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A comment towards... "Programming human beings to built a hate free Internet"...

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Starting with interpretation of a quotation I recently heart (aiming meaning all the wayJ): “be critical(pessimistic?) of your (present) claims, but positive/optimistic of your will...”, I would dare bring to your attention the last paragraph of the very article above: “Like it or not, social media is here to stay. In giving rise to a giant, global pool of shared ideas, it could be the most important change in mass communication since Gutenberg’s bible. But if we don’t manage it properly, it could set us back centuries.” Then trying to give a dimension of my perception of the very last cited sentence I as well as  many much wiser and successful than me people (ex. want to bring to your attention the point that the process where the mankind could for the first time face something, Artificial Intelligence (AI), much smarter/effective by it, has quite probably started...Then not knowing the level of AI complexity of the very  algorithms cited above I would also presume... that their “intellectual...?” or human desired capabilities, could also be intentionally(ex. as part of hybrid warfare,  blind corporate interests....and so) or unintentionally (as part of the New World order...learning process) misused........?, in certain given circumstances even fatally “But if we don’t manage it properly, it could set us back centuries.”. Hoping to be creatively positive, as an awakening song it could be something like: ( = be pessimistic of your intellectualJ claims even as assumptions...). Yet aiming at the initially set optimism of the will (=positively creative vision) and following the content of the discussed article: “...We should proactively seek to influence cultural(societal/individual?, global/national?...aspects...) evolution, much as humans have always done with biological evolution (the second sentence of the second-last paragraph above...”, I would dare bring to your attention a small but very high-priced for me and my family example, of something that I call “online-democracy/awareness” in the case when the given institutional frame doesn’t work. Unfortunately and so far the most prominent outcome of “my” ( New Finns and Europeans initiative (, was really severe harassment and discrimination (see (if you wishJ) the P.S. of the previous link or point 3 of the following one: YET aiming at brighter presence and future the least I could do was to speak about it openly (ex. in Finnish language) which brief meaning-targeted good-will translation would be something like: as result of the information openly and legally published at , the Google search with the names of two of the individuals/professionals involved in the described above .........discriminatory-chain....., results with In Memoriam/Finnish version/( English translation) at the very top of their personal/professional online-feedback: and . And as a normal/crazy? badly discriminated person, I appeal to my online fellows on national and international levels, to civilizelly resist or at least speak about injustice and crime, hoping for brighter presence...and future...and including online and offline societies... . Kind regards, Rosti  

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