Thursday, 18 August 2016 16:06

Exactly a year since the funeral of my father

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(for more see: In memoriam) and the search words New Finns ( rank at the top positions in most of the prime search engines in the World: (;; ; and so) and my father would be proud of that ............. That is despite the fact that after January 2016 I have not published a new article on the site and that’s for very clear reason............ Furthermore despite the severe setbacks for me and my family, the Brexit and the general crisis in the European Union, a few days ago I “googled” a small but bright ray of light and that’s that the idea of the new European generation lives on the ground beyond crisis and bureaucracy. For instance we have “in” the UK, “in” the Netherlands, “in” Poland, “in” Sweden, “in” Germany and probably many other throughout Europe. I personally was unaware of the existence of some of the other sites when creating , but according to me what’s interesting is the fact that most of the above are established outside of the strict political framework of the older local political elite as NGO’s or so. I just hope that despite the severe current crisis the old and the new Europeans will find their better way forward......


Kind regards, Rosti 

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