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Hello, this time I am writing you from Bulgaria where I came because of my father – more about it you could read here: . I could not attend his funeral, but in gratitude towards his legacy I wrote the already mentioned article and write this and vigorously support – all of which I am sure my father would love. Well the sad reality is that we were badly discriminated, exactly because of the content of, but the creative way forward is to try to fix what’s fixable and to try to make the World a better place for as many of us as possible. Regarding that I am happy that I had the inspiration to create the site and my father as well as many other people new and know about it. When asked what is I often answer that for now it is an unsuccessful attempt for establishing a pro European identity, such that will appreciate the European nations and people equally in a creative for the whole EU manner, beyond blind prejudices and nationalism, populism, hate and so – all things that many of us regrettably face or see now days in the refugee crisis, the far right or left parties and movements and so. In my view and believe the latter are things that challenge our civilized presence and future and the best I can do is to challenge them back in a civilized manner as I hope for your support – you are welcome to send me your views, which I might publish or to give me your feedback about my site and articles. I believe that that way we could learn to grow and create together as people in a working Union. Nothing is or is expected to be perfect, rather our small steps towards a desired “right” direction could make the cumulative working difference of individuals, cultures and nations. It’s not a thing that could be ordered through directives and laws, yes they undoubtedly are a necessary legal frame for the whole, but the latter starts truly and productively working only when the way it’s organized inspires the people or at least wins their trust in a productive manner. In my article Some thoughts about my EU I mentioned that now days in many regards our EU looks as compilation of independently working differences, but hopes that this will change for better – for the legacy of ancestors and the future of our children and it’s up to us here and now! 

P.S. (2018) is the EU worth or should we end it...

Kind regards, Rosti 

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