Hello my name is Rostislav Dinkov a Bulgarian-born Finnish and Bulgarian citizen, who strongly considers himself a part of the New Finnish and European Generation. In brief I am writing you in order to try to make my voice heard, because it again feels that the local news-flow is predominantly not so bright and I truly believe that my Finland is and deserves more.  

Because it is not easy to speak about some of the topics with own words, I prefer to give the direct links to some of the subjects that according to me aren’t in very positive light:


Soini jyrähti kritiikistä: "Unioni ei ole demokratia vaan byrokratia" (Timo Soini stated that ”the European Union is not a democracy but a burocracy)  Lauantai 16.11.2013 klo 11.35

Perussuomalaiset nousi kakkoseksi ohi kokoomuksen (The party of the True Finns rose to the second place, after National coalition party) 23.10.2013 11:12

Natsitervehdys eduskunnassa - Hirvisaaren vieras halusi tukea Halla-ahoa (nazi-greeting in the Finnish Parliament – a guest of Hirvisaari wanted to greet Halla-aho 2.10.2013 klo 19:01

Perussuomalaisten James Hirvisaari natsitervehdyskohusta: Ystäväni on superhumoristi (Regarding his nazi-greeting in the Finnish Parliament, James Hirvisaari says that his friend is a super humorist) 3.10.2013 klo 9:52

Hirvisaaren avustaja ehdottaa hihamerkkejä ulkomaalaisille (a personal advisor of the Finnish parliamentarian James Hirvisaari proposes that the foreigners are marked) 11.4.2012 klo 19.02

True Finns keep Europe on national agenda By Richard Milne in Helsinki  September 24, 2012 6:13 pm

Turvallisuusneuvoston jäsenyys jäi haaveeksi (for Finland the UN Security Council remained a dream) 19.10.2012 klo 03.22

The Rise of Right-wing Populism in Finland: The True Finns 08/2011

Hbl: USA:n suurlähettiläs kritisoi perussuomalaisten äänestäjiä (Hbl: the US Ambassador criticizes the voters of the True Finns) 19.6.2011 klo 09.31

I don’t know how it looks to you, but in my view, if an outside person reads even the headings of the articles, Finland might look as some really unpleasant and radical place, which I truly believe is not the case at all. As a foreign-born Finnish citizen, who came to Finland as an adult, finished a local high school in Finnish language and built a family and career here, I prefer to see the given articles as an expression of the Constitutionally given right of freedom of speech, as I deeply hope that my voice will be treated equally.

 I’ve been born in Bulgaria, where I completed my comprehensive, secondary and first university degrees and then at the age of 25 I came to Finland, where I studied more, developed professionally and grew up as a mature person. Now I am 40 and work as financial analyst at Kauppalehti (the leading financial media in Finland) - creating added value for my fellow citizens, paying taxes to my government and feeling myself as well integrated part of the Finnish and the European Union societies. In that light I dare to see myself as a part of the New Finnish and European Generation. The Generation, which prime feature is its positive and creative state of mind, that overtakes national boundaries and results in locally and even globally significant payoffs. A good example of the latter would in my view be the international success of Nokia, Rovio and Supercell. None of them would have been possible in a deeply self-centred and internally closed society in which the shadows of the past try to overshadow the light of the future. Quite on the contrary, I prefer to believe that I live in a small but innovatively forwarded nation, which manages to create and share value on both local and international levels. That’s how our affluent society has been built and is to be preserved and developed, by bridging the best of the past and the future, not by contradicting them.

And as my colleagues at Kauppalehti say, we in the affluent society go forward by working hard, but also by creating and having dreams. So as a foreign-born Finnish citizen one of my professional dreams is to be able to serve the innovating and brighter image of my Finland by working for a large international organization such as the European Union or the United Nations. And following the way of thoughts expressed so far I would dare to also show a small part of one of my UN job applications, which according to me complies well with the New Generation way of thinking:

“If I may, let me try to give a brief general outlook of some of the new and big challenges our globalizing World is facing. In 2011 for the first time our Earth’s population passed 7 billion people. In this World there are some great imbalances regarding age-structures, wealth, educational- and productivity distributions as this time some of the developed nations are also a concern. Many of the latter are aging and some, for instance Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are greatly indebted, which on its turn sets precondition for number of socio-economic problems. The situation in parts of Asia and Africa gives an even deeper concern regarding also humanitarian risks and resilience to disasters. When we take the natural hazards, rapid technological advances, political turmoil and the ever growing global-business interconnectedness, we get a really complex multi-dimensional “heat-map” with many critical points and often chained ramifications. Therefore the new scale and rules of our globalizing World give greater opportunities but also greater challenges requiring better planning and management on local, national and international levels, which I personally see as a deliberative process of individual contributions towards globally optimized payoffs, in both space and time. Hence in my belief we live in a World where creative difference and governance are needed and matter more than ever for our peaceful global future that as I understand it corresponds to the “wake up call” stated at the Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) 2013 and traces the way of building a better culture of prosperity and safety.

And good ideas and dreams need to be lived and worked out, which in a modern egalitarian society means also community support and collaboration. So I gratefully want to state that all of my bosses at Kauppalehti agreed to be my referees in my UN career aspirations. The latter according to me shows that the Finnish society is actually quite positive-mind tolerant, one where a hard-working person could study, develop and succeed on local and hopefully international level, regardless of origin, complexion or other external features. So I cannot cancel the articles mentioned above, but deeply hope that my small example shows that the coin has also a second side and truly believe that we Finns of all types and generations can coexist, cooperate and build a much brighter future.

P.S. I wrote this text in English, because I intend to send it also to the international media given in the articles above, Euro News and some of my international friends. I want to also point out that I am writing this text solely as a private person, yet to show that the content of my subject is really achieved shared value and deserved trust I will list the names of the people who agreed being my referees in my UN applications plus teachers from my both Universities as well as friends and colleagues, from whom you could get more information about me:


Occupation or profession



Juha-Petri Loimovuori

Senior Vice President, Kauppalehti Group;

Tel. +358 500 5XX XXX


Managing Director of Kauppalehti Ltd, Finland

Tel. +358 106 6XX XXX




Lauri Silvasti CPA

Lecturer – already in pension



University of Applied Sciences Haaga-Helia, Finland

tel (work) .+358 405 5XXXXX


Neyko Dimitrov

Senior Manager, Trade Finance Advisory, Corporate



and Investment Banking & Private Banking

Tel. + 359 887 7XX XXX


UniCredit Bulbank AD, Bulgaria




Tel. +358 X XXXX XXX




Tatu Kaskela

Business Manager of Balance Consulting



Kauppalehti Ltd/Alma Media Corporation, Finland

Tel. +358 10 6XX XXX


Otto Mattsson

Director of Business Information Services



Kauppalehti Ltd. / Alma Media Corporation, Finland

Tel. +358 40 02XXXXX


Prof. Atanas Damyanov

Professor of Economics,



Head of Department "International Economic Relations"

Tel. +359 631 XX XXX


Academy of Economics "D.A. Tsenov", Svishtov, Bulgaria


Prof. Tarmo Pukkila

Professor of Statistics - already in pension, Finland



Tel. +358 405 5XX XXX









Please note my exclusive request that the names and the contacts of my referees remain confidential! (This appeal was present at the original letter given to then Prime Minister of Finland Jyrki Katainen in February 2014). 

Kind regards,

Rostislav Dinkov