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The thrulls, the small monkey and the world

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Well that’s an about storyJ - something like the Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry , but with quite real events and repercussions, from some of the reality around ... In that story Thrullandia is a prosperous young state in crisis and as of today, it could be described, as not so bright reflection of its better future J... The small monkey is something like glimpse of free-will blueJ, desperately trying to jump over or via...the heavy smog of uncritically accepted prejudices, nowdays settled throughout and beyond Thrullandia... And the world is the big stage outside the borders of Thrullandia, where the big brothers are setting the rules of the big game ...Ok as of today with the EU, the internet, the GPRS, the GPSGlonass...... Galileo and in general the new technological and global dimensions, that with the borders isn’t quite true – yet the truest of the thrulls have been trying to hold the small state back... But anyway, let’s move on with few true examples from around.

A few days ago the small monkey visited a famous and otherwise good restaurant called "Tankki" J, where most of both the staff and the clients were well diplomed/certified, educated or even talented. Anyway since during week-days at lunchtime the restaurant was functioning on a “Swedish-table basis”, the cash-desk was placed almost right at the entrance and the cashier was a nice and polite ladyJ. But earlier than her the small blue-lighted monkey spotted something else – a big menu list where if ordered (for many of the thrulls the strictly quantified order, was of great importance...sometimes even within 3 cm of space...) - the lunch options for the day were something like N1) Creative and cosy;N2) Fast and rast;N3) Stretched and hedged and N4)This way or the high way... After a small conversation with the cashier the small monkey chose creativity or (N1) – it just felt so close... Anyway all of the tables were well arranged and tasty on their own, including the N1, which content was mashed-potatoes, chopped strings of meat (it’s nice, also considered as part of the local delicacies), a big table of salads, bread, juice and some dessert – which was and is really great, BUT the previous time the small monkey had visited this place, was some 3 years ago and the menu was pretty similar, especially the mashed-potatoes and the meat strings – just the creative and cosy inscription (above the table as well) was missing.!? So while sitting and enjoying the meal, the small monkey started dancing – just to try to do something creative and different than before (3 yrs...). After all it(the monkey) was desperately trying to close the gap between the brighter future and its current foggy reflection, that thing has long ago happened in the big-brothers world outside... ...Anyway, when saw the monkey dancing some (the really educated) smiled, other (the diplomed the disproportionally small and the invisibly big, each of which about a half of an almost empty set...) watched with empty sight and others (the most truly-certified) got even angry to the small creature.! All in all they considered it as ...crazy or otherwise inferior ... Also at the last elections they convincingly voted Mr. Dracula the Parliament of Thrullandia and the fact was that HE and the monkey differed in at least a million ways..., even when looking through the otherwise beautiful cashier J............ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Then for the weekend the small monkey went to a famous and nice jazz-club with usually great live music, JUST this time following the light of the blue, the monkey felt like freestylerJ and did the show around it from a small cornered, but well-visible table as follows... Took a bottle of ambrosia J, opened its laptop, then youtube and continued forward, creating the value within and around, which wasn’t unnoticed by the crowd around and again 1)the really or naturally educated once smiled, 2)the diplomed once watched into emptiness and 3)the truly certified once got again irritated... Next a few examples following the presumed order know it’s something important for the thrulls....: a mature ladyJ from the group 1 approached the monkey and asked why it’s behaving so exceptionally happily, to what the monkey answered – "well if you can’t feel joy and happiness on your own, how you could share value with other people..."? The lady smiled approvingly and even borrowed it’s headphones for a while, which by itself made some members of the groups 2 and 3 reciprocally emptier and angrier...  

Then the happy blue-light was approached by one of the educated musicians and emptily asked: “are you recording... ¿J ¿J ¿,it’s forbidden - to which the monkey answered: “no, despite the fact that I have a lot of recordings, I rarely record emptiness”. Next came a lady who asked the visibly happy monkey “have you forgotten your pills?” (which is a typical question for the part of truly certified thrulls, not capable of even presuming the out of the box dimension) – to which the small monkey answered: “no, I changed them to ambrosia J”!

Anyway, as the time passed some of the energy of the bumpy ride of the small monkey jumped into the crowd - in a positive manner and the gap between our brighter future and its foggy present reflection got an increment narrower...........

Kind regards, Rosti.....

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