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An interactive CV or cover letter concept

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Hello, here I made an English version of the interactive application concept, as I call it and would like to make something like discussion about it. How do you see it? What could be done better or created in different way and so. Well my idea is to present bigger amount of information, within half a page. The information in question is hyperlinked under the key words bellow, which in my view helps the reader to browse quickly through the application and to concentrate only on what he/she is interested in. Technically we, me and my IT specialist, did it by preloading the information on our server. But since I wanted that the application is easily readable through different browsers and mail protocols, we faced at least the following problems. First of course you have to have server to load the info. Then in order to be capable to open the hyperlinks directly from your mail it should be set to support html when editing the text – most but not all of the current mails do or can be set to do so. Then some of the mails open the hyperlinked information in a new window, others not – currently we set the new window option as a default via our server, but it seems that there is not standard for that. And last but not least the given below is the so called PC version of the interactive application, a mobile version should be developed further, but still I truly believe that my concept is a lot better than the old way, where you send the core text in your e-mail to which you have attached all kinds of files – Word, pdf, jpeg or so. Here you can do everything compactly in one stroke.

Looking forward to hearing your opinion about it.  

Kind regards, Rosti

Rostislav Dinkov                                                                                   Open Application

Helsinki                                                                                                    31.8. 2015

Puh. +359896604085

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My name is Rostislav Dinkov an expert in financial analysis and I wish to apply for relevant to my education- and work experience positions. Financial and accounting areas in which I have particular interest for example are IAS/IFRS standards and consolidated financial statements, plus of course my robust experience in financial analysis. Mergers and acquisitions is an area I have long wanted to develop and I believe that I have solid educational and professional background for that.

Currently I am eligible for enrolment in a F.E.C. (Further Educated with companies) programme at Aalto University in Helsinki. Besides some high quality finance and investment courses the programme includes about 6 months work in a relevant company. Thereof I could offer you my skills and labour in really lucrative for your firm terms. 

Given my educational and professional background I am really interested in working for you. I am an expert in finance and as such have more 6 years of relevant experience in: financial statement analysis, corporate accounting (FAS and IFRS) consolidated financial statements (in Finnish language), databases and database queries. During my diverse professional life I have also trained newcomers as well as collaborated to the work of the journalist team of Kauppalehti.  

My educational background includes a BBA and Master of Economics and I can read and write fluently in Finnish, English and Bulgarian, very well in Russian and have some basics in German language. I have also very good ICT knowledge, which develops continuously.

As a person well organized, sharp and creatively active and I perform equally well as both collaborative team-player and self-performer.  You are welcome to see more about me and my state of mind at my web page , from where you could also see my CV or even some pictures of me. 

During the whole length of the programme we could freely agree on how to work and advance at the best for you way.

In the coming weeks I will get again in touch with you in order to obtain your feedback, as of course I will be glad to hear from you at any time.

P.S. During the period 27.8-10.9.2015 I’ll be abroad, but still available to reach at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Kind regards

Rostislav Dinkov

Tel. +359896604085






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