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Local realities at the European backstage.

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Hello again, even though from the corner of Europe, as often the “native” Finns like to say, I again write to you in English by mind, soul and heart. If you’ve already went through my web page, you probably noticed that one of its goals is to promote my candidacy for the coming local Parliamentary elections (19.4.2015) as an independent candidate. Ok I am an official member of the Finnish Green Party and they were and are well aware of my aspiration, but despite the verbal support, for some or many reasons did not approve it which is OK. As far you and the rest of my supporters continue to grow and hopefully vote the change I steadfastly fight for – change for real!  Regarding the latter, some of my friends from Brussels say that my political platform is quite prominent and such that currently misses completely from the Finnish political stage... Well yes I would pretty much agree, despite the verbal support, in practice the state of mind I stand for is missing from almost all higher levels of the local society and again for some or many reasons...

Anyway in order to go forward as an independent candidate I need to gather the signatures of 100 Finnish citizens, who reside in Helsinki, it’s my voting region, but despite the good popularity of my site and my ideas, I face difficulties with getting the signatures for at least the following reasons:

-        -  many of the people who like my stand live outside Helsinki, which is natural and as such;

-         - many of the people, including my former colleagues, who in face to face conversation are pretty much on my side, are afraid to sign, probably fearing discrimination and job-loss ... the thing that happened to me... and that in my eyes is quite disturbing for a contemporary civilized European society. Discrimination and fear are NOT acceptable norms of my country and Union!

-        -  to my personal surprise, many of the foreign-background people I knew and know, have not applied or obtained Finnish citizenship even though in some cases they live here for more than 20 years. Well I tried to figure out what’s the reason for that and it came that in some cases the reason is mistrust that a local citizenship would give them any better chances for advance and integration within the society.... Strange, but sad but true and I hope that if not me, better minds beyond me shall change that and the sooner the better!

So once again, anyone regardless of race, complexion, accent or so – if you re creative and open-minded, please do join us and help the renewal of our society and Europe move a millimetre ahead.

P.S. Today 25.2.2015, for second time after my illegal lay off I went to eat at a restaurant situated at the building of my former employer, wearing the New Finnish and European Generation Motto-picture and I started discussing with some of my colleagues, as some of them are really interested in my renewal aspiration. Well so far so good, but after some time, at around 12:15h, obviously because of the complaint of somebody behind my back, I was asked by the staff of the restaurant to leave the place ... I disagreed and offered to call the Police, because the day before that I went throughout Stockman (a big prestigious Mall at the heart of Helsinki) wearing my New Finnish and European Generation t-shirt (it has the Motto-picture both in front and at the back), discussing with the staff and nobody made any complaint about that! Quite on the contrary, many of the workers and the public present at the time liked it ... in a Police investigation it could be seen via the security cameras. Also a few days ago I did the same, while waiting a friend at the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport as the Police was present and nobody made me any negative remark ...

So with sadness I shall admit that the behaviour of my former employer – as both my illegal and discriminatory lay-off and today are sad but true fact upon which I request a Police investigation. 

Kind regards, Rosti  

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