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Creativity (out of the box...) – a conceptual dimension

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Hello, recently I discussed with a friend and our talk lead us to an event which happened while I was a student at the Academy of Economics D.A. Tsenov, Svishtov, Bulgaria. The precise year could have been 1996, but that’s irrelevant to the topic. Anyway we were attending a course of something like “national planning” and the auditorium was big and full, the name of the professor was Panaiotov, at that time he was already old, but still considered as one of the gurus of planning... During the lecture he draw at the blackboard a figure resembling rhombus (the shape of the figure is irrelevantJ) and said, imagine that within that figure you have all the knowledge of our time (it could be at any given point of timeJ), and outside it lays all the rest (“outside it” might be the Universe but is it limited or limitless goes beyond the scope of this topicJ) ... If it would be easier for you I’ll draw you a figure too:


Well then the professor asked an opened to all of us question – where does creativity lie? The audience got and kept quiet, but to me the answer was very clear and I almost immediately raised my hand (that was the way we were asking permission to speak at the time) and the professor let me speak. And my answer was if I try to visualise it with a line, it would start somewhere from within the rhombus, but will definitely go out of its borders. The professor smiled with deep look of approval, let me sit down and later on, released me of the theoretical exam, as well as put me the highest grade. But let me continue with a kind of verbal definition of my claim.  Try to imagine “all the knowledge of our time” as a limited series of dots within the rhombus, something like every dot corresponds to a given point of knowledge at given timeJ. Then if by definition you have all the (meaningful?) knowledge of our time, make all possible combinations of dots and you are supposed to exhaust the possibility of finding anything new from within the rhombus. Also note that the line of understandable creativity shall start somewhere from within the rhombus, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to understand it... In theory it would be also possible, to have a line of creativity/knowledge completely out of the rhombus, but since it’s outside of the definition of the knowledge of our time, our senses could not comprehend it...yet or ever...?.

P.S. If the subject was hard for people not used to theoretical “scienceJ”, let’s try to finish with a kind of funny simple example, which if faced in real life though, might have really sad and bad consequences...

Imagine a big firm of type “A”, where you have at least a pair of bosses called “the dis-proportionally small” and “the invisibly-big”. Well, even if you merge them they will still join in an almost empty set and some or many of the people they lead, will or may suffer badly and even unjustly from the characteristics of their lack of content ...........

So as a member of the new Finnish and European generation I appeal for your attention and support. Let’s try to leave to the future generations a better place to explore and create many, hopefully good things, we could not find or create in our time!

P.S.2 Beyond the horizon... (7.12.2019) 

Kind regards, Rostislav Dinkov

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