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Some thoughts about my EU.

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Hello again, because of the subject I shall write again in English. If you have already went through my web page, you probably understood or guessed , that I am firmly pro European and am proud to be “EU citizen” twice (see. my CV). But of course I also have my odds or vision about it, which expressed in a diplomatic way, differ slightly or substantially from what the EU looks like today. Regarding the latter and since I am not an authority I let myself borrow words said by the current President of the European Commission Jean Claude Junker at his inaugural speech for the presidency

.....“However, the crisis has taken its toll. More than 6 million people lost their job during the crisis. Youth unemployment has reached record highs. Several of our Member States are still far away from sustainable growth and adequate levels of investment. In many countries, trust in the European project is at a historic low.”.............

Just not to be criticized that I take only a desired paragraph of the text, I want to point out that I fully agree with Mr. Junker’s base-line, that regardless of the immense difficulties of the financial and related to it, economic and social crisis, Europe has remained as a whole Union for good and shall do its best to grow and develop that way. Saying that one must not forget that it was the old Europe that started both of the World Wars and there are less than 100 years since the second one finished! That must not be tripled and in that regard I really wish to our leaders divine inspiration in their vision to guide us much, much more wiser than so far! Lately in some or many regards our Union seems as compilation of independently working differences, which quite logically resulted in the mentioned by Mr. Junker historically low trust in the whole project.

I might be wrong, but speaking about the EU project, I could presume that it may have some conceptual flaws. I mean that said in simple but concrete words, currently it is based on roughly – common theoretical legislative framework which tries to guide the member states, common currency and I would state separately the common financial and budgetary policies monitored by the EU authorities. Well the common guidelines try to mingle all the members into that conceptual triangle of common currency, policies and norms, without taking into account the really great differences between the European nations, most of which have long history and traditions. Following that way of thoughts as well as the current news flow, it somehow feels that the project aims to turn the Spanish into ... Swedish, the Portuguese into Germans as I don’t even dare to mention Greece ... Well that will never happen or if it somehow does happen, it will be slow and painful process as it is now and the result is strong core of namely several economies ex. Germany, Sweden, UK and so and week periphery ex. Greece, Spain, Portugal and so on. Said in other words the strong and developed part of Europe gets even stronger and the weaker countries struggle to survive within pretty much the same triangle of norms, policies and legislation. According to me that’s not the best scenario, because it skips to take into account the great differences between the different nations.

Well, it’s easy to say, but I think that if the EU was established upon the conceptual framework of a confederation, giving more independence and freedom for the “locally best” it would have worked better and more competitively. As economic concept I see it closer to the concept of comparative advantage of Ricardo, where Greece produces olive oil, cheese.... satisfied tourists or whatever its naturally and traditionally best and is better tolerated for that, but I do not see well working a Porter’s – like competitive advantage concept as it seems to be now – for ex Germany and Greece, Sweden and Portugal or so, compete in many regards for similar or same markets under same conceptual triangles of policies and norms.... It quite obviously doesn’t work well for the separate countries, especially the weaker ones, nor for the EU as a whole.

P.S. It will be interesting to hear what you think about our Union, even if you don’t belong to it.

P.S.2(2018) is the EU worth or should we end it…

Kind regards, Rosti

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