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1)    Arithmetical introduction

That’s an equation in a sequence given as follows:  1+4=5; 2+5=12; 3+6=21; 8+11=?..., and I got it from a friend in Facebook (FB). Normally I do not pay attention to such questions, but this time I decided to answer. Before me there was a guy who has given 19, which is the direct answer of the visibly given 4th sum and why not could be accepted as a correct answer if you define that in the given raw only the first and the given fourth equation are arithmetically correct. But knowing my friend I guessed that he is asking more than that and  watching quickly trough the frame of given equations I noticed that you could get the result of the next equation as follows (starting from the second one): the sum of the result from the previous equation plus the left side of the current equation, so given the visibly given numbers we will have: 5+(2+5)=12; 12+(3+6)=21 and 21+(8+11)=40 and it could be accepted as an answer if you define that it’s obligatory to stay strictly and only within the frame of the visibly given equations. BUT as in real life the deeper truth usually lays between the rows and we collaboratively digged it out in brief international discussion. Hence following the above expressed simple arithmetical logic, what would happen if we take the invisible equations out of the initially given sequence after the 3rd one: 21+(4+7)=32; 32+(5+8)=45; 45+(6+9)=60; 60+(7+10)=77 and 77+(8+11)=96 and this according to me and the much wiser than me is the most sound answer for the whole given sequence (visible and invisible)! In addition it was interesting to me how different minds and cultures develop their answers. For instance still substituting with numbers you could develop the first visibly given four equations also as follows: 1*5=5; 2*6=12; 3*7=21 and 8*12=96 OR (1*4)+1=5; (2*5)+2=12; (3*6)+3=21 and (8*11)+8=96. Then for instance you could rewrite the latter like this: (1*(1+3)+1)=5; (2*(2+3)+2)=12;  (3*(3+3)+3)=21 and (8*(8+3)+8)=96 from where you could easily develop a general solution in the form (n*(n+3)+n)=Y or n*((n+3)+1)=Y, where “n” can be any positive number and given the conditions of the sequence for 27+30=? we will have 27*31=837.

2)      Geopolitical and local comparison

To be honest my deeper goal was not to play with numbers, but to try to compare the really volatile World we live in to it. Those of you, who have read something about my New Finns (and Europeans) initiative, know that I am for united Europe and here I want to hint towards some hidden information from my personal story within the context of the bigger geopolitical picture. Starting from the latter I am really worried about the current state of our European Union where growing radicalisation, “totalitarian populism” and extremist views become something like “new normal” and tear our peace and prospects for brighter future apart. In one of my previous articles I described our Union as compilation of independently working differences, which after the Brexit-referendum deepened even further. It might be wishful thinking, but I still hope that like the initially illogical sequence of equations above, in between the lines could be found a golden line, tolerating more cultural/national freedom if you wish, but aiming at a common universal solution, based on civilized methods and principles, which I believe is the genuine European way. Yes I understand the roots of the growing sentiment of “totalitarian-populism” as described above, but I personally don’t accept them and here through my personal story I shall try to dig out some of the severity of the problem on ground. According to the cited article “totalitarian populists” in Finland are estimated some 50% of the people, who in real life with or without political belonging are parents, leaders, doctors, clerks and so and they consciously or subconsciously apply their views and beliefs in their deeds. The same of course applies for the opposing “totalitarian populism” 50% (or other %) and their deeds. But it’s one thing to order manipulated truth (common for narcissists, dictators and populists) and quite different thing to oppose views and opinions in a constrictive argument, like the example above.

3)      More personal and local facts about harassment and discrimination cases........

In my personal case in 2014 I and the whole of my family were “smoked out (in Finnish savustettu)” by an order of narcissist and a system tolerating that. The latter though is completely incompatible with the current Finnish and European legal system and as a “crazy” person or a real member of the New Finnish and European generation, the least I could do is to speak openly about the problem and hopefully inflict or inspire change for better!? OR to be diagnosed with whatever madness is left (for now I’ve been suspected for paranoia, psychosis, schizophrenia, mania, bi polar disorder, schizoaffective disorder and paranoid schizophrenia...) as well as depression.

 In the spoken Finnish language there is a special expression for collective harassment (joukkokiusaaminen) which is the general case for “smoking someone out ”.  But according to the written Finnish and European law we usually speak about harassment, discrimination and or defamation which are all criminal acts yet if you make a Google search with the Finnish expressions “savustus työpaikalla” or “joukkokiusaaminen” you will find a lot of similar harassment and discrimination stories of native Finnish fellows, which remain as such, without legal consequences and that’s in full compliance with the growing sentiment of “totalitarian populism” applied. Furthermore often such cases remain unreported because of fear or desperation. In my case I’ve never so far mentioned about my former fiancée, exactly because of fear that she too might be punished further. So far our family was torn apart and the child we both wanted left unborn. For the protocol she in my best belief is the same as me, a member of the new Finnish generation (a Finnish citizen from East-European origin) who is successful on both national and international levels and my close friends and family know her, but some of them still ask why did we separate? Well because otherwise quite likely she would have been harassed further and all that is shameful for civilized EU democracy. So I would appeal to all of you, who still support or at least believe in universal human rights, to at least share this story.

So far I had 3 appeals for Police investigation in Finland and 1 in Bulgaria – all of them rejected with “no grounds for investigation”. But even if you accept or assume that I am crazy, why should so many other people state controversial statements about me including doctors, lawyers and official witnesses or what about the abundance of other similar local stories in the net? Next the chronology of my case:

- PARANOIA(2014):  in brief I was suspected for paranoia during the process of “smoke out” and you could read more about it here. The local general case for collective harassment at the workplace is when some or a group of people start stalking at you which is usually organized by the leadership and it may include claiming untrue things about you intriguing and so. In my case it included also manipulating medical statements...At the time I was the only Finn of foreign background at the department and lively defended my New Finns and Europeans views (I founded the website at the beginning of 2015);

- PSYCHOSIS(2014): that might have been the case towards the ending of the process of smoking me out when in 2014 some of my relatives came to take me to Bulgaria, here their notary certified statements. Yes I was really shocked, by seeing how my Kauppalehti bosses and working doctors were manipulating documents giving untrue and often mutually-exclusive statements in front of me and my fiancée freaking both of us out and I would not accuse her for separating and saving herself from this horror reality.

- SCHIZOPHRENIA(2014): following the facts given so far my relatives in Bulgaria insisted that I visit Bulgarian psychiatrist to whom I tried to explain this and quite likely they couldn’t believe it.?;

- MANIA(2015): well this is related to this BUT it’s consequences were that I was so severely drugged during that forced hospitalization, that I could barely breath at the end of it. Furthermore it is true that in this case I refused to be forced taking pills and kept locked, especially taking into account all the rest. The great difference is that the doctors involved still claim that I was in such state that I did not realize what happens and that I do not possibly remember about it. Well the sad truth is that I do, plus I also realized that I might suffer further severe damage for real. Yet I don’t accept it neither for me nor for the other similar stories from the Google searches above. Furthermore in the officially send statement of the Aurora Hospital B1 statement we read: “42 years old single man, who hasn’t have psychiatrist history in Finland” (well, how about Seppo Waltimo and the whole Paranoia, Psychosis and Schizophrenia cases and documents above?). For the protocol since 2000 I am living and medically insured only in Finland). Furthermore we read: “...Has been in psychiatric treatment in Bulgaria.....” – what happened in Bulgaria and how it happened is described above. And then if it’s true that I was in state of paranoia, psychosis or schizophrenia, why the lay-off contract signed by a madman should be legal?

- BI POLAR DISORDER (2015-16)- I guess that this is my latest diagnosis or suspected diagnosis, currently I am visiting “free-will” psychiatric consultations (if I do not attend them I shall pay penalty or who knows what else?), but I am not given any official epicrisis. Strangely when in July 2016 (that’s some 6 months after my forced “treatment”) I tried to ask a document from the “free-will” hospital, but yet again the doctor did not speak about what he sees (ex. my obvious health and condition) nor about 2014, BUT concentrated on how horrible was my condition during my forced 4-week stay in Aurora Hospital – and it really was, I was severely drugged plus I realized that what Tatu Kaskela and Seppo Waltimo...tried in 2014 can really happen and the officially written documents can claim whatever they need to... Which in my disparate case I could pretend “accepting”, BUT why then the documents brought by a second EU state, Bulgaria – written by doctors and witnesses, were or are not accepted (they were delivered to the Finnish Police)?

- SCHIZOAFFECTIVE DISORDER (2017) - that was my late doctors conclusion from the Aurora Hospital in Helsinki from 2017 and if you want to read more about the disorder its here, I will describe the case around my detention by the Police and transfer to the hospital. So once again I was stopped by the Finnish police close to the US Embassy in Helsinki and directed to the hospital. More precisely when walking on Itäinen Puistotie I noticed a stopped Police car at my right side, but continued walking down towards the often visited by me Cafe Ursula. So after a while after passing the Police car, it drove behind me two policemen, a man and a woman came behind me and said to raise my hands up, so I did after which one took my hands and the otherone emptied my pockets where there where my documents, money and personal belongings and put me to the back of the car...

 - PARANOID SCHIZOFRENIA (2018) - well that's my super new diagnosis from the bulgarian psychiatric hospital Georgy Stranski in Pleven. And again the general symptoms of the disease are here, and this time I was detained by the bulgarian Police in the early hours of 16 of July 2018, just before entering Dolny Dubnik on a walk from Pleven. In particular, in the late afternoon of the 15 of July after a long struggle to find my place in Pleven and Bulgaria I decided to travel first to Sofia and then abroad... So at around 19h I was at the bus station in Pleven, but it was already empty, so I went to the nearby railway station where I was told that the next train to Sofia is at 3 a.m. on after taking some snacks and water with me I decided first to have a walk to the grave of my father first, which is in Dolny Dubnik, that is on the railway to Sofia at a distance of some 15 km... Hence I started my walk at around 20h, passed through my uncle in Jasen and then in the early hours of the 16th of July I was stopped and then detained by a Police car of the Bulgarian Police, which by the way promised me that next day I will fly abroad...I am double citizen...BUT instead they drove me to the hospital...

- DEPRESSION (19.09.2019) - based on the 2014 events...

Please try to read deeply and to connect the dots of information logically like the set of equations above. About me I have my father dead, my family destroyed and my career damaged plus almost all the suspected, proven or all shall be proven mental illnesses... Do I understand it - painfully YES, do I accept it resolutely NO, neither for me nor for the abundance for the other similar to mine stories from the Google searches above. Hence the sad fact that written law and its appliance are to completely different things is my real bi polar disorder....

P.S. I posses a lot more material evidence about the harassment and discrimination against me and my family, which I hoped to present to the Finnish Police in the 3 times officially requested by me investigation, but it was blocked. Yet in Finland often is said maassa maan tavalla -“being in a country, one should behave in the local way” which is true, BUT as a madman (look above) or a real member of the New Finnish and European generation I want also to add myös ajassa ajan tavalla – “but also considering the norms of the time we live in” and as of today harassment, discrimination defamation and so are written crimes and they should be treated as such for True and New Finns alike. I want to stress on the latter because despite the severe price me and my family had to pay, still dares to speak about local old time taboos, for the very sake of the very Finnish and European democracy itself.

P.S.2  Miksi piti poistua Suomesta

P.S.3 Facing death made me appreciate truth even further...

P.S.4 What is success...


Kind regards, Rostislav Georgiev Dinkov   

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