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Tuomiokirkko aurinkoisenakin päivänä

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The Holy Father, Son and Spirit...along the spirit of silence and the chant of the bells (Rila monastery, 22.9.2019)

In the heart of Helsinki stands a Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko), a prominent landmark of the city and pretty much of the Finnishness itself, as of course taking the positive legacy of a father (Nicholas I), and a son (Alexander Nikolaevich II). The Cathedral is protestant (Evangelical Lutheran) and was built as a tribute to Nichlas I, however it is Alexander Nikolaevich II whose monument is in front of it, who gave Finland greater autonomy (1863) and in a way an incremental step towards its independence (1917).

High in the Rila mountain, Bulgaria, throughout centuries stands the Rila monastery , spiritually founded by St. Ivan Rilski in the beginning of the 10th century, materially grounded/built around the beginning of the 14th century (a gradual process of ups and downs throughout its and of course the Bulgarian history and Orthodox Christian presence). In the monastery every morning the monks serve a liturgy (on the video a special лития service), where the name of the Bulgarian liberator Alexander Nikolaevich II is praised. As a pure coincidence with the original publication of the front picture, Alexander Nikolaevich II was assassinated in St. Petersburg on  March 13, 1881. However as a hearted member of the contemporary world and the new European generation, I strongly believe that it is his positive legacy of Christian and civilized spirit that matters most. After all it is the heart of the 10 Bible Commandments and Christian morals, that lay in the core of the constitutions and other legislation of the contemporary civilized world, far beyond Christianity see P.S.3. And it is YOU through your thoughts and deeds by soul, mind and action, who lives the legacy, wherever you might be.

P.S. Човек и добре да живее, умира и друг се ражда. Нека роденият по-късно, като гледа този надпис, да си спомня за оногова, който го е направил. А името на архонта е Омуртаг, кан сюбиги.

P.S.2 Almost simultaneously with the rediscovery (1858) of the inscription of the Bulgarian Khan Omurtag above (”Even if a man lives well, he dies and another one comes into existence...”),and the passing away (1881) of an Emperor, Alexander Nikolaevich II, a new city of St. Petersburg, Florida, US was born (early settlement 1875-1899) and that’s an example of the continuum of the Creator and the legacy of our ancestors...

P.S.3 (12.10.2019)  “Prohibition of murder, theft, and perjury are found in nearly every legal code. Notion of respect for once parents and admonitions against adultery are also implicit if not explicit in the quasi-legal realm of normative rules that order many societies. (Hence) few people, if any, will dispute that the 10 Commandments - and its parallels from other ancient culturesas well as other directives contained in the Pentateuch of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, inform our notions of right and wrong and, as such, have influenced the development of (Western) law of which the American legal system is part” (Green, Steven K. “The Fount of Everything Just and Right? The Ten Commandments as a Source of American Law.” Journal of Law and Religion, vol. 14, no. 2, 1999, pp. 525–558. JSTOR, Published by: Cambridge University Press).                                                                                                                

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