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...an orthodox soul, along western dimenssion...

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1) Jesus to a Child

George Michael

“2) Kindness

3) In your eyes, I guess

You heard me cry

You smiled at me

Like Jesus to a child

4) I'm blessed

5) I know

6) Heaven sent, And Heaven stole

You smiled at me

Like Jesus to 7) a child

8) And what have I learned, From all this pain

9) I thought I'd never feel the same

About anyone

Or anything again

10) But now I know,When you find your love, 

11) When you know that it exists, Then the lover that you miss

Will come to you on those cold, cold nights

12) When you've been loved

13) When you know it holds such bliss

14) Then the lover that you kissed

Will comfort you 15) when there's no hope in sight

16) Sadness

17) In my eyes, No one guessed, Or no one tried

You smiled at me

Like Jesus to a child

Loveless and cold

18) With your last breath

You saved my soul

You smiled at me

Like Jesus to a child

And 19).20)***

PS … return to innocence … redefinition of truth … from 3 towards infinity …

Expressed by, 21)Rosti 22)........

Spiritual insight through Orthodox chants, a piece of the living spirit of ... monastery


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