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Sunday, 22 November 2015 19:55

Religion of peace

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What do you believe and why do you believe it? Those are good questions that everyone should ask himself. The second part – Why do you believe it, is very important, because BELIEFS MATTER. Beliefs form ACTIONS and actions have CONSEQUENCES. If only beliefs lived in a vacuum and couldn’t affect actions, but unfortunately, beliefs are brain states that do affect actions. What could happen if you believe one thing for bad reasons?

The neuroscientist Sam Harris spoke about the Muslim beliefs in the following way: “It is wise to differentiate specific religious believes. Religion is nearly useless term. It’s a term like sports. There are sports as badminton and there are sports like Thai boxing, and they have almost nothing in common apart from breathing. There are sports that are just synonymous with the risk of physical injury, violence or even death. If you get injured playing badminton - you will be just embarrassed. There is a religion of peace in this world, BUT IT IS NOT ISLAM. To call Islam a religion of peace, as we hear ceaselessly reiterated, is completely delusional. Now, Jainism actually is a religion of peace. The core principle of Jainism is non-violence. Gandhi, for example, got his non-violence from the Jains. The crazier you get as a Jain, the less we have to worry about you. Jain extremists are actually paralyzed by their pacifism. Jain extremists can't take their eyes off the ground when they walk, less they step on an ant. They filter every sip of water through cheesecloth, less they swallow and thereby kill a bug. Needless to say they are vegetarian. So the problem is not the religious extremism, because extremism is not a problem if your CORE BELIEFS are truly non-violent. The problem is not also fundamentalism. These terms (extremism, fundamentalism) are all euphemisms. The problems with the Islamic fundamentalism are the FUNDAMENTALS OF ISLAM.”

If you see something that need to be addressed or criticized do not stay silent! And when it comes to the conversations about what Muslims believe, many of them simply cannot tell the difference between “you attacked my beliefs” and “you attacked me, personally” – because these beliefs define who they are.
I do not want to paint with the big brush. Not every Muslim wants to kill apostates, behead non-believers and suppress the women, but you do not hear so called moderate Muslim to speak otherwise. At least I did not saw or heard a Muslim openly to criticize the Quran. Even the moderate Muslims believe in the same book that warrants subjugation of women, killing apostates and non-believers.

Muslim friends, if you want to be accepted as a peaceful and decent persons, please openly criticize or speak about what is wrong with your religion! By the words of Christopher Hitchens – “Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. The grave will supply plenty of time for silence.”

Marin Marinov

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