The New Finnish and European generation equals unprejudiced creative difference!

Hello, my name is Rostislav Dinkov a Finnish and Bulgarian citizen, as well a member of the Finnish Green Party. In November 2013 I wrote a comment, "To my Finland with love, see attachment", where for the first time I expressed my idea of "a New Finnish and European generation” in written. Briefly its core equals productive and creative way of thinking, regardless of one’s origin, race, religion, accent or other secondary matter. Hence as a member of the New Finnish generation, I’d prefer that people like me are not treated as minority. Even if some practices have shown such trend, we are legitimate full members of our society, as we pay our taxes by the normal (not minority) tax rate, as well as when voting for Parliament or President we do it by our Finnish (not minority) passport. Please note that since the core of the idea is creative and productive way of thinking, every citizen is welcomed to join in, regardless of his or her origin or political belonging! After all, a man is not born left, right, centrist, or green, they are things that he is learning and choosing later on, either rationally or emotionally, therefore you are welcomed to join or support us just the way you are! Helsinki 5.1.2015

P.S. Despite the relatively high popularity (counted as site visits/openings) of the site (my pro European initiative) the fruits for me (look point 3) and my family so far were severe harassment and discrimination, due to which I had to eventually leave Finland

P.S.Even though I had to physically leave Finland is still visited and read. This by itself is an achievement as freedom of speech as well as a real struggle for equality and justice for all! And even though I could have never anticipated so severe treatment by the Finnish authorities, as far as I am capable I will continue to raise one more voice heard, read and thought, with the hope for better days for as many people as possible! 

P.S.3 (12.10.2019)  “Prohibition of murder, theft, and perjury are found in nearly every legal codeNotion of respect for once parents and admonitions against adultery are also implicit if not explicit in the quasi-legal realm of normative rules that order many societies. (Hence) few people, if any, will dispute that the 10 Commandments - and its parallels from other ancient cultures - as well as other directives contained in the Pentateuch of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, inform our notions of right and wrong and, as such, have influenced the development of (Western) law of which the American legal system is part” (Green, Steven K. “The Fount of Everything Just and Right? The Ten Commandments as a Source of American Law.” Journal of Law and Religion, vol. 14, no. 2, 1999, pp. 525–558. JSTOR, Published by: Cambridge University Press). ...right and wrong - heal the world...

P.S.Varma Kela legal appeal (in Finnish, 18.11.2019 - 21.2.2020)

Kind regards,