Wednesday, 16 September 2015 10:18

N1 in Google and Yandex

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Hello again, well don’t know how you will take it but a few days ago I personally was thrilled because of the fact that the search with key words new finns in Google resulted as follows:

We overtook Wikipedia for just 8 months (at least for a moment, as far as I understand the search order is adaptive to the openings/indexing of a site during some period of time) and that’s thanks to you all the people in Finland and over the World, who visit it. Once again I devote that to the legacy of our ancestors and the better day of our children and hope for your feedback and support in the process of establishing a working Union of people, institutions and nations. 

Also since some time the respective new finns key words search in Yandex (the Russian Google, if I can say so) results as follows:


Regarding that I would add that I personally very much want that the US, Europe and Russia, plus of course the rest of the World, find their common civilized way forward. Until now I have never mentioned something about the West-Russia tensions, but for me Russia is part of Europe, as well as a big global player and its isolation is bad for all of us. Just to point out that this is my opinion and I do not take a side, simply I do not see brighter future in conflicts and sanctions especially between great powers.  

Kind regards, Rosti 

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