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Monday, 26 October 2015 19:40

Something more about the discrimination against me and my family, with some real names and...

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... few facts, which should be cleared out in an official Police investigation – for now I Rostislav Georgiev Dinkov have requested a police investigation twice from the Finnish Police and once from both the Bulgarian Police and Regional Court of Pleven, where is my Bulgarian residence.

Appeal for official Police investigation

In brief I was several times threatened by my boss Tatu Kaskela that they... (Alma Media ...the Finnish system...or?), will prove me crazy initially at the end of 2012. Back then I did not pay much attention, because to a normal person living in a democratic state, that sounded really ridiculous. Then the threats were repeated in the spring of 2013 as my boss Tatu Kaskela invited me for a closed talk in a small room and directly “asked me” if I do not want painkillers for my wrist? Well in 2009 I was involved in a severe car crash from which I barely survived after 5 major operations – 3 laparotomia to my stomach (this is something like full dissection of the stomach), here a picture after the second operation, a major operation to my left wrist which was badly damaged and incapable to move and then an operation to my left knee which front ligament was damaged since 2003 and took more blows from the car crash plus additional damage of the cartilage in 2011. Well my employer (Kauppalehti/ Alma Media) knew all about that, as I want to point out that most of my colleagues were very patient after the crash and according to me all that happened in 2012-2014 is deeply regrettable.

Anyway the regrettable facts are that about a month after my meeting with then the Finnish Prime Minister, Mr. Jyrki Katainen (we met at the beginning of February 2014 as then I gave him the written by me article “To my Finland with love” ...) I was advised by Tatu Kaskela, to book time to my employers doctor Seppo Salonen at Suomen Terveystalo and part of the destructively regrettable chain of events is described here ... In Memoriam ... “plus” my family in Finland was broken and my career as a financial analyst badly damaged ...

You know I really feel a moral obligation to speak and seek justice about all that, not only for the legacy of my father and family, BUT also because of you dear reader, I wish to no-one such a horror scenario... Above all in the European Union, to which both Finland and Bulgaria are full members the law and the civilized order should be a norm of conduct and behaviour, not a break-away privilege for the powerful of the day – that was in the middle ages ... and other dark pages of the human history, just let it be history!

So in addition to the facts published at, for instance “Our EU ...” ... or J “An example for creative difference” I possess a lot of other information related to the harassment, severe defamation and discrimination that I and my family or what is left from it... endured. Before the so long hoped and already officially asked Police Investigation, here I list some names, directly or indirectly involved (for instance material witnesses) with the crime:

1)      In Finland: Tatu Kaskela, Otto Mattsson, Heini Heikkilä, Mirjam Louhekari, Larisa Gryadunova, Kimmo Marjamäki, Riitta Roto (lives in Belgium), D-r. Seppo Salonen,D-r Seppo Waltimo, lawyer Tero Peltonen, Dobromir  Doraliyski, Marin Marinov, Katya Vassileva, Virginia Mercouri (left Finland), Lazarina Valcheva (currently in Bulgaria) and others;

2)      In Bulgaria: Neli Hristova, Ognyan Yotov, Nikolay Nankov, Neyko Dimitrov, Marin Peev, Poli Kkalchishkova, Maia Mateva, Iordan Denkov, D-r Diana Burkashka, D-r Gaidarova and others.

P.S. A copy of this letter is to be digitally sent to the Finnish Police, the Bulgarian Police and the Bulgarian regional Court of Pleven, as well as to those of the above to whom I posses an e-mail. 

P.S.2You may have ask yourself way I was threatened and badly mistreated – well I may have some idea, but let it be cleared legally and officially... Some of my Kauppalehti colleagues say: “don’t worry, you are not the only one treated that way...”. But you know, that worries me much, much more, especially after the fact that Finland has one of the highest rates of suicides in the World - very often a father or a mother kills the whole family ...I know about 7 such cases during the last 3 years. That’s really sad and wrong and it must change for better!

Kind regards, Rosti ......................................

In memoriam (English)

27+30=837 ...look point 3)

...right and wrong - heal the world...


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