jackpot, because there could be other players sharing it…), he must pay       2 x 95 344 200 = 190 688 400 euro, which is a match but not a win when the cost for playing is the full range of combinations...or such that is bigger than the prize-sum...

P.S. The story of the fisherman has a...kind of sad real life background, which for now I shall just call “a tale that wasn’t right…”....

Kind regards, Rosti….  


Thursday, 07 June 2018 06:38 and GDPR

As many of you already know recently became into force the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR EU 2016/679), which regulates data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), regarding also the transfer of data and its privacy outside those areas...Then according to Wikipedia the core of the regulation might be briefed as : “Business processes that handle personal data must be built with data protection by design and by default, meaning that personal data must be stored using pseudonymisation or full anonymisation, and use the highest-possible privacy settings by default, so that the data is not available publicly without explicit consent, and cannot be used to identify a subject without additional information stored separately. No personal data may be processed unless it is done under a lawful basis specified by the regulation, or if the data controller or processor has received explicit, opt-in consent from the data subject. The data subject has the right to revoke this permission at any time.” 

Given the above and the other general provisions of the regulation I shall state that ...for now... is not a commercial enterprise and does not directly collect personal data of its visitors and supporters for business, advertisement or third party data-exchange services. Yes the platform of the site has a “Log in” registration section, which is still opened to the general public, where a supporter may register entering some personal data. The data is by default stored in anonymously closed database and can be deleted at any time on request! does not directly use cookies, neither commercially tailored content (for now?)! 

P.S. For those of you who may prefer seeing a visual presentation of GDPR, here I hyperlink a video

Kind regards, Rosti


Friday, 01 June 2018 05:15

Love through sense of summer…

Hello in my previous story laughing I’ve asked (in Finnish laughing) – have you ever thought how much truth there is in the lyrics of the songs, as I also referred that in the past the verbal communication and the folklore were the main means of transferring knowledge, wisdom, problems, dreams etc. between people and generations...Well despite that, the music vibrations often touch one of our prime life-senses the hearing, even without understanding the words of a foreign language...or simply by the virtue of music itself...laughing? Next I shall try to offer you a playlist named “love through sense of summer” which you might enjoy, I hope...? Also following the New Finns and Europeans cool aspiration for clarity, knowledge and transparency I shall list the songs with hyperlinks to their artists and lyrics through English, for those of you, who want to broaden their understanding with eyes in their brain-transformation-process as well laughing...:

Kind regards, Rosti......

Monday, 21 May 2018 12:43

Pahempi toistaan vs Someone else

Oletko koskaan miettinyt kuinka paljon totuutta on laulujen teksteissä? Asiaa ei ole uutta, vanhoina aikoina kun kirjallisuus ei ollut keksitty tai ainakaan leveästi käytetty, kertomatarinat ja folkkloori ovat olleet tavallaan kansanmuisti viisauksista, ongelmista, uskomuksista, toiveista jne. jotka ovat olleet osaa ihmisten elämää. Tietääkseni Suomen kulttuurissa tärkeä folkkloorin-kansanmuistin-henkilö on Paraske, vaikka en ole varma kuinka paljon nykyinen nuoriso hänestä tietää? Sanon sitä, koska suomen kirjallisuus on melko nuorehko asia ja sellaisten henkilöiden kertomat ovat säilyttäneet sitä henkistä Suomalaisuuden ydintä, josta ollaan nykyään niin ylpeitä… Siis uuden sukupolven Eurooppalaisena, Bulgarialaisena ja Suomalaisena vahvasti uskon siihen, että suomalaisuus on enemmän toimivaa sisältöä (em. sisukkuutta, rehellisyyttä, asiallisuutta jne.) kuin pinnallista päällystettä (em. ihonväriä, nimeä tai ennakkoluuloja…).

Sitten alusta lähtien tarinoissa on ollut hyvinkin paljon hyperlinkattua infoa myös lauluja, jotka ovat tavallaan integroituja kertomaan ytimeen, asia joka ainakin itse kutsun osaa digitaalisen tekstin pysty-suoraa sisältöä… Näin ollen seuraavasti kahta nykyajanlaulua rintamalla ”True” alongside New Finns:



Kumpikaan meistä ei oo eikä ollut kultaa Vaikka me niin annettiin olettaa

Ei huomattu lainkaan Et kuinka ollaan velkaa Kuin vasta nyt kun nenää Siihen painetaan. Kumpikin toistaan paremmin Tiesi jokaisen vaiheen Kumarrettiin kuvaa peilissä…Pahempi toistaan kumpikin on Ja kuinka nyt ne tappaa toisiaan Sokeina toistaa lausetta samaa Kuinka ne on tässä oikeessa

Rumempi toistaan kumpikin teko Eikä niitä tekemättömiksi saa Eikä ne huomaa kumpikin on Vain pahempi toistaan. Varmoina voimasta ja niin helvetin ylpeet …ilmeet kasvoilla me kaaduttiin

Synnytä uudestaan Ei muuta kuin lauluissa Kun jokaiselle jää Laskut huveistaan. Kuningas ilman valtikkaa kuin on kuningatarkin Vielä kumartavat peileilleen

Pahempi toistaan kumpikin on Ja kuinka nyt ne tappaa toisiaan Sokeina toistaa lausetta samaa Kuinka ne on tässä oikeessa…Rumempi toistaan kumpikin teko…Eikä niitä tekemättömiksi saa Eikä ne huomaa kumpikin on Vain pahempi toistaan

Katkeemaan ei sitä mitenkään saa Turhempaa ei oo olemassakaan Huomaa vaan kun joku sanoo jotain sellaista Mitä kuulla haluaa Ei haittaa onko edes tottakaan Oikeuttaa kalleintansa tuhlaamaan

Pahempi toistaan kumpikin on Ja kuinka nyt ne tappaa toisiaan Sokeina toistaa lausetta samaa Kuinka ne on tässä oikeessa

Rumempi toistaan kumpikin teko Eikä niitä tekemättömiksi saa Eikä ne huomaa kumpikin on Vain pahempi toistaan


Someone else 


It's time to change, there's no looking back, I'm for real this time, u gotta make a change... Right now it’s time for action addicted to making it happen Flipping the scratch now picture that oh they miss you mast u –u know they will for this one crack sale U can see me stranded in hell landed in jail ` with my black mail in hail got a deep concussion from busting no back stubbing hustlers selling my drugs just to get my riches as far is my vision I’m wishing I’d live my life a little different [CHORUS]

People staring at the mirror facing someone else

others doing what they shouldn’t, it was someone else people’re lying cause they’re trying to be someone else it is not you I see with that guy, must be someone else... Staring at the world through my rear view got to keep an eye open searching for a clear view I hear you screaming to god but he can’t hear you [x2] you said he brought us this far look we’ve been through you said he brought us this far look what we’ve been through is it fortune and fame now we stuck in the game I spit my soul on this track so you can feel my pain It’s time to change I don’t want to blow out my brains No more looking in the mirror pointing fingers like I'm a player


Ystävällisin terveisin, Rosti……  

Friday, 18 May 2018 16:31

What is success...

”Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal” – Earl Nightingale vs “what good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit/lose their soul” – Matthew 16:26? 

The answer to that would differ along cultures, societies and personalities, yet have you ever asked yourself what future do you discount in your present actions? Regarding the latter have you ever thought that the contemporary science explains relatively well about 15 percent of the volume of the Universe (which roughly equals the material world we know and often solely aim...), so how do you dream about the unknown? Einstein says that “imagination is more important than knowledge”...

Well the horizon of most of the monks, with whom I lately spent some time, discounts eternity through God and it reflects their present actionshow about you? Are you  going better along the saying “the happiness for one is unhappiness for another” or “the shared happiness is doubled happiness...”? Here what other people think about the matter compiled in few videos:

What’s your definition of success?

What is success, really?

Why the “materialistic” definition of success is flawed?

The lie we live

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...right and wrong - heal the world...

Kind ??? regards, Rosti^^^^

Viimeaikoina olen FB:ssa lukenut useita tarinoita, joissa kerrotaan ongelmasta jossa pieni ihminen kohtaa melko institutionaalista epäoikeudenmukaisuutta. Näin ollen Suomessa on jotenkin totuttu että pieni ihminen melko varmasti häviä riita valtiota tai isoa instituutiota vastaan, myös tapauksissa joissa kirjattu laki, inhimillisyys ja järki edellyttävät toista. Suomen kielessä on jopa keksitty sana – ”paperisota”, tilanteesta jossa useimmiten pieni ihminen taistelee oikeuksistaan ja toiselta puolelta saadaan pitkiä usein ennalta kirjattuja kirjeitä, joissa ”papukaijataan” yleispäteviä lakipykäliä vahvemman haluamalla tavalla. On myös totuttu että varsinkin työriidoissa tai muuten yksilön puolesta taistelee toinen instituutio mm Liito, Aluehallintovirasto, Valvira, Kela, Kuuluttajariitalautakunta jne., joissa istuu taas joku virkamies/nainen ja näin asia sovitaan virkamiesten kesken, mutta onko se aina paras vaihtoehto ja ovatko sinänsä virkamiehet aina virheettömiä? Esimerkiksi Aarnion tapaus vihjasi että eivätkä he aina virheettömiä ole, mutta hyvin harvoin heitä vastaan edes nosteta käännettä ja yksi syy siihen on että virkamiehet eivät taistele keskenään kunhan pienellä ihmisellä ei siihen ole realistista mahdollisuutta(=paperisota). Siis tässä vaiheessa haluan korostaa, että tavoitteeni ei ole mustamaalata Suomen oikeusjärjestelmää tai virkamiehistöä EI, vaan uuden sukupolven Suomalaisena ja Eurooppalaisena haluan tuoda esiin ongelmia joista ei haluta tai uskalleta puhua avoimesti.

Myös tapaukset joissa esimies tai virkamies auktoritaarisesti sanoo/käskeeettä tässä tapauksessa me sanotaan näin” ei tarvitse automaattisesti hyväksyä käskyn tai pellon alta. Toimiva yhteiskunta ja varsinkin oikeusvaltio tarkoittavat avoimuutta, vuorovaikutusta ja toimivuutta, joissa yksilötkin saavat puheenvuoroa ilman pelkoa seuraamuksista että ”hän joka poikkea joukosta rangaistaan”. Muun muassa Mikael Agricola on poikennut joukosta ja tänä päivänä kirjoitetaan ja luetaan Suomeksi. Martin Lutherkin on luonut luterilaisuutta poikkeamalla katolisuudesta ja Kusta Vaasan johdolla eletään pääsääntöisesti lutherilaisessa Suomessa. Siis totuus parhaiten syntyy tasa-arvoisessa argumentoidussa keskustelussa, jossa osataan asettua toiseen osapuolen kengissä myös huomioiden pieniä ihmisiä! Eli periaate jolla taistellen totuudesta pieni ”poika” astuu ison ”pojan/virkamiehen” varpaille negatiivinne seuraamuksineen, ei suosi toimivaa oikeusvaltiota vaan virkamiesten sellaista!

 Liittyen siihen äsken luin artikkeli nimeltään ”Suomalaiset ovat lähes maailman huonoimpia asettumaan toisen ihmisen asemaan”, joka kommentoin näin: siis näin kuvattuna mm että ” empatia tarkoittaa jokapäiväisessä elämässä tarvittavaa kykyä asettua toisen ihmisen asemaan ja ymmärtää tämän tunteita ja näkökulmia”, se saattaa pitää paikkansa, vaan en tiedä perustuuko se empatiaan tai enemmän psykologiseen projektioon, jolla uskotaan että muut tekevät sitä, mitä me samassa tilanteissa tehtäisiin tai oltaisiin. Se on yksi syistä, jonka mukaan kotisivuni nimi on eikä esimerkiksi Siis jälkimmäisestä melko automaattisesti mietitään em. suomalaishistorian 1930 ilmiöitä, toisen valtion ideologioita, nykyistä ”mamu”-ilmiötä jne. huomaamatta mitä uuden sukupolven suomalaisena ja eurooppalaisena tunnen ja tarkoitan, vaikkapa voimassa olevan lainsäädännön puitteissa. Siis = ole osaa muutoksesta joka haluat nähdä, yksilönä, yhteiskuntana ja toimivana oikeusvaltiona, huomioiden myös toista puolta tosiasiallisesti ja empaattisesti!

Hyvää vappua! YT Rosti

Facing death is part of life and quite likely unique personal experience which sooner or later each one of us faces... Surviving death personally is likely chance that only some of us have, so here my personal story. During my lifetime so far I first faced death at 13 when I felt down from a roof while picking up berries from a nearby tree. I believe having relatively good memories of that distant 1986-case, I just do not know why it happened? So I and my brother were picking berries from a tree, as aware of the distance between me and the end of the flat roof I suddenly felt something like been thrown into the air. A possibility for that might have been that I have touched the electrical wires passing over the roof or that by simply walking back I stepped out of the roof...? However in the instant realizing that I am falling I tried to catch the visor of the roof not thinking that my head will pass before my stretched hands and hitting the front left side of my head into the visor I fall back on my back on the ground - my torso on a cemented path and my head onto the soil, some 20 cm from a metal scraper... Somewhere in that process I have lost consciousness and might have also stopped breathing...? So the things I’ve been told from my brother and relatives who saved me, were that after seeing me on the ground my brother started shouting, then an uncle of ours jumped over the fence from the next house, came around me and has shaken me... After the shook I already remember throwing up some blood and saying that I do not see well with my left eye... Since then I have partially lost sight with my left eye due to partial damage of the visual nerve... And this is the first time I faced a kind of close to death experience personally...

Later on that year our mother passed away, officially from cancer and the stress passed by along my fall, had quite likely contributed badly to her disease and death... Along the held then funeral ceremony there was a moment stuck deep into my memory, and that was the moment when the coffin with her dead body passed next to me for the first time... Around me there were a crowd of people and an aunt standing by, so at the very moment the coffin passed by I remember smiling naturally and my aunt asked - what are you smiling at, why are you so happy...? Well the thing I suddenly felt was one of joy, because at that very moment for some reason I started feeling deeply that only the body of my mother is dead, not her soul (for the believers) or legacy (for the rest) – and I simply smiled naturally...Your personal experience in similar cases might be different, but that at that instant was mine...

Then in 2009 I got involved in a really heavy car-crash, where the driven by me Mitsubishi Carisma hit almost frontally a big trailer-truck. And again I remember well what happened, but have no clue why it did...? Some say that everything happens for a reason, regardless whether we are, or are not predestined, but however you take it, one of the best ways we learn is through experience, hence here is a piece of mine shared... I was driving after a friend of mine from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Samokov on a wet, relatively small road when on a straight part of the road I noticed the truck driving from the other side, as there was a small right turn at the end of the straight section. Well as in thousands of similar cases before that, I continued driving listening to the music coming from the CD of the car... However somewhere around the small turn, just after Losing my religion of REM has started on the CD, the crash happened... And it was something like noticing that the truck was too close to my side of the road...After that I remember shaky mess, like on the movies and after it stopped I was sitting in the car among smoke and broken glass, behind the opened air-back... The CD was spat out of the CD player and two men were standing at the left side of the car in front of the stopped truck...I also noticed that my left wrist was misplaced... Soon after that my friend, who as he said noticed a big black cloud of smoke in his mirror, was knocking at my door, saying - get out, get out. I told him that I cannot stand up alone, after which he helped me open my seatbelt and get out...After getting up I also noticed that the thumb of my right leg was standing up broken and I have multiple cuts on my legs and arms...However I went to the two standing in front of the truck men and gave my right hand asking – how are you men? The closer to me, presumably the driver, said OK... The truck, a big trailer had some minor damages at its bumper, the Mitsubishi Carisma’s front side was almost completely smashed especially at its right side... Even that there came a policemen after the accident, the crash was never officially investigated, so I will leave presuming further what and why did happen and will continue with the time in the hospital in Samokov, where again for some reason I was left for more than 2 days with heavy peritonitis/sepsis, which I got from the powerful hit of the seatbelt upon my stomach, which broke some of my guts... So after lying on the bed for more than 48 hours, given only some sedatives I started feeling that my life-energy starts evaporating and I am slowly fading away... You know however personal it was that time told in many other similar stories, I really rethought my life since my childhood. And from that prospective I realized that the purity of the consciousness and moral are the prime pillars of what matters at the end... Re-evaluating my life I’ve realized that I have done many mistakes and if I could have gone back I wouldn’t repeat many of them, yet there was nothing major to regret and despite the fact that my body was badly injured, gazing towards the horizon, I felt incredible peace deep inside my chest. However poor my present description might be it was a great sensation of grace which in a way made me understand that it’s the true you that matters at the end of your bodily life. I say so because many religions and especially the Christian monks with whom I lately spent some time, truly believe that eternity starts only after death and that we will be judged for our life, thoughts and deeds. I do not know that, but my conscious near death experience, thought me that lived-truth matters most and that for me that was and still is at least true love, true friends, shared value, God and Nature......

In 2015 after I and my family were severely discriminated our father passed away and yet again the stress passed upon him because of me did quite likely speed up his death..........

P.S. Yes one could also be truthfully prejudiced with or without others... Yet I wish to believe that an opened to God and Nature consciousness as well as universal human rights prevail...

P.S.2 What is success...

...right and wrong - heal the world...

Nietzsche vs Jesus Christ

Kind regards, Rostislav Georgiev Dinkov

Dasein is a concept of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger and in the contemporary Wikipedia for it is said “(German pronunciation: [ˈdaːzaɪn]) is a German word that means "being there" or "presence" (German: da "there"; sein "being"), and is often translated into English with the word "existence". It is a fundamental concept in the existential philosophy of Martin Heidegger, particularly in his magnum opus Being and Time. Heidegger uses the expression Dasein to refer to the experience of being that is peculiar to human beings. Thus it is a form of being that is aware of and must confront such issues as personhoodmortality and the dilemma or paradox of living in relationship with other humans while being ultimately alone with oneself.” So its meaning into this article will be something like existence into this World.

Then for humanity Wikipedia says “Humanity is the human species, and may also refer to : Humanity (virtue)” and in this article it will mean both the homo sapiens as species and the related to it humanity virtues in all aspects of life the way we so far know it. Here I want to also add that my view about human life leans more towards love, shared value and well being than towards “Nietzschian” struggle to power and consumerism (see. Nietzsche vs Jesus Christ).

For artificial intelligence Wikipedia says “Artificial intelligence (AI, also machine intelligenceMI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals” and that’s a virtue of existence that is already broadly used in our daily lives – along your computers, tablets, smart phones, social networks etc. The first time I consciously faced professionally specialized AI was at the stock exchange market where the AI algorithms have already put aside most of the traders, brokers, dealers etc. The aim of this article though is to go beyond technology in daily human life approaching the direction technology/AI vs humanity. Look they are both “dasein” and up to my best understanding the more self-aware-powerful will lead depending on its virtues... Hence it is important how at some point of time the AI will become self-aware in the World, following what – love, affection, passions, will to power, supremacy or something else? Then how this brisk and really powerful development will coexist with us, humans? I will also dare claim that the AI is part of the New World Order and that the technology develops quicker than the humanity supporting laws OR is this technological development a part of the change of the mankind? If so would it be a part of development of intellect opened to the World/Nature/God... OR a part of a self-centred human inaugurated initiative closed into the frame of its egocentric-consumerist/corporate goals and desires!? The goal limits..., the ministry unfolds...

Look in my modest AI stock-exchange experience on top of their superior real-time decision-making capabilities, I faced neural-networks capable of doing nanoseconds orders, which by themselves are out of reach for the human being. So I will ask were my “universal human rights” defended? I ask that not because something more powerful than me outperformed me, but because that something was initially created by other humans. Again some argue that the solution is in merging the humans and the AI “Google AI guru predicts that the machines and humans will merge within 20 years”. OK if that is to happen what is a human and what is a machine in this merged “dasein”? Is there legislation or moral guidance navigating such merger? Then there are also a number of lead figures like Stephen Hawking (RIP) and Elon Musk who warn that AI will or may eventually destroy humanity?

Kind regards, Rosti

PS... (9.11.2020)

PS2...(18.2.2021) Fei-Fei Li & Yuval Noah Harari in Conversation - The Coming AI Upheaval (posted Apr 24 2019)

Saturday, 03 March 2018 18:37

Честит 3-ти Март!

С уважение, Рости 

Siihenkin nähden oli mielestäni hyvä dokumenttisarja ”Suomi on venäläinen”, jossa toki käsiteltiin pitempää aikaväliä Venäjän, Pohjolan ja Suomen kehityksestä kun suomettumisen ajanjaksoa (1 sarja siitä). Välitettävästi dokumentti ei ole enää katsottavissa Yle areenan kautta eikä ”Suomi on ruotsalainen”:kaan! Joka tapauksessa nykyisessä Wikipediassa suomettumisesta sanotaan: ” (saks. Finnlandisierung) tarkoittaa voimakkaamman valtion vaikutusvaltaa heikomman naapurimaan asioihin. Käsite esiteltiin alun perin Itävallassa jo 1950-luvulla, mutta sitä alettiin käyttää ahkerasti Saksan liittotasavallassa 1960-luvun lopulla. Termiä käyttivät alun perin liittokansleri Willy Brandtin vastustajat kritisoidessaan hänen uutta, Ostpolitik-nimellä tunnettua ulkopoliittista linjaansa liian neuvostomyönteisenä. Brandt tuomitsikin termin käytön suomalaisia loukkaavana.[1] Se merkitsi sananmukaisesti Suomenkaltaiseksi tulemista.”.

Minä pyydän anteeksi ihmisistä, jotka pitävät sitä loukkaavana, mutta se on ollut osaa Suomen historiaa ja ”maassa maan tavalla” periaatetta ja näin jäänyt vaikkapa kansan sosiaaliseen ja henkilökohtaiseen identiteettiin ja käyttäytymiseen, joku suoraan sellaisena tai vastustamisreaktiona!? Esimerkiksi Suomessa edelleen käytetään sanontoja kuten: ”kaikki pakotetaan samaan purkkiin”, ”kaikki ovat saman paksuisia”, ”hän joka poikkea joukosta tehdään hulluksi”, ”joukko kiusaamista” jne., joista selkeästi nähdään joukkopakkoa tiettyyn suuntaan, tyypillistä kyseiselle ajanjaksolle. Mainittakoon että organisaation- ja yhteiskunnankulttuuri on semmoista näkömaatonta voimaa, jonka säännöt, normit ja uskomukset vallitsevat päätöksen teossa ja elämässä. Sitten uuden sukupolven suomalaisena olen pitkään ihmetellyt mistä kysymys ”oletko suomalaistunut” johtuu – siis tässä paljonko siitä johtunee Suomenkaltaiseksi tulemisesta suomettumisen valossa tai varjossa? Eli vapaaehtoisesta suomalaistumisestani vastuullisesti sanon että se osa minusta joka esimerkiksi vastaa sisukuutta, vilpitöntä avoimuutta, asiallisuutta, järkevää reviiri kohteliaisuutta, kollektiivista ei muita alistavaa vastuutta jne. ovat ja tulevat hyvin töidennäköisesti aina olemaan minussa suomalaisia. Kiitos siitä!

Mutta piirteitä jotka esimerkiksi tavoittelevat kaksoisnaamaisuutta/takinkääntävyyttä (siis suomettumisen aikana on usein pitänyt kutsua mustasta valkoiseksi ja päinvastoin pakon edestä, paljonko sitä on jäljellä?), joukkopakkoa, manipulointia, ylimielisyytä jne. eivät koskaan tule olemaan osaa minusta! On totta että tässä kirjoituksessa vihjaan enemmän niihin pimeisiin varjoihin, mutta se on koska tavoittelen parempaa. Siis annetuissa esimerkeissä pimeätä pitää valoista! Näin ollen pakotetussa suomalaistumisessani, siis tietysti pakkohoidon kautta, minulla on useamman hullun diagnooseja. Jälkimmäinen on tapaa jolla käsiteltiin dissidenttejä suomettumisen aikana, ja se on asia, josta en olekaan kiitollinen! Ja uuden sukupolven suomalaisena ja eurooppalaisena rohjennen jatkamaan avoimesti sitä ilmaista! Toki sälyttääkseen terveyttäni jo Suomen ulkopuolelta, mutta ei Suomea tai toista maata vastaan, koska ihan taatusti en toivo samaa sinulle kautta aikoja!

Ystävällisin terveisiin, Rosti...

Hello, almost a year since I am in Bulgaria and I continue to face challenges with being inter-culturally understood and that’s to some extend due to the fact that different cultures often use same words, but with slightly or greatly different meaning. For instance the adjective national (Fin kansallinen) in English, Finnish and Bulgarian means pretty much the same – “relating to a characteristic of a nation; common for a whole nation. In the Finnish wiktionary though is added – related to nationalism”. Well regarding the latter this is how the noun kansallinen is usually used in the Finnish (spoken) language. Finnish national (Suomen kansallinen) is considered a person belonging to the Finnish nation by prime features and characteristics (which may include genetically different) and as such national diverges from citizen. Well in the (spoken) Bulgarian language though the noun national (национал) means primly a nationalteam player!

Then to be more accurate what I mean here I hyperlink a video done by a young Finnish citizen, who openly and rhetorically asks: “Am I a Finn?”. The video is in Finnish, so I’ll translate a bit: “Hello my name is “Dogbone” and in this video I want to speak about my citizenship. I am upset by the question why I cannot call myself a Finn? Why? I have been born in Finland; I have grown up in Finland; I have educated myself in Finland; I speak Finnish; I even think in Finnish! Why? Mmmm ok says the young man, let me try to explain why (according to some locals/nationals/kansalliset) I can’t call myself a Finn because one man once told me – when a mouse lives in stables could it call itself a horse? Then the young man asks what a comparison that is and I prefer to stop here, though the whole video is worth watching! According to me the young guy is a full member of the Finnish society, nation and new Finnish and European generation! Along the same way of thoughts here I quote Sydney J. Harris: "The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does"..., plus an insightful video about “nationalism vs patriotism”, please do see and hear it. According to Wikipedia “patriotism is the ideology of attachment to a homeland”. 

And then, how about multiculturalism? Well according to Wikipedia “multiculturalism is a term with a range of meanings in the contexts of sociologypolitical philosophy, and in colloquial use. In sociology and everyday usage, it is a synonym for "ethnic pluralism" with the two terms often used interchangeably, for example a cultural pluralism in which various ethnic groups collaborate and enter into a dialogue with one another without having to sacrifice their particular identities. It can describe a mixed ethnic community area where multiple cultural traditions exist, or a single country within which they do. Groups associated with an aboriginal ethnic group and foreigner ethnic groups are often the focus...”.

Then by growing up within two cultures, the Bulgarian and the Finnish ones, I want to try to express my personal multicultural experience in terms of what it practically means for me. Well it means greater and more diverse awareness of the world around and within us and in its positive side by trying to get the best features of the multicultural diversity one grows deeper and more insightful prospective of the World (around and within)!

I hope you can see that from my new Finns, Bulgarians and Europeans point of view, I try to express a personality based multicultural dimension for characters created within different cultures! The latter diverges from the above given explanations and according to me gives greater spectrum for personal and cultural freedom and awareness in the new information borderless age.

P.S. Because it’s not so important what I say, but rather how I am understood, which as you can see is even more complicated in cross-cultural environment, I want to exclusively state that my statements are not “anti-” whatsoever. I mean that I see myself and the boy from the video as a rather natural part of the process of forming a contemporary European culture and society/family, such as the Finnish or Bulgarian etc. one!

Kind regards, Rosti

Wednesday, 03 January 2018 16:11

Miksi piti poistua Suomesta

Säilyttääkseen terveyttäni! Siis luit oikein, säilyttääkseen terveyttäni, koska aloittanut laittomalla irtisanomisella syrjintä-kierre, jatkoi pakkohoidolla hyvinkin instituutiomallisella tavalla, joka tälläkin kerta ei poikennut edellisen (In memoriam) artikkelin trendistä – siis olin kahdesti 2015 ja 2016 Joulukuussa pidätetty Suomen Poliisilta, jonka jälkeen ohjattu pakkohoitoon Aurora sairaalaan. Rehellisesti sanoen olin tietoinen sanonnoista että Suomessa ”kaikki pakotetaan samaan purkkiin” tai että ”hän joka poikkea joukosta, tehdään hulluksi”, mutta en halunnut uskoa että Suomessa toimitaan edelleen näin, siis miedosti sanottuna epädemokraattisesti! Mielestäni jälkimmäinen on todella huolestuttava trendi, joka todella muistuttaa Finlandization ajoista, ja tekeekö se todellinen paluu Suomeen? Siis ainakin itse trendiin lukisin myös Suomen ajattelutavan perussuomalaistuminen, radikalisoituminen ja sulkeutuminen (em. Suomen Sisu, Suomi Ensin, Rajat kiinni, Suomen vastarintaliike jne. järjestöillä). Tässä myös täsmentäisin että ajattelutavan perussuomalaistumisella tarkoitan, ei suoraan Perussuomalaisten puoluetta, vaan populismia, stereotyyppistä yleistämistä, sokeata sulkeutumista, radikalisoitumista, ennakkoluulot jne., sinänsä, tai ilmapiirinä ja olosuhteina jotka mahdollistavat niiden kukistamista. Siis edellisten joukko ja trendi ovat todella asioita, joista haluan vastuulla paeta ja jopa demokraattisesti vastustaa = , mutta Suomen olosuhteet tekivät sen mahdottomaksi, siis ainakin Suomesta käsin.

Hyvää alkanutta ja parempaa loppuvuotta, Rosti

Поместеният тук материал е съкратена версия на лекция на Далас Уилард, чийто авторски права са притежание на Veritas Forum. Материалът е публикуван със съгласието на Veritas Forum и ако искате да се запознаете с оригиналната видео-лекция (на английски) моля посетете следният линк.

Не е лесно да се говори за Ницше нито пък за Исус Христос. Удивително е как имена, личности и концепции биват корозирани, така че понякога истинността и същността им биват скривани. Но тук ще се опитаме да симпатизираме и на Ницше и на Христос и да чуем какво те наистина са искали да кажат.

Така че нека започнем с Ницше. Той наистина се е превърнал във важна фигура на съвременният свят и култура, защото той наистина представя нещо което е започнало да се случва още във времената когато е живял, въпреки че самият той не се е насладил приживе на “успехът си“/известността си.

Тезите които Ницше представя не са лично негови. Той не е бил основна движеща сила приживе, нито пък е основна движеща сила днес, но е символ на нещо много по дълбоко...

Казано на Калифорнийски жаргон, Ницше е успял да улови вълна на промяна в нещото което още по времето му бихме могли само бегло да наречем Християнска култура.

Той практически е осъзнал, че по негово време е имало дълбока съпротива срещу силата на бездуховно изповядваната Християнска идеология.

Както и днес,  хората машинално са казвали че вярват в Бога, но още тогава е било ясно че не е идело реч за истинна вяра в Бога. Хората са вярвали в техните собствени способности и капацитет да формират общества и групи защитаващи техните собствени интереси, за често съвсем травиални неща. Ницше просто е прозрял това! Не забравяите че от позицията на съвременният човек е доста трудно да си представим мащабите в които на времето се е разпростирала религиозността и Християнската култура, но те наистина са били големи. И изследвайки ги Ницше е видял ирелевантността на Бог към онова, което наистина се е случвало в научният, моралният и културният живот.

А онова което се е случвало е именно протест срещу система от лицемерие, протест срещу социална система с която самият Ницше не е могъл да съжителства.

Науката по това време е започнала все повече и повече да се разграничава от теологията, църквата и Бог. Това може да не Ви звучи странно днес, но това е защото вече сме свикнали свободно да приемаме идеята, че може да си най-добре образованият и информиран човек, без изобщо да си набожен...Но до времето на въпросният период на промяна, просто е било считано, както древните са казвали, че теологията е кралицата на науките. И онова, което Ницше е доловил е че промяната за която говорим вече се е случила и хората не са били честни спрямо това.

И именно това е значението на неговата известна фраза „Бог е мъртав“. С това Ницше не обявява че е убил Бог или пък че е доказал че Бог е умрял. По скоро той казва че начинът по който функционира нашата култура не би се променил с нищо, ако и Бог да беше мъртав...

Ницше e представител на определено течение на академичният живот и познанието,произлизащо от този период и което и до ден днешен са приема автоматично в редица аспекти. Бих могъл да нареча това течение на познанието конструктивизъм – което значи че светът който познаваме е конструкция на нашият мозък, език и социални структури. Ницше е смятал тази визия за света подтискаща...А именно че идеята за формираните по този начин конструкции са ограничаващи за хората и хоризонтите които те чертаят дават изява не на истина а на власт...

По този начин просто се губи способността на ума да осъзнае истинският Свят...И всичко което остава са визии и начинът по който ги подреждаме в хоризонта на свойте желания...

Така че за Ницше борбата за власт се превръща в основен принцип на всичко, включително акадимичният, духовният, църковният или какъвто и да е бил живот...Бих искал просто да продължа с изричение от неговата “Генеалогия на морала“, есе 3, раздел 7: „Всяко животно, включително философският звяр (човекът), инстиктивно се стреми към оптималните условия при които би могло да реализира своята власт/сила...(Пътят за който говоря не води до щастие, а до власт.)”.

Целта на живота не е в постигането щастие, а в придобиването власт...

Това е което той нарича желание за власт. Онова което хората искат е да упражнят своята сила и власт и всичко останало което правят, наричайки го истина или свещеност или както и да е, е всъщност израз на това желание за власт. И именно от това произлиза и конструктивизмът, което отново е конструиране на свят подходящ за осъществяването на нашата власт.

Ницше също представя начинът по който Юдео-Християнската етика става доминантна – това е игра на власт в полза на слабите хора, които са били възмутени но и достатъчно умни, за да накарат силните да мислят че са грешни затова че са силни. И блажени бедните, блажени скърбящите, но не и тези които са силни. И робският морал на Библията, както той го нарича, е просто умен инструмент в борбата за власт. Версията на интелекта която Ницше приема, е всъщност онова което наричаме феноменализъм – това е начин на представяне на света чрез формите на нашите визии или както Ницше ги нарича перспективи, така че всичко което осъзнаваме са нашите перспективи...По този начин всичко което ни остава е усъвършенстване на личните ни желания...

Въпреки че често е наричан нихилист, Ницше всъщност не е бил такъв . Той е имал доста здравословен начин на живот, чиято основна идея е била, че живеейки под егидата на задоволяване на собствените си желания, степента в която човек успява, е степента в която индивидът е добър и здрав човек. И наистина 19 век е бил период на бурно развитие на научно-техническият прогрес, което от своя страна се е свързвало с все по нарастващо усещане за загуба на човешка индивидуалност. И това е генерална тенденция произтичаща също от конструктивизма, който заключва умът в собственият си малък свят и превръща себедоволният-егоцентризъм в основната характерна черта на модерната личност. И трябва ли да Ви казвам че Ницше печели!

Спомнете си как коментирах гледането на телевизионни реклами, чийто основен фокус е почти 100%-во насочен към материализиране на егоцентричните ни желания. По такъв начин Ницше ни поставя в позиция при която при, примерно избирането на подходящ университет, основният ни преоритет е степента за личен успех, която би имал ако дойдеш и учиш при нас...Може да се каже нещо относно обществото, почти нищо за семейството, но отново много ще бъде казано относно индивидуалната креативност и капацитетът за материализиране на Вашият труд, за което ще получавате много пари.

Така че това което виждаме при Ницше е практическо изпълнение на насоките на модернизмът, чиято основна характеристика е отричане на миналото като модел за настоящето. Така че модернизмът е период в който новите философи се опитват да прекалкулират същността на моралността не през призмата на миналото, а в рамките на истини генерирани в контекста на тяхното ново мислене...

И както Алистър Макинтайър е обрисувал доста добре в своята книга “Чия правда и чия рационалност“, където егоцентричното човешко желание е представено като достатъчно добър мотив за това да правиш каквото искаш. Но това не е било така до настъпването на периода на модернизма, носещ със себе си артифакта на личноста сама със себе си...И тогава Ницше пита, и какво става със сериозните учени и философи на деня?

И той казва че в новото време именно те, учените, философите, писателите, студентите и пр. са хората представящи естетиката и моралът, а не монасите, духовенството и свещените книги. Та имено те (учените...) са онези отричащи се от собственото си благо (бел ред Галилео, Коперник...) в името на истината, но тези хора също са далеч от това да бъдат свободни умове, тъй като те все пак вярват в истината...Интересно, но така както Ницше го обяснява, преследвайки истината те (учените...) все пак следват пътят чертан от техните собствени желания...

По такъв начин истината се превръща просто в нещо като друга страст. Тоест това отново е нещо идващо от самите нас, от нашите собствени вярвания и желания...

И именно това е начинът по който Ницше убедително печели първият рунд от битката на противопоставянето му с Исус, Христос ако предпочитате. Надявам се че сте успели да видите, че критикуваното от Ницше засяга много малко Христос, но по една или друга причина то (учението на Ницше) бива представяно именно така (като критика към Христос и учението му...). Tака че в новото време няма общодостъпна морална институция направляваща личностното и културното развитие. Например ако някой иска да стане добър по математика, история и пр, Вие знаете къде да го пратите – в Университет. Но ако някой иска да стане добър човек, къде бихте го пратили? В иниверситет? 

И отново на преден план излиза Ницше, защото когато няма универсална морална институция всичко което остава е желание..., всичко което остава е импулс.

Започвайки да акцентирам върху Исус Христос, бих искал да Ви помоля да се опитате да помислите за него като за значима личност в сферата на информцията. Това е бремето на човешкият живот, да намери подходяща база за човешко осъществяване в науката и знанието. Е, в съвремието ние сме доста склонни да приемем че именно науката е водеща, но аз не винаги съм толкова сигурен в това, защото когато питам свойте студенти: “вярвате ли в отговорите дадени от Вас на теста...„, те се смеят и казват: „в нашата съвременна култура важното е да дадеш правилните отговори, но не задължително да вярваш в тях...”!

Така че в сърцето на проблема между Ничше и Исус Христос стой истината и нейната връзка с човешката свобода, благоденствие и осъществяване...

Но себедоволният егоцентризъм на съвремието ни кара да се затваряме в самите себе си, като по такъв начин нашите желания(страсти) се превръщат в основната реалност на нашият живот...Така свободата бива тълкувана предимно като свобода от...Декарт например осъзнал че е свободен от светът около него, но остава въпросът как той остава свързан с този/реалният Свят...И декларацията за свобода направена в затворен в себе си интелект губещ истинна връзка с реалността е някакъв вид затворничество, при което преследването на нашите страсти и желания се превръща в основна концепция за човешко осъществяване и благоденствие...

Но гореописаното затворничество работи по схемата: някой пита – какво да правя? И ние му отговаряме – прави каквото пожелаеш...Но често честният човек отговаря – не знам какво искам. Ето по какъв начин Ницше и себедоволно-егоцентичната свобода на желанието ни заключват, като често ние не знаем какво наистина искаме. В така описаната структура желанието, като себедостатъчен капацитет за действие се превръща в импулс за такова...Защото  като живи същества ние трябва да действаме, но колкото и да е странно ние се затваряме в свят, в който ние желаем да желаем. Тоест имаме виагра общество – да за какво е виаграта? Тя стимулира именно желанието ни да желаем...Но Ърнест Баркър, добре познат политолог от миналото казва, че “в сърцето на демокрацията стой изборът, а не нещо вече избрано...“. Но виждате че желанието да желаем ни държи в затворен в себе си свят.

Така че ще се опитам да представя традиция изразяваща нещо различно от затворен в себе си интелект/свят. Ще прочета нещо от Тиърдс Гриин, писал към края на миналия век. Той казва, че когато говорим за свобода, трябва да внимаваме точно какво имаме в предвид. И ние имаме в предвид свобода като позитивната сила с която всеки човек осъществява собствената си житейска философия и признава на другите правото да бъдат и благоденстват. Това е коренно различна концепция за свобода, способстваща за отворено към Света мислене...

Така че има и друга визия за Света, която е съществувала доста преди модернизмът. Тя е представена в Старият Завет, в Новият Завет, в ученията на Св. Августин и др, където Бог е създателят и първопричината която твори.

Вътрешната светлина, вътрешният глас е Бог и Той взаимодейства с умът позволявайки му да опознава Света, такъв какъвто Той го е създал, като насочва желанията ни към отворена към Света истина/реалност.

И това е традиция/концепция развиваща се от древността до наши дни според която нашият разум пресъздава разбирането ни за Светът около нас, което според някои учени отхвърля възможността за изместване на истината даваща истинска свобода...Така имаме нужда от повече от индивидуална истина за да сме свободни, имаме нужда от общество.

По такъв начин осъществяването ни като хора става в общество, в което хората вярват в истината и желанията им могат да растат/творят, но не сами за себе си. 

И отново ако поне за момент помислите за Исус не като за осветено-религиозна персона, а като за човек който наистина е знаел какво говори, и си представите че Той е тук със своята селска общност от ученици и последователи, и им казва: „ако живеете на дело онова което Ви казвам, тогава сте наистина мой чеда и като такива ще познаете истината за живота, като разбира се тук говорим също и за царството Божие, същността на Светът, както и какво представляват обществото, любовта и тн. Така Вие ще познаете истината, която ще Ви направи свободни”.

И нека сега мислим за истината като за капацитетът даващ ни възможност за пълноценно, отворено към реалността и Света живеене...

Така че реваншът на задочният спор между Исус Христос и Ницше е в живеенето. Реваншът е във Вашият Живот.

Но вие сте същества на Ницшиевата култура, аз също съм...Всички с ме в това, ние живеем в Ницшиев свят. И въпросът е дали можем да намерим свобода в този свят?

И сега Исус казва: ”ако с делата си изпълните мойте учения, ще бъдете мой ученици а Аз ваш учител. И Вие ще научите истината за животът и Светa, като по такъв начин ще намерите истинското осъществяване като човешките същества, които сте създадени да бъдете”.

Никой до сега не е успял да постигне човешкото си осъществяване по начинът който Ницше препоръчва. Самият Ницше не го е направил. И аз не казвам това за да злепоставя Ницше. Напротив аз доста му симпатизирам. На практика той е един от хората увлекли ме във философията. И това беше имено поради проницателността, с която той говори за реални житейски проблеми. И ние трябва да бъдем проницателни като него, но не бива да го правим следвайки неверните му предположения за затвореният в собствените си желания човешки интелект. И лично аз вярвам че начин да направим това е да вземем ученията на Исус и критично, но практически ги приложим в животът си. Това е единственият тест. И ако тестът на животът Ви покаже, че всъщност Исус печели вторият рунд, това не би било срам за Ницше, а наша възможност за свобода...

P.S. За владеещите добре английски бих препоръчал да чуете също и въпросите и отговорите след лекцията, които започват от 53 мин и 43 сек на видео-лекцията

Превод, Рости...........


Sunday, 17 December 2017 19:55

Nietzsche vs Jesus Christ

The following material is a brief of a lecture by Dallas Willard published and copyrighted by the Veritas Forum. The material is published with the consent of the Veritas Forum and if you want to see the original video -lecture it is here.

It’s not easy to think about Nietzsche and it’s not easy to think about Jesus Christ. It’s amazing how names and personalities and concepts become incrusted, so that sometimes the very thing that they are concerned to get out is lost. But here we are going to try to put a sympathetic face on both Nietzsche and Christ and try to hear what they had to say.

So let’s begin with Nietzsche – he has become very important in the campus and in the culture today, because he came to stand for something that was coming to ahead in his own day. Though he himself did not see much of the success that was to come to him later. Really he has become successful in the culture generally only after the Second World War. 

The views that Nietzsche expresses are not particularly his own. He was not a driving force in culture and is not a driving force in culture today, but a symbol of something much deeper.

Nietzsche we might say in Californian language, caught a wave, and that wave was reaction of the World of art and intellect, something that we can only loosely call Christian culture.

Nietzsche experienced deeply that what was happening at that time was that there was a great wave of reaction against the power of a Christian ideology that was without real spiritual vitality.

Everyone said, as we say on our coins today – “In God we trust”, but it was clear that they did not trust in God. They trusted n their own abilities, and their capacity to form clicks and power-groups and move in ways that they wanted to, often about very trivial matters. And Nietzsche saw that. It is very hard to us to recapture the extent of the discourse of the society that was so explicitly and thoroughly Christian, but that’s the way it was. And Nietzsche looked at it and saw the irrelevance of God, to what was actually being done to knowledge, to morality, to academic and cultural live. 

And it was really a revulsion against a system of hypocrisy... revulsion against a social system, that he simply could not bring himself, to be a part of.

Knowledge in this period was more and more divorced from theology, the church and God. It doesn’t sound shocking to you today, but that’s because we ´have acclimated ourselves to the idea, that you can be the best educated and the best informed person in the World and know nothing about God. But up until this period of change it was simply assumed, as the medieval said, theology is the Queen of the sciences. Now what Nietzsche does is to recognize that this has happened and people are not being honest about it.

And this is the meaning of his famous phrase that “God is dead”. Nietzsche was not declaring that he had killed God or proven that God was dead. He was saying rather that as far as our culture works, if God were dead it would not make any difference.

And Nietzsche stands for certain representation of academic life and knowledge that came out of that period and now in our campuses and our culture is almost automatically assumed on many sides. And that view of knowledge I shall call constructionism – that’s that the World as we know it is a construction of the human mind, of language, of social structures. And Nietzsche thought that this was an oppressive thing. The idea that the constructions that are formed are oppressive on individuals and the lines that are drown, give expression not to truth, but to power.

You lose the capacity of the mind to grasp the real World... And all there is, is appearances and how we arrange them into the direction of our will.

So for Nietzsche the will to power becomes the ultimate principle of everything, including academic, the spiritual, ecclesiastical or whatever life... I just want to read here one line from him, from the Genealogy of Morals, essay 3, section 7: “Every animal, including the philosophical beast (the human), strives instinctively for the optimal conditions under which it can fulfil its power... (The path I am speaking of, does not lead to happiness, but to power)”.

Happiness is not what life is about, power is what is about.

This is what he calls the will to power. What people want is to exercise the use of their power and everything else they do, they call it by the name truth or holiness or whatever is actually an expression on this drive for power. And out of that then come the constructionism, which is merely an exercise in constructing a world that will be suited to the use of our power.

Nietzsche also expresses the way via which the Judeo-Christian ethic became dominant; it was a power play on the part of weak people, who were resentful and clever enough to daub the strong people into thinking that they were wicked, because they were strong. And so blessed are the poor, blessed are those that morn, not blessed those that are strong. So he has a theory about how these things come about, through exercise of the will to power. And the slave morality of the Bible, as he calls it, is simply a clever device of the exercise of power. The version of the mind that Nietzsche accepts is actually what we call phenomenalism – it is a way of saying that all there is, that we can grasp, consists of appearances or  Nietzsche likes to use the word prospective and all we have are prospectives. So all that is left is the perfection of the individual will.

Nietzsche is not actually a nihilist as he is often called, he had a very healthy form of values. And it was all tied to this idea, that the degree to which one succeeds in bringing the whole of the individual life under it, under the will, is the degree to which one is good healthy person. And indeed the 19th century was a period in which with the growth of science and technology, though it doesn’t compare much to what we have today, with that growth was an increasing sense of the loss of individuality. So that’s a general tendency that comes out off constructionism, which locks the mind into its own little world and leaves the will with nowhere to go, except to turn back on itself and find fulfilment in its own self-assertion. And do I need to tell you that Nietzsche won.

Remember what I’ve said when you’ve watched the commercials on TV and watch where the focus is and it will be almost 100% on the realization of self-will. Nietzsche leaves us then in a position where for example in the University setting about the only thing that we can appeal to in recommending our University is the degree of personal success, which you may have if you come and study with us. A few remarks may be made about community. Almost nothing will be said about family, but a lot will be said about individual creativity and capacity to exercise judgements that will be valued and people will pay you a lot of money to work for them.

So what we see in Nietzsche is a natural outworking of what we have come to know as modernism, which comes to stand for the rejection of the past as a guide to the present. Now once that is established that we got ride off the past, where modern philosophers try to regenerate morality not through the guides of the past but through internal truths that they can find by thinking...

And as Alister Mcentire has portrait so very well in his writings, especially in a book called “Whose justice and whose rationality” all of a sudden the basis of practical reason is shifted to the point that mere individual desire is a good enough reason for doing what you want. But that was not so, until the period comes and modern thought, where you have this artefact of the individual on their own...And then Nietzsche says, what about the earnest scholars, philosophers, scientist of the day?

And he says that these days the minds representing the aesthetic idea are they, scientists, writers, scholars, not monks and preachers, it’s not wholly books ... They are the ones, who deny themselves for the sake of truth, but these men too are a long way from being free spirits, because they still believe in truth. Interesting, but Nietzsche said they don’t actually act that way, because what they are pursuing is really their own self-will.

Well truth then becomes simply another passion. It too is no longer something that we could look at as something that comes out as a way of guiding ourselves, because it’s just an expression of our self-will.

And this I think is the deepest revelation of how thoroughly Nietzsche won the first round of this battle, between Christian teachings, Christ if you wish. I hope that you also realize that what Nietzsche came to criticize had very little to do with Christ, but at least it’s how it came to be represented. There was now no accessible body of moral knowledge, that currently factions in our culture. If someone wants to know many things in mathematics, history and so, you know where to send him,(to University)...But if someone wants to know how to be a good person, where do you send him? Would you send him to Stanford/University?...

This is where Nietzsche comes to stand in, because if there is not a universal body of moral knowledge, then all that is left is will, all that is left is impulse.

Now when I start to talk about Jesus Christ, I’d like to ask you to think about him as serious person in the area of information. That’s the burden of human life- to find an adequate basis of human action in knowledge. Now we accept that naturally in our courses, I hope we do, although I often cannot be too certain about that, because when I ask my students, do you believe what you wrote on the test, they laugh and say: “we are a culture where what is important is to know the right answers not necessarily to believe them...”.

So the heart of the issue between Nietzsche and Jesus Christ is truth and its relationship to human freedom, well-being and fulfilment...

But the reality of individual will, turns us back on ourselves and our will as the ultimate reality in our life. Freedom then means only freedom from...Descartes in his mind found that he is free from a World, but then how he gets to that World? And the declaration of freedom that we make in a mind that is closed off and lost in itself, is actually an imprisonment of a kind. And doing what we want is our only conception of human fulfilment and well being...

And here is how the prison works. Someone says – what shall I do? And we reply – do what you want. And the honest person says – I don’t know what I want. You see, that’s how Nietzsche and freedom traps us – as now we don’t know what we want. And in the structure, desire - as a reasonable capacity (for action), defaults into impulse. Because, as living beings, we have to act, and curiously enough we wind up in a world, where we desire, to desire. We have a Viagra societywhat is Viagra about? It is about desiring to desire. Earnest Barker, a well known political theorist of the last century has said, that “the core of democracy is choice, not something chosen”! You see that’s how the will turns back on itself.

Well representing a different tradition than the boxed mind, I read a word of a man called Teards Green who was writing at the end of the last century, he says “when we speak of freedom we should carefully consider what we mean by it. We mean by it a (positive) power in which each man exercises to the help and security given by its fellow men and which he in turn helps to secure from them...”. That’s an entirely different conception of freedom. That’s a freedom that is appropriate to a mind that has a World, that is open to the World.

And there is another tradition about the mind that existed long before the modern theory. It is represented, in the Old Testament and New Testament and St Augustine and so all the way up to the present. And God is always already there, that’s the basic Augustinian teaching about the nature of the mind.

The inner light, the inner teacher, is God and it is interacting with the mind and enables it to reach out to a World which God and not the mind created and to submit your will to reality through truth/(God).

And that is the tradition that has developed out of the ancient world and up into the present until the theory of mind according to which your mind actually gets into way of knowing the World and makes it impossible, according to some writers, to set aside the theory of truth, which makes freedom possible. Now you need more than truth for freedom – you need community.

So human fulfilment comes through community in which people trust in truth and the will is enabled to grow so that it takes in, but it is not a part of itself.

And if you think just for a moment of Jesus not as of kind of sanctified religious person, just think of him as somebody who knew what he is talking about, you might think that this was just true of him. And so he is here with his rural community of students or disciples, and is telling them now if you live in what I say, then you really are my apprentices and you will come to know the truth, about life and of course here we are talking about the kingdom of God, the reality of the World and what community is, and what love is – all of those things. And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

And go back and very simply think about freedom as the capacity to live fully in a World.

So let the winds of freedom blow, what does that mean? Give peace a chance? What’s that, right? I mean how do you do those things?

So now, this is the rematch between Jesus Christ and Nietzsche is in life. It’s in your life.

And you are the air of a Nietzschian culture, and I’m too...We are all in this, this is the world, we have a Niatzscian world. And the question is whether or not, you can find freedom in that world?

Now Jesus says – if you put my teachings into practise, then you will be my apprentices and I’ll be your teacher and you will come to know the truth about life and the World and in knowing that truth, you will find genuine fulfilment as the human beings, you are meant to be.

No-one has yet managed to find fulfilment in the way that Nietzsche recommended. Nietzsche himself did not find it. And I don’t say that to dump on Nietzsche. I’m very sympathetic on Nietzsche. In fact he is one of the people who brought me into philosophy. He didn’t know it...And it was because of the incisiveness with which he addressed real issues in life. And we need to be as incisive as he was. But we need not to be under the false assumptions of the nature of the mind and the will that he was on. And I believe, the way we can escape that is to take the teachings of Jesus about life and as critically, as sceptically as you wish – put them into practise and test them. That’s the only test. And if the test of life shows that actually Jesus wins the second round, then that’s no shame on Nietzsche, that’s our opportunity. All right, thank you very much.  

P.S. I would recommend that you listen also to the questions and answers part after the material, which on the video-lecture starts at 53:47.

P.S.2 ...right and wrong - heal the world...

Kind regards, Rosti..........

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Latin music mix – artists, lyrics

Latin music mix (click on the hyperlink and enjoy :)). I’ve just compiled some latin songs that might share or improve your mood :). And since in the very nature of lay democracy, diversity and transparency next I shall list the music mix/playlist with lyrics (English translation) and some information about the singer/s (all hyperlinked below).

Kind regards, Rosti

От килийните писма на Св. Тихон Воронежский

Светото Писание е слово Божие. То ти говори, както и на всеки човек. То ти е дадено за получаване на вечно спасение, поради което търси спасението си в Словото Божие – Свещеното Писание. Престани да любопитстваш какво се случва тук и там, а се постарай да разбереш какво се случва в душата ти с помоща на Божието слово, към каква окончателна цел си тръгнал – към погибел или към спасение, на какъв път се намираш, на пътят на праведните или нечестивите? 

В Светото Писание е представен превъзхождащият всяко описание Бог, така че да Го познаем доколкото Той ни е дарил да Го познаем; в Светото Писание е представена всесвятата воля на Бога, така че ние да я изпълним; в Светото Писание е описан вехтият и новият човек или умиращият и спасяващият се, показани са пътят водещ към спасението и пътят водещ към гибел. От Светото Писание ще видиш че трябва да срещнеш всеки човек след неговата смърт, във вечността.

Първото и най нужното дело за всеки християнин е постигането на вечно спасение. По време на нашето земно пребиваване са ни нужни дрехи, храна, питие, жилище и други, но спасението е най нужно от всичко – то ни е така нужно, че всичко временно в сравнение с него е нищо. Всичко има този, който е придобил спасение,нищо няма онзи, който не е придобил спасение, даже и целият свят да му принадлежи (Мт. 16,26).

 „Каква полза има човек ако придобие целият свят, но погуби душата си?”(Мт. 16,26). Единственото нужно нещо е спасението! Всичко веществено което имаме и придобиваме по време на земният си живот ще оставим в денят на смъртта си: ще го оставим на близките си, на приятелите си – богатството, почестите та дори и нашето тяло. Вечното спасение или гибел ще бъдат единственото наше достояние във вечността, където ще получат пълно развитие и ще ни доставят или нескончаемо блаженство или нескончаеми бедствия.

Нека главното дело и грижа за всеки християнин бъде делото по спасението и грижата за него. Който се отдаде на спасението с такъв сърдечен залог, ще се спаси, защото всесилният Бог ще му помогне да се спаси със своята благодат.

Увери се че Бог присъвства навсякъде и вижда всяка твоя помисъл и начинание, слуша всяко твое слово. Той подробно и точно вписва в Своята книга цялото ти поведение и ще ти го обяви в денят на твоят съд, на който ще бъдеш съден според поведението си. „Ще те изоблича – казва Той чрез пророка,- и пред лицето ти ще представя греховете ти” (Пс. 49,21). Пази това в паметта си и ще се обновяваш ежедневно. Ние имаме нужда да се принуждаваме да освояваме най осезателната и очевидна истина: ние сме отровени с грях; ние се намираме в състояние на пагубна самозаблуда и сме се отчуждили от спасителната истина.

Увери се че вечна мъка ще наследят нечестивите и непокаялите се грешници и че вечно блаженство ще постигнат праведниците и покаялите се грешници.

Можеш да бъдеш уверен че ще умреш, да непремено ще умреш. Виждаш ли как изнасят починалите твой братя из жилищата им – изнасят ги еднакво и от бедната им хижа и от богатият им палат, еднакво ги предават на земята? Това непремено ще последва и теб „от земята си дошъл и внея ще отидеш”! (Бит. 3,19). Всички мъртавци са оставили всичко което са имали, ще го оставиш и ти. Когато те (мъртавците) се доближили до часът на смъртта разбрали, че всичко на този свят е суета, суета на суетите в най дълбокото значение на тази дума. И ти ще разбереш това по необходимост, когато дойде смъртният ти час.

По добре да разбереш това навреме и съобразно това да коригираш свойте деиствия. Защото при идването на смъртта никой и нищо не може да ти помогне, нито близките ти, нито приятелите ти, нито високият ти чин или титла, нито множеството подчинени, нито пък голямото богатство. Смъртта е неомолима и неотразима. Не искат близките на умиращия да го пуснат, нито пък той иска да остави тях и земното, към което се е пристрастил и приобщил, но волята на смъртта е по могъща от неговата воля и усилия и волята и усилията на всички хора. Против своята воля и тази на близките си умиращият оставя всеки и всичко и против волята си се пренася във вечността. Сетни сълзи, сетни ридания, сетни вопли, сетни стонове и терзания! Така са умрели всички смъртници, така ще умреш и ти. При настъпването на смъртният час умиращият си спомня целият си протекъл живот; за него е готов нелицеприятен съд, който ще реши неговата участ във вечността; обхващат го страшен трепет и недоумение. Такова (вероятно) ще бъде и твоето положение, когато приключвайки земният си път ще стъпиш на границата отделяща временното от вечното, тленното от нетленното.  

 „Блажен умиращият за Господа” (Откр. 14,13): когато той при смъртта си остави всичко, тогава преизобилно ще се слее с Господа, източникът и съкровищникът на всички блага. И това ще стане защото по време на земният си път умиращият е оставял всичко за да придобие Господа. Угаждай на Бога отсега, както подчиненият угажда на владиката си, за да може при разделянето на душата от тялото, Той да те е признал за свой и да е прострял към тебе могъщата си десница, да е избавил душата ти от твойте врагове – демоните, който ще се устремят към теб за да те погубят в тъмнината на ада 

Възлюбени – непрестанно си припоняй, постоянно помни за часът на твоята смърт. Страшен е този час не само за грешниците, но и за светите люде. Последните са прекарали целият си живот в размишления за смъртта, като взорът им е бил вперен в хоризонта на вечността и необятните пространства започващи след него, както и са се обръщали към своята греховност, взирайки се в нея като в тъмна бездна – на съкрушеното им сърце от което изливали непрестанни топли молитви към Бога за помилването си.

Oбърни се от суетата и самозаблуждението, обърни се с лице към истината! Обърни се от греха и света към Бога! Обърни се от временното към вечното! Отхвърли всички пусти занимания и наслаждения, пристъпи към изпълнението на словото Божие, дръж се към това спасително и животворящо слово, то ще те просвети и ръководи към вечното блаженство. 

Разпознай и се убеди, че разкошът, пировете, увеселенията, игрите, разсеяният живот, с други думи всичко което може да се определи като светска суетност, която безпокой и разсейва човека, цялото му време и способностите на душата и тялото му, е нищо друго освен самозаблуждение и сатанински козни измислини и устроени да заблуждават хората. Ако не разбереш това от Божието слово своевременно, то ще го разбереш при настъпването на смъртният ти час. Който не изучава нещо, той го и не знае. Който знае малко за великото и не го изучава, той го счита за маловажно, малозначно и нощожно.

Не познават християните християнството заради това, че не го изучават; не обръщат никакво внимание на изкуплението и въплащаването в Бога- пренебрегват това велико Божие дело, поради факта че не се мислят и не се интересуват от своето спасение. Пренебрегвайки великите Божий дарове, те изцяло се предават на суетността, в която няма нищо съществено. Ще се разгори Божият гняв на такива християни! По лесно ще бъде на идолопоклониците и мохамеданите в денят на съдът Божий, отколкото на такива християни.

Ако искаш вечното спасение да бъде твое основно дело, в земният живот бъди като странник и пришелец.

Преди потопа хората яли, пили, женили се и богохулствали и всичките им помисли били устремени към задоволяване на плътските им страсти; внезапно дошла вода и ги погубила. Така и днес, хората ядат, пият, развличат се, женят се и богохулстват отдавайки се на своята суетност и разсеяност, без да обръщат внимание на Божийте дела и Неговият съд. И внезапно ще прозвучи архангелската тръба и ще обяви Съдията – станете мъртавци и идете на съд (Мт. 24).По воденето на такъв безбожен начин на светски живот можем да заключим че денят Господен наближава.

Не се заблуждавай от богопознанието и богопочитанието на съвременните християни, на езика на които е изказност по Бога, а в сърцето им безбожие. Показвай богопознание и богопочитание с твойте дела, а не с голи думи (2 Тим. 3 и др.) 

Светът не е тъждествен на плътската похот – и тя и гордостта житейска са неща заключени в сърцето. Трябва всичко това да бъде изгонено от сърцето, за да може то да се просвети. Защото светските страсти и духовното просвещение са противоположни. Трябва едното да отстъпи на другото и колкото повече отстъпват светските страсти, толкова повече се просвещава сърцето.

За познаването на Бога трябва откровение от Него. Словото Божие проповядва Бога, но без Бога познаването на Бога е невъзможно. Сляп и тъмен е нашият разум и се нуждае от просвещение от Онзи, Който преобръща мракът в светлина. Затова словото Божие трябва да се чете внимателно, но просвещението да се моли от Бога. Мракът трябва да бъде прогонен от свръхестествената светлина. Светото писание е светилник, но само откритото вътрешно око може да види светлината му. Слепият не вижда тази светлина, защото няма осветена сетивност: „Отвори очите ми, за да разбера чудесата на законът Ти” (Пс. 118,18).

Отреклите се от светските страсти даже и азбуката да не знаят, биват по-мъдри с Божието просвещение и се отличават от онези, които цялото Писание знаят но искат себе си да прославят. Светото Писание ни е дадено от Бога за наше спасение и слава на името на Бога, така и трябва да го четем и се поучаваме и разбираме. Защото когато го четем и тълкуваме за собствена слава, то не само няма да ни донесе полза, но ще бъде в наша вреда.

Всеки Божи дар се обръща протива нас, когато чрез него не славим името Божие, а търсим своя слава.

Разбери, Бога без Бога да познаеш не можеш и колкото повече Го опознаваш, толкова повече се смиряваш и се боиш от Него. 

Мисли и постоянно помни, че Бог е твоят Бог, Творец, Господ, Цар и Благодетел, въпреки че Той е Бог и на всички останали и въпреки че повелява на всички поравно да се подчиняват и творят благо – приемай че все едно тези повели късаят лично теб. Тогава с Неговата помощ ще се зароди ново движение и дух и колкото по-често се поучаваш от тях, толкова повече ще се доближаваш до Бога. Към това винаги е необходима и молитва, защото без общение с Бога познаването Му е невъзможно.

Безаконният и безотговорен начин на живот е занк на безбожие криещ се във вътрешността на сърцето – на такъв се казва „че в сърцето си няма Бога” (Пс. 13,1). 

Хората искащи да правят беззакония търсят скрити места – блудниците и крадците търсят ноща и мрака, лошите и подкупните правят делата си в тайна; лукавците, лицемерите и злбните таят злобата си вътре в себе си; и всички дела на злото се правит в мрак, като грехове на мрака.”Всеки който върши зло не обича светлината, защото тя го изобличава”(Ин. 3,20). Всички такива хора искат да се скрият, но се лъжат бедните. 

Който иска да приеме Христос в сърцето си, той трябва да се очисти с истинно покаяние. Чрез закона Божий да разбере своите грехове и чрез искрено покаяние да ги очисти в съкрушеното си сърце, като най вече проси очистване от Бога, с което при него ще дойде Христос и ще му даде мир и свобода, каквито светът не може да му даде... Нека се покаем и ние и да признаем че сме недостойни за нищо и Христос Бог, като човеколюбец ще ни удостой с милостта си. Той удостоява с благодатта си смирените и им помага.

Човешкото сърце е едно и когато търси временното, тогава то се отдалечава от вечното. А когато се обръща към вечното и се вглъбява в него, тогава забравя за временното. Двояка грижа за временното и вечното, двояка любов към временното и вечното в сърцето не може да има – непремено в него преобладава едно от двете или временното или вечното.

Смъртта невидимо следва човека. Там го постига, където той не е очаквал; тогава го постига когато не е очаквал; така го постига, както никога не е предполагал. Бъди всякога такъв, какъвто би искал да бъдеш при кончината си. 

Размишлявай за това и няма да пожелаеш нито чест, нито слава, нито богатство, нито пък някакви други преимущества и наслаждения на светския живот. Мисли че би могъл да умреш днес или утре и тогава всяка суета ще изчезне от сърцето ти. Какво са честта, славата, богатството и преимуществата за онзи, който се намира на смъртно легло? Предлагай му царство, планини от злато и той няма да им обърне никакво внимание. Едничка ще бъде мисълта му и грижата му, как да си отиде от земният живот със спасение и блаженство. Пази от сега такава настройка, тоест мисли за всеки ден като за последен в живота ти и очаквай че Господ ще те призове. При такава настройка нищо в светският живот няма да ти се стори привлекателно и ако задържиш това състояние до края, ще си отидеш благополучно.

Бидейки в земният живот не се сливай често с тъмнината на ада, за да не отидеш там вечно с душа и тяло.

Източник Св. Игнатий Брянчанинов, Отечник

Превод, Рости


Thursday, 19 January 2017 11:59


Hello, after a long break due to external to me things… I’ve decided to try to present an interactive article about Chatbots-software, artificial intelligence and their day to day use trough a set of compiled by me information. If you read and watch trough the videos it should become clear that more and more the bots and the AI enter our contemporary lives, as I just hope that it should not be misused...

Chatbot Wikipedia

Can a chatboat full a human:

2 Chatboats talk to each other

Microsoft about...

Real-time face Capture and Re-enactment

Kind regards, Rostislav Dinkov 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 10:23

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with from health, free will and money upwards…

Весела Коледа и Честита Нова Година с от здраве, свободна воля и пари нагоре...

Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta ja olkoon terveydestä, vapaasta tahdosta ja rahasta ylöspäin…


Kind regards, Rostislav Georgiev Dinnkov

Friday, 09 December 2016 08:24

Against his will

Yesterday (8.12.2016) Rostislav Georgiev Dinkov (270373-xxxx) was caught on the street of Helsinki and against his will was brought to the Aurora Hospital. He is being drugged without any explanation or reasons why he is there. No protocol or documents given for this act the institutions made against him. A free democratic society as Finland claim to be should know better.  

Marin Marinov

Saturday, 26 November 2016 09:53


Kind regards, Rosti(slav Georgiev Dinkov...)

Starting with interpretation of a quotation I recently heart (aiming meaning all the wayJ): “be critical(pessimistic?) of your (present) claims, but positive/optimistic of your will...”, I would dare bring to your attention the last paragraph of the very article above: “Like it or not, social media is here to stay. In giving rise to a giant, global pool of shared ideas, it could be the most important change in mass communication since Gutenberg’s bible. But if we don’t manage it properly, it could set us back centuries.” Then trying to give a dimension of my perception of the very last cited sentence I as well as  many much wiser and successful than me people (ex. want to bring to your attention the point that the process where the mankind could for the first time face something, Artificial Intelligence (AI), much smarter/effective by it, has quite probably started...Then not knowing the level of AI complexity of the very  algorithms cited above I would also presume... that their “intellectual...?” or human desired capabilities, could also be intentionally(ex. as part of hybrid warfare,  blind corporate interests....and so) or unintentionally (as part of the New World order...learning process) misused........?, in certain given circumstances even fatally “But if we don’t manage it properly, it could set us back centuries.”. Hoping to be creatively positive, as an awakening song it could be something like: ( = be pessimistic of your intellectualJ claims even as assumptions...). Yet aiming at the initially set optimism of the will (=positively creative vision) and following the content of the discussed article: “...We should proactively seek to influence cultural(societal/individual?, global/national?...aspects...) evolution, much as humans have always done with biological evolution (the second sentence of the second-last paragraph above...”, I would dare bring to your attention a small but very high-priced for me and my family example, of something that I call “online-democracy/awareness” in the case when the given institutional frame doesn’t work. Unfortunately and so far the most prominent outcome of “my” ( New Finns and Europeans initiative (, was really severe harassment and discrimination (see (if you wishJ) the P.S. of the previous link or point 3 of the following one: YET aiming at brighter presence and future the least I could do was to speak about it openly (ex. in Finnish language) which brief meaning-targeted good-will translation would be something like: as result of the information openly and legally published at , the Google search with the names of two of the individuals/professionals involved in the described above .........discriminatory-chain....., results with In Memoriam/Finnish version/( English translation) at the very top of their personal/professional online-feedback: and . And as a normal/crazy? badly discriminated person, I appeal to my online fellows on national and international levels, to civilizelly resist or at least speak about injustice and crime, hoping for brighter presence...and future...and including online and offline societies... . Kind regards, Rosti  

Sorosoid” (a person who likes George Soros...), Russophile, anti-American, Russophobe and so on. Those are stereotyping expressions used very much in the current Internet discussions. The stereotypes tend to frame one’s views towards the strongholds of the contemporary geopolitical tension-poles, which intentionally or unintentionally deepens those divisions... Yes in the social media there are all kinds of “antti…..” and “pro……..” profiles and groups including propaganda, manipulation and thralling (people who are willing/paid to support or manipulate views and discussions). Today the latter could quite likely be done also via artificial intelligence algorithms directly or as a part of the process..., but that’s rather the institutional/government/hackers level which also could be misused, yet it’s potential is not the goal of this article…in that lightJ). Instead as one of the ordinary folks I want to present the point of view on the subject (me, you and the big World around, stressing on meaning!). So as a crazy person or a real member of the New Finnish and European generation, I would have preferred that Europe stays united mitigating global-player and the East and the West (US-Russia) were in competitive collaboration not in new Cold or hybrid warfare, but the reality for both me and the big World around is what it is...... Hence taking the things as such, I mean the EU project in deep crisis, the East and the West in a state of new Cold/Hybrid Warfare and me so far suspected for some 7 mental illnesses (point 3 of the previous hyperlink), let me try to continue forward.

In the contemporary World we or many of us are constantly “bombarded” by enormous flow of information both at work as well as in our free time, which in general is rather good, but not always, especially in the briskly developing artificial intelligence challenge/opportunity age and the current Hybrid/Cold Warfare mess. Let’s take for instance Facebook, where there are all kinds of profiles, groups, discussions including their monitoring, good-will-hunt analyzing (includes the good side of CAT user-behavior-type algorithms) or manipulating if you wish.  Given all that, willingly or as a consequence of the mess, we the small people are often pushed in all kinds of stereotypes, such as the mentioned above, and the messy subdivision becomes even deeper, as often we are not allowed to be who really are or could really be. So again the way I am J let me express my views about Europe/EU, the US and Russia (which is not a try for comparison between them).

Starting from the latter in Facebook I saw a recommended group… by meaning “Friends who like Russian truth” which I joined only after publishing this article, but let me tell you something I like all kinds of universal truth including Russian.....(9.3.2021 - posted May 13 2019). For instance I admire Kolmogorov, Mendeleev, Bulgakov and many others, including many features of the Russian culture and its leadership the way I know them. Remember I prefer to concentrate on the positive! Hence if you ask me if President Putin is a prominent leader I will say YES, the rest will be written through the history! I just hope for brighter events on its pages! Yet there is no need to be claimed or stereotyped as Russophile in a negative way or what so ever. 

Then if you ask me about the US, its creative cultural diversity and its leadership, I will also say that from what I know I love many of its features and global services if you wish (ex. Amazon, Google_youtube, Yahoo, Microsoft, Linkedin, Facebook, Bluehost and so on…). I also like President Obama, his leadership and family…As a matter of fact I consider his election for the US Presidency as a milestone in the Global development! Again nothing is perfect, BUT in many regards the US is a kind of current global leader and at its positive side, we or many of us share that. For instance I admire the scientific articles of many “Americans” and US institutions, including books etc. I love many of the US movies, musicians, artists and other prominent figures, including George Soros, but again there is no need to be suspected… or stereotyped as “Sorosoid” in a negative way or what so ever.

Europe and “my EU” - to be honest I personally believe that the European project is one of the best things that Europe as Europe has done for a long time, BUT regrettably in many regards it crumbles and fails to deliver. At its best that crumbling could be a low inflection point of the process of European development, at its worst the beginning of the end…….....? Frankly in this case I would prefer that “this articleJ” would trigger a stereotyping chain and people will start using meaning expressions like “Europoid” and so in a naturally positive manner, but as you know I am the small crazy guy

A few days ago I shared my opinion about an article called ”Why Innovation matters in Politics and the Public Sector”, which is a good and interesting for me subject. I have no experience on government level and it would be easier to support my opinion using some professional articles that I pretty much agree with. For instance the hyperlinked above: “President Obama schools Silicon Valley CEO’s on why government is not like business”. Then again regarding technology in general I would dare stating an article named “Steven Hawkins, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates Warn About Artificial Intelligence” as well as the point that technology could potentially be misused by big corporations or even governments especially in the current Hybrid Warfare times or otherwise. That’s why I really hope that the mankind will have the wisdom and the choose really gifted leaders, who will have the crucially important vision of creating the New World order rules for good! So last, but not least I would dare to share one of my own articles called Something about the value of human life....

P.S. This public article of will be send to European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker and other EU officials as well as the cabinet of President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin. Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, the non EU countries and South America are not intentionally omitted from the text. Yet if for some reason the article is taken as propaganda, please consider it as propaganda for Globally-brighter presence and future.

P.S.2 (11.11.2020) - I still believe that the inferred above issues keep place in 2020 as well, as of course some later trends and developments, rearranged the players of global dominance... I mean for instance, that lately, we've been reading mostly news about the rivery between US and China and let's say even some disalaience between US and the EU... But, from my point of view the rise of China is the brighter side, because..."the advantage of being second is, that you should not turn your head back in order to see where you are".... For instance UEFA and MMA, are not one club or player competitions...but clusters of top clubs and fighters, which hardly would have kept their level alone, though there could be exceptions*** Referring to the latter, I sincerely wish that " the end of times, we do NOT have "trillions" of souls in a box, playing video games..." (from a recently listened lecture)...

Kind regards, Rosti .........

PS 19.2.2021 see...the videos in the FB wall...

Sunday, 16 October 2016 14:43


1)    Arithmetical introduction

That’s an equation in a sequence given as follows:  1+4=5; 2+5=12; 3+6=21; 8+11=?..., and I got it from a friend in Facebook (FB). Normally I do not pay attention to such questions, but this time I decided to answer. Before me there was a guy who has given 19, which is the direct answer of the visibly given 4th sum and why not could be accepted as a correct answer if you define that in the given raw only the first and the given fourth equation are arithmetically correct. But knowing my friend I guessed that he is asking more than that and  watching quickly trough the frame of given equations I noticed that you could get the result of the next equation as follows (starting from the second one): the sum of the result from the previous equation plus the left side of the current equation, so given the visibly given numbers we will have: 5+(2+5)=12; 12+(3+6)=21 and 21+(8+11)=40 and it could be accepted as an answer if you define that it’s obligatory to stay strictly and only within the frame of the visibly given equations. BUT as in real life the deeper truth usually lays between the rows and we collaboratively digged it out in brief international discussion. Hence following the above expressed simple arithmetical logic, what would happen if we take the invisible equations out of the initially given sequence after the 3rd one: 21+(4+7)=32; 32+(5+8)=45; 45+(6+9)=60; 60+(7+10)=77 and 77+(8+11)=96 and this according to me and the much wiser than me is the most sound answer for the whole given sequence (visible and invisible)! In addition it was interesting to me how different minds and cultures develop their answers. For instance still substituting with numbers you could develop the first visibly given four equations also as follows: 1*5=5; 2*6=12; 3*7=21 and 8*12=96 OR (1*4)+1=5; (2*5)+2=12; (3*6)+3=21 and (8*11)+8=96. Then for instance you could rewrite the latter like this: (1*(1+3)+1)=5; (2*(2+3)+2)=12;  (3*(3+3)+3)=21 and (8*(8+3)+8)=96 from where you could easily develop a general solution in the form (n*(n+3)+n)=Y or n*((n+3)+1)=Y, where “n” can be any positive number and given the conditions of the sequence for 27+30=? we will have 27*31=837.

2)      Geopolitical and local comparison

To be honest my deeper goal was not to play with numbers, but to try to compare the really volatile World we live in to it. Those of you, who have read something about my New Finns (and Europeans) initiative, know that I am for united Europe and here I want to hint towards some hidden information from my personal story within the context of the bigger geopolitical picture. Starting from the latter I am really worried about the current state of our European Union where growing radicalisation, “totalitarian populism” and extremist views become something like “new normal” and tear our peace and prospects for brighter future apart. In one of my previous articles I described our Union as compilation of independently working differences, which after the Brexit-referendum deepened even further. It might be wishful thinking, but I still hope that like the initially illogical sequence of equations above, in between the lines could be found a golden line, tolerating more cultural/national freedom if you wish, but aiming at a common universal solution, based on civilized methods and principles, which I believe is the genuine European way. Yes I understand the roots of the growing sentiment of “totalitarian-populism” as described above, but I personally don’t accept them and here through my personal story I shall try to dig out some of the severity of the problem on ground. According to the cited article “totalitarian populists” in Finland are estimated some 50% of the people, who in real life with or without political belonging are parents, leaders, doctors, clerks and so and they consciously or subconsciously apply their views and beliefs in their deeds. The same of course applies for the opposing “totalitarian populism” 50% (or other %) and their deeds. But it’s one thing to order manipulated truth (common for narcissists, dictators and populists) and quite different thing to oppose views and opinions in a constrictive argument, like the example above.

3)      More personal and local facts about harassment and discrimination cases........

In my personal case in 2014 I and the whole of my family were “smoked out (in Finnish savustettu)” by an order of narcissist and a system tolerating that. The latter though is completely incompatible with the current Finnish and European legal system and as a “crazy” person or a real member of the New Finnish and European generation, the least I could do is to speak openly about the problem and hopefully inflict or inspire change for better!? OR to be diagnosed with whatever madness is left (for now I’ve been suspected for paranoia, psychosis, schizophrenia, mania, bi polar disorder, schizoaffective disorder and paranoid schizophrenia...) as well as depression.

 In the spoken Finnish language there is a special expression for collective harassment (joukkokiusaaminen) which is the general case for “smoking someone out ”.  But according to the written Finnish and European law we usually speak about harassment, discrimination and or defamation which are all criminal acts yet if you make a Google search with the Finnish expressions “savustus työpaikalla” or “joukkokiusaaminen” you will find a lot of similar harassment and discrimination stories of native Finnish fellows, which remain as such, without legal consequences and that’s in full compliance with the growing sentiment of “totalitarian populism” applied. Furthermore often such cases remain unreported because of fear or desperation. In my case I’ve never so far mentioned about my former fiancée, exactly because of fear that she too might be punished further. So far our family was torn apart and the child we both wanted left unborn. For the protocol she in my best belief is the same as me, a member of the new Finnish generation (a Finnish citizen from East-European origin) who is successful on both national and international levels and my close friends and family know her, but some of them still ask why did we separate? Well because otherwise quite likely she would have been harassed further and all that is shameful for civilized EU democracy. So I would appeal to all of you, who still support or at least believe in universal human rights, to at least share this story.

So far I had 3 appeals for Police investigation in Finland and 1 in Bulgaria – all of them rejected with “no grounds for investigation”. But even if you accept or assume that I am crazy, why should so many other people state controversial statements about me including doctors, lawyers and official witnesses or what about the abundance of other similar local stories in the net? Next the chronology of my case:

- PARANOIA(2014):  in brief I was suspected for paranoia during the process of “smoke out” and you could read more about it here. The local general case for collective harassment at the workplace is when some or a group of people start stalking at you which is usually organized by the leadership and it may include claiming untrue things about you intriguing and so. In my case it included also manipulating medical statements...At the time I was the only Finn of foreign background at the department and lively defended my New Finns and Europeans views (I founded the website at the beginning of 2015);

- PSYCHOSIS(2014): that might have been the case towards the ending of the process of smoking me out when in 2014 some of my relatives came to take me to Bulgaria, here their notary certified statements. Yes I was really shocked, by seeing how my Kauppalehti bosses and working doctors were manipulating documents giving untrue and often mutually-exclusive statements in front of me and my fiancée freaking both of us out and I would not accuse her for separating and saving herself from this horror reality.

- SCHIZOPHRENIA(2014): following the facts given so far my relatives in Bulgaria insisted that I visit Bulgarian psychiatrist to whom I tried to explain this and quite likely they couldn’t believe it.?;

- MANIA(2015): well this is related to this BUT it’s consequences were that I was so severely drugged during that forced hospitalization, that I could barely breath at the end of it. Furthermore it is true that in this case I refused to be forced taking pills and kept locked, especially taking into account all the rest. The great difference is that the doctors involved still claim that I was in such state that I did not realize what happens and that I do not possibly remember about it. Well the sad truth is that I do, plus I also realized that I might suffer further severe damage for real. Yet I don’t accept it neither for me nor for the other similar stories from the Google searches above. Furthermore in the officially send statement of the Aurora Hospital B1 statement we read: “42 years old single man, who hasn’t have psychiatrist history in Finland” (well, how about Seppo Waltimo and the whole Paranoia, Psychosis and Schizophrenia cases and documents above?). For the protocol since 2000 I am living and medically insured only in Finland). Furthermore we read: “...Has been in psychiatric treatment in Bulgaria.....” – what happened in Bulgaria and how it happened is described above. And then if it’s true that I was in state of paranoia, psychosis or schizophrenia, why the lay-off contract signed by a madman should be legal?

- BI POLAR DISORDER (2015-16)- I guess that this is my latest diagnosis or suspected diagnosis, currently I am visiting “free-will” psychiatric consultations (if I do not attend them I shall pay penalty or who knows what else?), but I am not given any official epicrisis. Strangely when in July 2016 (that’s some 6 months after my forced “treatment”) I tried to ask a document from the “free-will” hospital, but yet again the doctor did not speak about what he sees (ex. my obvious health and condition) nor about 2014, BUT concentrated on how horrible was my condition during my forced 4-week stay in Aurora Hospital – and it really was, I was severely drugged plus I realized that what Tatu Kaskela and Seppo Waltimo...tried in 2014 can really happen and the officially written documents can claim whatever they need to... Which in my disparate case I could pretend “accepting”, BUT why then the documents brought by a second EU state, Bulgaria – written by doctors and witnesses, were or are not accepted (they were delivered to the Finnish Police)?

- SCHIZOAFFECTIVE DISORDER (2017) - that was my late doctors conclusion from the Aurora Hospital in Helsinki from 2017 and if you want to read more about the disorder its here, I will describe the case around my detention by the Police and transfer to the hospital. So once again I was stopped by the Finnish police close to the US Embassy in Helsinki and directed to the hospital. More precisely when walking on Itäinen Puistotie I noticed a stopped Police car at my right side, but continued walking down towards the often visited by me Cafe Ursula. So after a while after passing the Police car, it drove behind me two policemen, a man and a woman came behind me and said to raise my hands up, so I did after which one took my hands and the otherone emptied my pockets where there where my documents, money and personal belongings and put me to the back of the car...

 - PARANOID SCHIZOFRENIA (2018) - well that's my super new diagnosis from the bulgarian psychiatric hospital Georgy Stranski in Pleven. And again the general symptoms of the disease are here, and this time I was detained by the bulgarian Police in the early hours of 16 of July 2018, just before entering Dolny Dubnik on a walk from Pleven. In particular, in the late afternoon of the 15 of July after a long struggle to find my place in Pleven and Bulgaria I decided to travel first to Sofia and then abroad... So at around 19h I was at the bus station in Pleven, but it was already empty, so I went to the nearby railway station where I was told that the next train to Sofia is at 3 a.m. on after taking some snacks and water with me I decided first to have a walk to the grave of my father first, which is in Dolny Dubnik, that is on the railway to Sofia at a distance of some 15 km... Hence I started my walk at around 20h, passed through my uncle in Jasen and then in the early hours of the 16th of July I was stopped and then detained by a Police car of the Bulgarian Police, which by the way promised me that next day I will fly abroad...I am double citizen...BUT instead they drove me to the hospital...

- DEPRESSION (19.09.2019) - based on the 2014 events...

Please try to read deeply and to connect the dots of information logically like the set of equations above. About me I have my father dead, my family destroyed and my career damaged plus almost all the suspected, proven or all shall be proven mental illnesses... Do I understand it - painfully YES, do I accept it resolutely NO, neither for me nor for the abundance for the other similar to mine stories from the Google searches above. Hence the sad fact that written law and its appliance are to completely different things is my real bi polar disorder....

P.S. I posses a lot more material evidence about the harassment and discrimination against me and my family, which I hoped to present to the Finnish Police in the 3 times officially requested by me investigation, but it was blocked. Yet in Finland often is said maassa maan tavalla -“being in a country, one should behave in the local way” which is true, BUT as a madman (look above) or a real member of the New Finnish and European generation I want also to add myös ajassa ajan tavalla – “but also considering the norms of the time we live in” and as of today harassment, discrimination defamation and so are written crimes and they should be treated as such for True and New Finns alike. I want to stress on the latter because despite the severe price me and my family had to pay, still dares to speak about local old time taboos, for the very sake of the very Finnish and European democracy itself.

P.S.2  Miksi piti poistua Suomesta

P.S.3 Facing death made me appreciate truth even further...

P.S.4 What is success...


Kind regards, Rostislav Georgiev Dinkov   

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 17:56


Joukkokiusaaminen, savustus työpaikalla, henkinen väkivalta jne. Suomeksi netistä löytyy hyvinkin paljon tarinoita yllämainituista aiheista em.:……

Jotka nykylainsäädännön mukaan ovat suurimmalta osin joko häirintä, syrjintä tai kiusaamista ja näin ollen rikoksia. Liittyen niihin haluan tuoda esiin että mielestäni kyseessä on lähinnä järjestelmä-ongelma, joka toistuu, siitä jopa joskus puhutaan, mutta siihen ei pudota ja näin kirjattu laki ja todellisuus ovat kaksi eri asiaa. Suomessa usein sanotaan ”maassa maan tavalla”, mutta se mitä Uuden Sukupolven Suomalaisena haluan lisätä on myös ”ajassa ajan tavalla”. Siis liittyen jälkimmäiseen tapaukset, joissa joukkokiusaamisen tai työpaikka savustamisen tapaukset esiintyvät suoraan tai hiljaisesti hyväksyttyinä ovat pelkästään periaatteella ”maassa maan tavalla”, koska niin kuin mainitsin nykylainsäädännössä useimmiten kyseessä ovat lakirikoksia ja ”ajassa ajan tavalla” tarkoittaisi että niitä tuomitaan rikoksina. Näin tapahtuu harvoin ja se mielestäni on järjestelmän puute. Ehdotan joku lainsäädännön muutos tai järjestelmän muutos toimivampaan muotoon. Tässä myös konkreettisen ikävä esimerkkini nykytilanteesta:

Myös lisäisin että asiastani olen käynyt läpi melkein kokoinstituutio koneisto Suomessa mm.:

-          Etelä Suomen Aluehallinta virasto, tutkinnan tulokset ja niiden tulkinta parhaiten saadaan tästä: ;

-          Suomen Poliisi, tehty 2 tutkintapyyntöä, molemmat hylätyt, kolmas meneillään;

-          Yhdenvertaisuus ja tasa-arvovaltakunta - v 2014 heidän vastaus oli että eivät käsittele työpaikalla tapahtunut syrjintä …

-          Oikeusasiamies, ei puutunut asiaan.

Myös isäni takia yritin käynnistää tutkintaa myös toisessa EU valtiossa, Bulgariassa, josta tuodut tositteet ja todisteet Suomeen (toimitetut Suomen Poliisille). Siis nykyinen EU lainsäädäntö on sellainen että lähtökohtaisesti rikostutkinta tapahtuu tapahtumamaassa. Tapauksessani se on Suomi. Myös oma esimerkkini on pieni osa isommasta pimeästä kokonaisuudesta (ks. Googlen hakutulokset ylhäällä), josta moni sanoo: ”älä huolestu et ole ainoa tai Suomessa näin voi käydä” ja pitää myöntää että juuri sellainen hiljainen asian hyväksyminen huolestuttaa eniten ja toivon että tuellanne voimme avustaa muutosta parempaan.

Haluaisin myös korostaa että teen aloitteeni Vihreänä Uuden Sukupolven Suomalaisena ja Eurooppalaisena, jolla tavoitellen kokonaisyhteiskuntamme parantamista nykyaikaisemmaksi.


Ystävällisin terveisin, Rostislav Dinkov 

Hei, noin viikko sitten havaitsin lottokupongista että Lotto uudistuu ja se on kaikki mitä minulla on lähtötiedostona. Sen mukaan 27.11.2016 lähtien Lotto uudistuu niin että veikataan 7 päänumeroa 40:stä+1 lisänumero (27.11.2016 saakka ehdot ovat: 7 päänumeroa 39:stä+2 lisänumeroa). Mitä se tarkoittaa todennäköisyyslaskennan kautta? Aloittaen laskennallisesti vaikeammasta päästä ensiksi esitän taulukon, josta voit nähdä peräkkäisten lukujen todennäköisyys kuin puhutaan kaikista mahdollisista 40/7 kombinaatioista (vanhan 39/7 laskelman voitte nähdä tästä): 

Taulukko 1 peräkkäisyys 7/40



g (=n. elem.)

r (=n. elem. perm.)






















































































































































Siis todennäköisyys että valituissa 7:ssa päänumeroissa tulee vähintään 2 peräräkäistä lukua jaa korkeaksi 71,14% (rivien 2:15 todennäköisyys summat) tai vastaavasti todennäköisyys että valituissa luvuissa ei ole yhtään peräkkäistä lukua on 28,86% (rivi 1, jakauma 1+1+1+1+1+1+1). Siis yllä annetussa taulukossa ”jakauman” sarakkeella, 2 tarkoittaa yksi pari em. 5ja6, 3 on kolme peräräkäistä lukua em. 23ja24ja25 jne. Näin ollen kombinaatioita joissa on 4 peräräkäistä lukua (ja kolme ilman paria em. 3,4,5,6,21,29,33, rivi 7) on tasan 185 504 ja vastaavasti ne ovat n 1% kaikista kombinaatioista. Sitten laskennallisesti uudistuksen suurin muutos tulee siitä, että pääjoukko kasvaa 39:sta 40:ksi ja näin, kaikkien kombinaatioiden määrä kasvaa 15 380 937:sta 18 643 560:ksi, eli lisää tulee tasan 3 262 623 kombinaatiota. Myös lisänumeroksi valitaan vain 1 numero, joten katsotaan mitä se tarkoittaa eri voittoluokkien todennäköisyyksillä ennen uudistusta ja sen jälkeen. Kommentoin lyhyesti myös tuplausta, jolla voittosi kaksinkertaistuu tuplausnumeron osuessa omalle voittorivillesi. Tuplausnumero valitaan erikseen toisella riippumattomalla valinnalla, vanha 7/39 uusi 7/40, ja maksaa lisää. Huom tammikuussa 2018 tuplaus poistuu!

Taulukko 2 - ennen uudistusta













Kom (n;r)



Kom (N;n)














15 380 937,0

85 693 791,9









1 098 638,4

6 120 985,1









73 242,6

408 065,7









1 476,7

8 227,1






















































             1    15380937    

Ennen uudistusta meillä on viisi voittoluokkaa (sarake A), joiden voitto-todennäköisyydet ilman tuplausta on esitetty sarakkeessa E. Puhuen päävoitosta, josta varmaan suurin osaa ihmisistä ovat kiinnostuneet, meidän täytyy arvata oikein kombinaatio jossa on 7 numeroa 39:sta ja sen todennäköisyys on 0,00000006501(eli yksi noin 15,4 miljoonasta) pelaten yhdellä tavallisella rivillä, ja 0,00000001167 (noin yksi 85,7 miljoonasta) pelaten tuplauksella. Siis kärkisääntönä voidaan pitää että tuplauksen todennäköisyys on noin 82% matalampaa tavallista riviä! Sarakkeissa H ja I olen esittänyt voittoluokkien voittosuhdetta, joka on vaihtoehtoinen tapaa hahmottaa niiden laskennalliset voittomahdollisuudet. Siis voittosuhde kertoo voittomahdollisuus per yksi ja sitä voidaan laskea kahdella vaihtoehtoisella tavalla: 1) jakamalla kaikki kombinaatiot (sarake D) voittoluokan kombinaatioilla (sarake G) 2)tai käänteisesti jakamalla 1/voittoluokan vastaavalla todennäköisyydellä (sarake E tai vertailuksi F:)). Niille, jotka haluavat päästä itse taulukon tuloksiin ja ovat unohtaneet miten, ilmaisen asiat näin – taulukossa Komb.= kombinaatio jossa ”n” on valitut numerot (tai veikkauksen 7 oikea rivi :)), ”N” on pääjoukon, tässä tapauksessa 39 numeroa ja ”r” oikein arvatut numerot (tai vaikka oman rivin osumiemme :)).  Ja esimerkiksi päävoitosta ratkaisu Excelillä näyttäsi näin (englanninkielinen esimerkki) ja suomeksi:

 Kombinaatio(7;7)*Kombinaatio(32;0)/Kombinaatio(39;7)= 0,00000006501. Toisin sanoen:

  ((luokan voittokombinaatiot)*(luokan ei voittokombinaatiot))/(kaikki kombinaatiot)=voitto todennäköisyys. Tuplauksen osalta meidän täytyy kertoa jälkimmäinen tuloksen vielä tuplauksen kertoimella joka tässä on Kombinaatio(7;1)/Kombinaatio(39;1)=7/39. Vastaavasti riveillä 2:5 on esitetty muiden voittoluokkien todennäköisyydet.

Taulukko 3 uudistukseen jälkeen













Kom (n;r)

Kom (N-n;n-r)

Kom (N;n)














18 643 560,0

106 534 628,6









2 663 365,7

15 219 232,7









83 230,2

475 601,0









1 681,4

9 608,1






















3 tuplaus*










































            1    18643560    

Ja uudistuksen myötä, edellä kuvatulla laskutavalla, voidaan todeta että voittomahdollisuudet ovat laskeneet kaikissa vertailuvoittoluokissa, kuten suurin lasku on voittoluokalla 6+1 jopa -58,75% (ilman tuplausta) johtuen etupäässä siitä että nyt valitaan vain 1 lisänumero ja tietysti myös siitä että kaikkien kombinaatioiden määrä on lisääntynyt. Eli puhuen kaikista mahdollisista kombinaatioista (pelatut kerran), sellaisia kombinaatioita joissa uudistuksen jälkeen esiintyy 6+1 on vain 7 (ennen uudistusta olivat 14) ja niitä jaetaan 18,6 miljoonalla (15,4 sijasta). Laskimella jossa on kombinaatioita, normaalisti merkitty nCr, ratkaisu näyttäisi näin: (7C6*1C1*32C0)/(40C7)=0,0000003755 (tai toisin sanoen todennäköisyys on noin yksi 2,7 miljoonasta). Ja jälleen puhuen päävoitosta nyt voittomahdollisuus on laskenut 17,5%, johtuen kokonaiskombinaatiomäärän kasvusta ja on 0,00000005364 (eli noin yksi 18,6 miljoonasta) ja tuplattuvoittomahdollisuus on laskenut 19,56% ja uudistuksen jälkeen on 0,000000009387 (eli noin yksi 106,5 miljoonasta :)). Tuplauksesta mainitsisin vielä että sillä on erikoistapauksia, em. jos tuplausnumero samastuu lisänumeroon, tuplausta ei voi esiintyä 6 oikein (siis silloin jos esiintyy, se on ylemmässä 6+1 voittoluokassa) ja 7 oikein voittoluokissa, mutta silti kärkisääntönä voidaan pitää että tuplaus on nyt 82,5% epätodennäköisempää tavallista riviä (hinnan lisäksi).

Ja tietysti lopuksi uudistuksen paremmat uutiset, siis sen myötä hyvin todennäköisesti tulevaisuudessa jättipotit ja suuremmat voittoluokkien voitot tulevat kasvamaan, koska niitä voitetaan harvemmin (se riippuu myös Veikkauksen tuottoista ja jakotavasta). Uudistuksella tulee myös kaksi lisää voittoluokkaa 3+1 oikein ja tuplauksella 3 oikein, jolla lisätään pienempien luokkien voittotiheyttä. Myös katsoen kokonaisuutta (ilman tuplausta vertailukelpoisuuden vuoksi) uudistuksen jälkeen meillä on 375 880 voittokombinaatiota (Sarake G voittoluokkaan 3+1 saakka, jos niitä on pelattu kaikki kerran), joka suhteutettuna kaikkiin kombinaatioihin 18 643 560 antaa korkeampaa ”kumulatiivista voittomahdollisuutta” (375 880/18 643 560)=0,020161385 (noin 2%). Ennen uudistusta vastaava laskelma on 184 241 /15 380 937=0,01197853 (noin 1,2%). Jolloin toisin sanoen uudistuksen jälkeen suuremmat voittoluokat voitetaan harvemmin mutta suuremmilla voitoilla ja matalammat voittoluokat kumulatiivisesti useammin! Siis lukuun ottamatta minua Suomalainen voittaa aina!

P.S. Conditional probability of parity - Finnish lotto and Eurojackpot (reposted)

 Ystävällisin terveisin, Rostislav Dinkov


To be honest I’d have wished that this protest had no reason to happen, instead it turned to be one of the biggest local people gatherings in recent times, with attendance of up to 15 000 people. And as you can guess from the heading it came as a response to the rise of local far-right movements and the recent death of Jimi Karttunen 28, who passed away after an incident with a member of Suomen Vastarintaliike SVL (the Finnish Resistance Movement). And as it's said that a picture is worth “a thousand words” next I shall post several pictures from the event with brief comments.

At the beginning on the Kansalaistori (People’s square) there was a smaller counter protest and here one of its mottoes: "Fixit – independent Finland apart from the EU"


Then comes a rather symbolic picture of the main event where on the background we have the Finnish Parliament building and in front the main motto of the current protest “Game over – enough racism and fascism”:

Then some of the crowd:

And again some of the slogans – in front “stop the violence, the racism and the fascism” and on the second one “No to racism, No to fascism, no to nazis”:

Then the crowd proceeded via Mannerheimintie and Alexanderinkatu  to Senaatintori:

And then in front of the Helsinki Cathedral there was again a big gathering of people and civilized unity  speakers, including the former Finnish President Tarja Halonen:




P.S. I personally hope that the next major local gathering is not a protest, but rather a civilized-unity festival.  

Kind regards, Rosti 

Saturday, 03 September 2016 17:42

Google/netti ja oikeudenmukaisempaa yhteiskuntaa

Se ei paljon minua auta mutta silti, Uuden Sukupolven Suomalaisena uskon sen olevan pieni askel parempaan, silloin kuin instituutiot eivät toimi oikeudenmukaisesti. Muun muassa tänään havaitsin että kahdelta minuun ja perheelleni kohdistuneeseen rikoksen osalta, Tatu Kaskelan ja Seppo Waltimon, Googlen haussa tulee In memoriam (Suomi), heti heidän kuvan jälkeen. Siis vaikka nimellisesti ja erittäin korkealla henkilökohtaisella hinnalla, mielestäni hakutulos on osaa toimivaa digitaalista demokraattia johon melkein jokainen meistä voi tarvittaessa osallistua. Toivon että et tarvitse tai jos olet tarvinnut että oikeusjärjestelmä on tehnyt hommansa, mutta muuten jos sinulla on vastaavanlainen tapaus olkaa hyvää ja rohjetkaa puhumaan siitä tai muuten. Sillä hyödynnämme kaikki.

Ystävällisin terveisin, Rosti   

(for more see: In memoriam) and the search words New Finns ( rank at the top positions in most of the prime search engines in the World: (;; ; and so) and my father would be proud of that ............. That is despite the fact that after January 2016 I have not published a new article on the site and that’s for very clear reason............ Furthermore despite the severe setbacks for me and my family, the Brexit and the general crisis in the European Union, a few days ago I “googled” a small but bright ray of light and that’s that the idea of the new European generation lives on the ground beyond crisis and bureaucracy. For instance we have “in” the UK, “in” the Netherlands, “in” Poland, “in” Sweden, “in” Germany and probably many other throughout Europe. I personally was unaware of the existence of some of the other sites when creating , but according to me what’s interesting is the fact that most of the above are established outside of the strict political framework of the older local political elite as NGO’s or so. I just hope that despite the severe current crisis the old and the new Europeans will find their better way forward......


Kind regards, Rosti 

Monday, 18 January 2016 17:22

Open application (reposted)

Rostislav Dinkov                                                                                   Open Application

Helsinki                                                                                                  6.10. 2016

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Rostislav Dinkov an (used to be) expert in financial analysis and I wish to apply for relevant to my education- and work experience positions. Financial and accounting areas in which I have particular interest for example are IAS/IFRS standards and consolidated financial statements, plus of course my robust experience in financial analysis. Mergers and acquisitions is an area I have long wanted to develop and I believe that I have solid educational and professional background for that.

Currently I am eligible for enrolment in a F.E.C. (Further Educated with companies) programme at Aalto University in Helsinki. Besides some high quality finance and investment courses the programme includes about 6 months work in a relevant company. Thereof I could offer you my skills and labour in really lucrative for your firm terms. 

Given my educational and professional background I am really interested in working for you. I am an expert in finance and as such have more 6 years of relevant experience in: financial statement analysiscorporate accounting (FAS and IFRS)consolidated financial statements (in Finnish language)databases and database queries. During my diverse professional life I have also trained newcomers as well as collaborated to the work of the journalist team of Kauppalehti.  

My educational background includes a BBA and Master of Economics and I can read and write fluently in Finnish, English and Bulgarian, very well in Russian and have some basics in German language. I have also very good ICT knowledge, which develops continuously.

As a person well organized, sharp and creatively active and I perform equally well as both collaborative team-player and self-performer.  You are welcome to see more about me and my state of mind at my web page , from where you could also see my CV or even some pictures of me. 

During the whole length of the programme we could freely agree on how to work and advance at the best for you way.

Kind regards, Rosti 

Friday, 15 January 2016 16:06

Avoin hakemus (uusinta)

Haen analyyttistä kykyä ja asiantuntemusta ulkoisen laskentatoimeen ja/tai rahoitukseen liittyviin tehtäviin. Osa-alueita joista olen varsinaisesti kiinnostunut ovat konsernintilinpäätös (FAS/IFRS) mm konsollidoinnit, sisäisten katteiden eliminoinnit jne., sekä IAS/IFRS standardit ja sovellukset. Yritysjärjestellyt ovat osa-alue johon olen pitkään halunnut erikoistua ja uskon että minulla on siihen vahvat valmiudet. 

Hyvää päivää!

Olen hakeutumassa Aalto-yliopiston Rahoitus ja sijoitus F.E.C. -koulutusohjelmaan (F.E.C. = Further Educated with Companies). Ohjelmaan kuuluu tasokkaan koulutuksen lisäksi noin puolen vuoden työskentely valitussa kohdeyrityksessä. Näissä merkeissä voin tarjota osaamiseni ja työpanokseni yrityksellenne erittäin hyvin ehdoin

Koulutustaustastani ja aikaisemmasta työkokemuksestani johtuen olen erittäin kiinnostunut työskentelemään yrityksessänne. Olen rahoitusalan kokenut ammattilainen ja minulla on yli 6 vuoden kokemus rahoitusanalyysissaulkoisessa laskentaloimessa(FAS ja jossain määrin IFRS), konsernin tinapäätöksen laatimisessatietokantojen ylläpidossa ja poiminnoissa sekä muuta.   Monipuolisen työurani aikana olen lisäksi työskennellyt uusien analyytikoiden perehdyttäjänä, sekä Kauppalehden toimituksen avustajana. 

Koulutukseltani olen tradenomi ja KTM ja Suomen lisäksi osaan hyvin Englantia, Venäjää ja Bulgaria sekä Saksan perusteet. Minulla on myös hyvät ICT taidot jotka kehittyvät jatkuvasti. 

Henkilönä – olen aikaansaava, tarkka, aktiivinen ja huolellinen. Samalla olen luonnollinen tiiminpelaaja ja tulen hyvin toimeen erilaisten ihmisten kanssa, mutta työskentelen hyvin myös itsenäisesti. Lisää minusta ja arvomaailmastani voisitte saada kotisivultani , josta löytyvät myös minun CV ja vaikka valokuvia.

Ohjelman puitteissa voimme vapaasti sopia työtehtäväni sisällöstä lähtien tietysti yrityksenne tarpeista. Olen halukas, kyvykäs ja motivoitunut monenlaisiin työtehtäviin ja haluan oppia vielä uutta.

Ystävällisin terveisin, Rosti 

Sunday, 20 December 2015 15:38

Stop existing and start living....

There are better ways to........ ”pretend” than beautiful, but quite often empty wording- something like “.....stop existing and start living....” . Or said otherwise, if you count life by past by years, without sharing value with the Nature and other living creators......on your grave-stone well might be written “life that could well have been left unlived.....”........... Without judging, I may well call the latter, a nominal life, regardless of its year-length J.


Kind regards, Rosti .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

Saturday, 19 December 2015 16:01


.....the differences within and around us :)........including the beautifully versatile and mighty nature, here on the Earth and beyond, I mean the space...... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Kind regards, Rosti 

Monday, 14 December 2015 11:12

Merry Christmass..........  and the song :) 

Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas Lyrics

I'm driving home for christmas
Oh, I can't wait to see those faces
I'm driving home for christmas, yea
Well I'm moving down that line
And it's been so long
But I will be there
I sing this song
To pass the time away
Driving in my car
Driving home for christmas

It's gonna take some time
But I'll get there
Top to toe in tailbacks
Oh, I got red lights on the run
But soon there'll be a freeway
Get my feet on holy ground

So I sing for you
Though you can't hear me
When I get trough
And feel you near me
I am driving home for christmas
Driving home for christmas
With a thousand memories

I take look at the driver next to me
He's just the same
Just the same

Top to toe in tailbacks
Oh, I got red lights on the run
I'm driving home for christmas, yea
Get my feet on holy ground
So I sing for you
Though you can't hear me
When I get trough
And feel you near me
Driving in my car
Driving home for christmas
Driving home for christmas
With a thousand memories
Driving Home For Christmas lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Sunday, 13 December 2015 20:24

DOXA - did you know .....

(Source: Doxa's 125 anniversary jubilee catalogue) 


Well that's the watch in question ... and that's a jubilee watch ... Doxa Calex Anemone, I gave to a person I appreciate............

P.S. The source of the Chief Instructor's DOXA SUB 300T watch is the 125 Jubilee DOXA catalogue, which I got with the purchase of my new DOXAJ.............

Kind regards, Rosti .............

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 17:00

Sight 9.12.2015

Well today I had a medical check of my eyes     ........................, if you want check the Sbt.pdf attachment. 

Kind regards, Rosti ................

P.S. My correct phone number is +359896604085, as announced at the contact information :),(

P.S.2 If you want to see more about my sight …, click at the interactive Rosti J below (at PC and a phone the interactive pdf content will open slightly differently...) ... and then at your browser’s back button ... if you want to go back to the site  .....  

P.S.3 Crime/Rikosilmoitus .......

Kind regards, Rosti 

Monday, 30 November 2015 13:11

The 400+ euro phone-bill Finland-EU paid! 

"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"  

Kind regards ++++++, Rosti ......

Welcome to where time stands still
No one leaves and no one will
Moon is full, never seems to change
Just labeled mentally deranged
Dream the same thing every night
I see our freedom in my sight
No locked doors, No windows barred
No things to make my brain seem scarred

Sleep my friend and you will see
That dream is my reality
They keep me locked up in this cage
Can't they see it's why my brain says Rage

Sanitarium, leave me be
Sanitarium, just leave me alone

Build my fear of what's out there
Cannot breathe the open air
Whisper things into my brain
Assuring me that I'm insane
They think our heads are in their hands
But violent use brings violent plans
Keep him tied, it makes him well
He's getting better, can't you tell?

No more can they keep us in
Listen, damn it, we will win
They see it right, they see it well
But they think this saves us from our hell

Sanitarium, leave me be
Sanitarium, just leave me alone
Sanitarium, just leave me alone

Fear of living on
Natives getting restless now
Mutiny in the air
Got some death to do
Mirror stares back hard
Kill, it's such a friendly word
Seems the only way
For reaching out again
Friday, 27 November 2015 11:51

Allegro - Someone Else Lyrics

It's time to change,
there's no looking back,
I'm for real this time,
u gotta make a change...

Right now it’s time for action
addicted to making it happen
Flipping the scratch now picture that
oh they miss you mast u –u know they will
for this one crack sale
U can see me stranded in hell
landed in jail `
with my black mail in hail
got a deep concussion from busting no back stubbing hustlers
selling my drugs just to get my riches
as far is my vision I’m wishing I’d live my life a little different

People staring at the mirror facing someone else


others doing what they shouldn’t,
it was someone else
people’re lying cause they’re trying to be someone else
it is not you I see with that guy, must be someone else

Staring at the world through my rear view
got to keep an eye open searching for a clear view
I hear you screaming to god but he can’t hear you [x2]
you said he brought us this far look we’ve been through
you said he brought us this far look what we’ve been through