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The freedom of our choices ….

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Hello, we the people on this planet live in different cultures and societies having different degrees of freedom, in terms of the way they are ruled and organised for instance. In that regard some societies are considered as democracies, others as autocracies and so, but regardless of the ruling way (I do not underestimate the often great differences among the different systems, just do not aim to accent on them...), we are always set in some frame of rules and norms to obey, which in the more developed societies is closer to the “free will” of the majority of the people – that’s in my viewJ. Yet I’d like to provoke your creativityJ for a better place under the sun with some brilliant thoughts by a brilliant philosopher, Schopenhauer (1788-1860), regarding our free will:


"Let us imagine a man who, while standing on the street, would say to himself: "It is six o'clock in the evening, the work­ing day is over. Now I can go for a walk, or I can go to the club; I can also climb up the tower to see the sun set; I can go to the theatre; I can visit this friend or that one; indeed, I also can run out of the gate, into the wide world, and never return. All of this is strictly up to me, in this I have complete freedom. But still I shall do none of these things now, but with just as free a will I shall go home to my wife." This is exactly as if water spoke to itself: "I can make high waves (yes! in the sea during a storm), I can rush down hill (yes! in the river bed), I can plunge down foaming and gushing (yes! in the waterfall), I can rise freely as a stream of water into the air (yes! in the fountain), I can, finally, boil away and disappear (yes! at cer­tain temperature); but I am doing none of these things now, and am voluntarily remaining quiet and clear water in the re­flecting pond."


 (Source: Simon Blackburn “Think”, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-285425-9)


I wouldn’t object the choice of the “clear water” from the text above neither your whatever civilized one, yet as a person heartedly willing to make Finland,Bulgaria, Europe and the World (wow J) a truthfully better place, I would appeal for your creative difference in possibly all of the things that hinder our brighter day. And as of today they are a lot, such as the economic crisis, the refugee crisis or all kind of sadness and injustice some or many of us face in our daily lives and so. As I already said in my previous writings, I truly believe that in a contemporary civilized society, we the normal people shall stand behind our civilized rights even in the cases when they are subdued by injustice or simply by the powerful of the day ...Or said otherwise, the more we or some of us close our eyes in such unjust cases the worse the society we live in!


Correct me if I am wrong, but in the late decades of our global developmentJ there is a kind of tendency, where really bright, rich and powerful corporations start overlapping some of the functions of the state. Well it’s OK if it works well, just if that continues we shall not forget that regarding the society a civilized state and an entrepreneurship differ. The state has a wide range of social functions regarding all within given society, a corporation doesn’t (regard all)... And once again, I do not want to blame, but to provoke creativelyJ. So here my opinion about creative difference and why it cannot be repeated – simply because “it”J possesses the virtue of creating unique/new solutions most of the times it faces challenges or injustice and there is nothing to repeatJ(without crashing the patentJ). So please be responsibly creative for the local and global good if you wishJ and help us move ahead brightly ...


P.S. I received the book “Think” by, at the time, a really good friend ..., as a Christmas present. It was the only “material” present I got that year, but a really great one! 


P.S.2J Just to add briefly, this morning while waiting for the train I noticed a group of four young people waiting like me and after apologizing for my interruption I asked them as follows: how much is a square root of four? A girl from the group almost immediately answered 2, after her the boy next to her gave also 2, and then the left two girls confirmed the 2 as the answer. Then I claimed that it’s incomplete and tried to explain why – the simplest explanation is that both 2 and -2 raised to second power give 4 ... that’s why in the formulae of the square equation you have +/- in front of the square root ... otherwise you miss half of the solutionJ (if the discriminant b2-4ac is different from zero and the solution exists J). At the end I asked each one of the group about their rootsJ and all of them were from the EUJ... But here actually come at least 2 very important for us the EU citizens points – 1) we overlap insufficiently (I do not know how much is missing...) in our work as a union; 2) even a collective answer could be incomplete or wrong ...not mentioning the inquisition and Galileo ....


P.S.3 (25.11.2019) ...“To the (Jews) who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8 : 31-32)...


P.S.4 Nietzsche vs Jesus Christ


Kind regards, Rosti ...

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