Saturday, 03 October 2015 16:45

Antiracism protest or …?

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Hello, for today in Helsinki and some other places in Finland, was planned a big anti-racism protest … I accepted a Facebook invitation to visit the Helsinki part and so I did, for about 15 minutes... After that I just went away ... To be honest I have not much to say, except the fact that I have never in my life seen so much uniformed Police at one place... For me this is sad but true reality for a civilized state full member of the EU in 2015 ...

So as a member of the New Finnish and European Generation, heartedly hoping for a better place under the Sun, where the majority of the people would respect the civilized values and written laws without army-like Police presence, here I put the 5-days visits of , as I truly hope that it’s an increment towards some brighter days...


P.S. Just to note that the above “print screen” opening-pictures are based solely on “cookies” and the country-flags on the first one does not match on 100 % the list of the second one, for instance Japan, which might be due to difference in the time when the 2 pictures were taken...and/or something else? Nevertheless the “real-visits” of are more than the given by the “cookie-based” counter at the given frame of time...:) 

Kind regards, Rosti  

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