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Hit by car on a pedestrian road…(...Pleven, Bulgaria…)

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Hello again everybody, this time I will share with you a yesterday experience when I was hit by a car while crossing a pedestrian road (look the picture above) at around 10 a.m.

The main road, blvd Ruse is the street on the left, the secondary road, Neofit Rilski (marked with a triangle) is the one from the right, where the...worn but existing pedestrian road is located...I was crossing down (towards the triangle-sign) wearing black t-shirt, bermudi, rapsack and some four years old summer shoes, that for good, have already worn-out soles ( they slide easily onto the asphalt)...While crossing I was also eating local ...sandwich…(banitsa)...The...execution dark-blue car was present on Neofit Rilski (at the right) at the moment when I stepped on it, but it was stopped (in general along the pedestrians, it has to give road to the main blvd Ruse vehicles too, because of the triangle…)...

However, for some reason the car started moving and rapidly accelerating exactly when I was in front of it...I noticed it but thought that this is...the next local …. “hero” with the very evident for this town macho mentality...and to be honest did not expect that the car will hit me...BUT it did… The main first hit was down at the upper part of my calf, as it practically “chopped” me and I felt down on the front bonnet of the car hitting it with my right elbow...Then the car rapidly stopped and I stepped back on my legs in front of it (I had no visible injuries from it…)...I male from behind asked, are you OK, but my attention and really big...amazement was directed towards the car, whose driver turned to be a 50+ year old bulgarian woman, who came out and I asked - why did you do it??? She answered I did not see you...and it could have been worse...which is true...However I turned back and noticed at least 3 people behind who quite likely saw everything (probably some of the other people in the cars on the road too…)...I also asked the woman, shall we call the Police, she said nothing and after a while she got back in the car and continued her trip… I took her number and after...several attempts the case was reported to the Police, initially via 112...later on I was called by a Police clerk and re-explained the occasion...I was told that the authorities will take care  of the woman...I really hope so, because let me tell you something else. I shared my experience with several of my local friends and they, in a way accepted it as such...Furthermore they do not trust the Police… Look Bulgaria continuously has one of the highest death-tolls on the road and the reasons for that are according to me few major:

  • the local Balkan/macho (includes males and females…) mentality;
  • contemporarily the Bulgarian youngsters (already major players on the road) have one of the lowest educational levels in the OECD Pisa tests
  • the state of the general Bulgarian system...lack of trust in the authorities..., absence of working civil society, really law moral code...etc...

Look I personally believe that if this has happened in Finland, from the at least 3 present at the moment witnesses (excluding me and the driver…) at least two would have called the Police (working civil society…) and it on its turn, it would have acted briskly and accordingly (... the honour to be a Policeman/government clerk)... In Bulgaria it is the “so what” balkan mentality and...the grave-plates on the road…

P.S. For the foreign reader and generally speaking, it is also technically possible that I, the European and human rights promoter, was warned by an initially mild hit…In Bulgaria (...maybe other countries as well…) the dishonesty (...hits under the belt…) is considered as means of “success”...

P.S.2 Yesterday (27.8.2018) I called back the Police clerk, who called me after informing 112 on 25.8.2018 and despite the words of the woman from 112 - "that my case is accepted" and the words of the Policeman that "we will take care of the woman, who hit me", they did NOTHING, as now they say that I haven't made a written complaint... However once again I do it on the pages of (according to what I've been told it's not possible to make a complaint digitally...)... So mind yourself while in Bulgaria, I say it once again, the country has one of the highest death-tolls on the road... Also if taken to a local hospital you might be expected to bring your own sheets and food, as well as to pay for the medicine, despite the fact that you have European Health-insurance card - it's simply the same for the locals... So the best thing would be to contact the staff of your Embassy and to be taken to a private hospital... In 2009 if my local friends haven't contacted the Finnish Consul in Sofia, I would have been dead... Look it's something between the ignorance and the often incompetence of the local "so what" mentality, which could virtually kill you... Take care!

P.S. ... yesterday 6.2.2020 around 16:45h, on the pedestrian road (in front of the former sore Sliven ... above 50 m back from THIS picture) I had close to similar situation, luckily this time with no impact ... I called to 112 at 16:52h, yet ... Bulgaria’s road death toll in 2019 was higher than in 2018 – Interior Ministry

Kind regards, Rosti

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