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Some dimensions of the current geopolitical picture (me, you and the big World around)

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Sorosoid” (a person who likes George Soros...), Russophile, anti-American, Russophobe and so on. Those are stereotyping expressions used very much in the current Internet discussions. The stereotypes tend to frame one’s views towards the strongholds of the contemporary geopolitical tension-poles, which intentionally or unintentionally deepens those divisions... Yes in the social media there are all kinds of “antti…..” and “pro……..” profiles and groups including propaganda, manipulation and thralling (people who are willing/paid to support or manipulate views and discussions). Today the latter could quite likely be done also via artificial intelligence algorithms directly or as a part of the process..., but that’s rather the institutional/government/hackers level which also could be misused, yet it’s potential is not the goal of this article…in that lightJ). Instead as one of the ordinary folks I want to present the newfinns.com point of view on the subject (me, you and the big World around, stressing on meaning!). So as a crazy person or a real member of the New Finnish and European generation, I would have preferred that Europe stays united mitigating global-player and the East and the West (US-Russia) were in competitive collaboration not in new Cold or hybrid warfare, but the reality for both me and the big World around is what it is...... Hence taking the things as such, I mean the EU project in deep crisis, the East and the West in a state of new Cold/Hybrid Warfare and me so far suspected for some 7 mental illnesses (point 3 of the previous hyperlink), let me try to continue forward.

In the contemporary World we or many of us are constantly “bombarded” by enormous flow of information both at work as well as in our free time, which in general is rather good, but not always, especially in the briskly developing artificial intelligence challenge/opportunity age and the current Hybrid/Cold Warfare mess. Let’s take for instance Facebook, where there are all kinds of profiles, groups, discussions including their monitoring, good-will-hunt analyzing (includes the good side of CAT user-behavior-type algorithms) or manipulating if you wish.  Given all that, willingly or as a consequence of the mess, we the small people are often pushed in all kinds of stereotypes, such as the mentioned above, and the messy subdivision becomes even deeper, as often we are not allowed to be who really are or could really be. So again the way I am J let me express my views about Europe/EU, the US and Russia (which is not a try for comparison between them).

Starting from the latter in Facebook I saw a recommended group… by meaning “Friends who like Russian truth” which I joined only after publishing this article, but let me tell you something I like all kinds of universal truth including Russian.....(9.3.2021 - posted May 13 2019). For instance I admire Kolmogorov, Mendeleev, Bulgakov and many others, including many features of the Russian culture and its leadership the way I know them. Remember I prefer to concentrate on the positive! Hence if you ask me if President Putin is a prominent leader I will say YES, the rest will be written through the history! I just hope for brighter events on its pages! Yet there is no need to be claimed or stereotyped as Russophile in a negative way or what so ever. 

Then if you ask me about the US, its creative cultural diversity and its leadership, I will also say that from what I know I love many of its features and global services if you wish (ex. Amazon, Google_youtube, Yahoo, Microsoft, Linkedin, Facebook, Bluehost and so on…). I also like President Obama, his leadership and family…As a matter of fact I consider his election for the US Presidency as a milestone in the Global development! Again nothing is perfect, BUT in many regards the US is a kind of current global leader and at its positive side, we or many of us share that. For instance I admire the scientific articles of many “Americans” and US institutions, including books etc. I love many of the US movies, musicians, artists and other prominent figures, including George Soros, but again there is no need to be suspected… or stereotyped as “Sorosoid” in a negative way or what so ever.

Europe and “my EU” - to be honest I personally believe that the European project is one of the best things that Europe as Europe has done for a long time, BUT regrettably in many regards it crumbles and fails to deliver. At its best that crumbling could be a low inflection point of the process of European development, at its worst the beginning of the end…….....? Frankly in this case I would prefer that “this articleJ” would trigger a stereotyping chain and people will start using meaning expressions like “Europoid” and so in a naturally positive manner, but as you know I am the small crazy guy

A few days ago I shared my opinion about an article called ”Why Innovation matters in Politics and the Public Sector”, which is a good and interesting for me subject. I have no experience on government level and it would be easier to support my opinion using some professional articles that I pretty much agree with. For instance the hyperlinked above: “President Obama schools Silicon Valley CEO’s on why government is not like business”. Then again regarding technology in general I would dare stating an article named “Steven Hawkins, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates Warn About Artificial Intelligence” as well as the point that technology could potentially be misused by big corporations or even governments especially in the current Hybrid Warfare times or otherwise. That’s why I really hope that the mankind will have the wisdom and the chance...to choose really gifted leaders, who will have the crucially important vision of creating the New World order rules for good! So last, but not least I would dare to share one of my own articles called Something about the value of human life....

P.S. This public article of www.newfinns.com will be send to European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker and other EU officials as well as the cabinet of President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin. Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, the non EU countries and South America are not intentionally omitted from the text. Yet if for some reason the article is taken as propaganda, please consider it as propaganda for Globally-brighter presence and future.

P.S.2 (11.11.2020) - I still believe that the inferred above issues keep place in 2020 as well, as of course some later trends and developments, rearranged the players of global dominance... I mean for instance, that lately, we've been reading mostly news about the rivery between US and China and let's say even some disalaience between US and the EU... But, from my point of view the rise of China is the brighter side, because..."the advantage of being second is, that you should not turn your head back in order to see where you are".... For instance UEFA and MMA, are not one club or player competitions...but clusters of top clubs and fighters, which hardly would have kept their level alone, though there could be exceptions*** Referring to the latter, I sincerely wish that "...at the end of times, we do NOT have "trillions" of souls in a box, playing video games..." (from a recently listened lecture)...

Kind regards, Rosti .........

PS 19.2.2021 see...the videos in the FB wall...

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