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Love through sense of summer…

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Hello in my previous story laughing I’ve asked (in Finnish laughing) – have you ever thought how much truth there is in the lyrics of the songs, as I also referred that in the past the verbal communication and the folklore were the main means of transferring knowledge, wisdom, problems, dreams etc. between people and generations...Well despite that, the music vibrations often touch one of our prime life-senses the hearing, even without understanding the words of a foreign language...or simply by the virtue of music itself...laughing? Next I shall try to offer you a playlist named “love through sense of summer” which you might enjoy, I hope...? Also following the New Finns and Europeans cool aspiration for clarity, knowledge and transparency I shall list the songs with hyperlinks to their artists and lyrics through English, for those of you, who want to broaden their understanding with eyes in their brain-transformation-process as well laughing...:

Kind regards, Rosti......

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