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Sunday, 22 December 2019 06:44

...right and wrong - heal the world...

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 “Prohibition of murder, theft, and perjury are found in nearly every legal code. Notion of respect for once parents and admonitions against adultery are also implicit if not explicit in the quasi-legal realm of normative rules that order many societies. (Hence) few people, if any, will dispute that the 10 Commandments - and its parallels from other ancient cultures - as well as other directives contained in the Pentateuch of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, inform our notions of right and wrong and, as such, have influenced the development of (Western) law of which the American ... legal system ... is part” (Green, Steven K. “The Fount of Everything Just and Right? The Ten Commandments as a Source of American Law.” Journal of Law and Religion, vol. 14, no. 2, 1999, pp. 525–558. JSTOR, Published by: Cambridge University Press).     



When you are old enough to read these words

Their meaning will unfold

These words are all that's left

And though we've never met, my only son

I hope you know

That I would have been there to watch you grow

But my call was heard and I did go

Now your mission lies ahead of you

As it did mine so long ago

To help the helpless ones  who all look up to You

And to defend them to the end


Ride like the wind

Fight proud, my son

You're the defender

God has sent

Father, father, father...

I look up to you and heed thy call

This letter ends my search

I'll live your dream  now…passed on to me
And I now wait to shake the hand of fate
Like the dusk awaiting dawn
So wizards cast your spell
With no heart to do me well
So it is written, it shall be
Ride like the wind
Fight proud, my son
You're the defender
God has sent

PS ..." No one can teach us the truth if we do not have that presence, which reveals all knowledge to us, within us. This emphasizes Blessed Augustine in his Inner Master: " I have spoken to all. But those who do not have the inner anointing, those who are not internally taught by the Holy Spirit, have always gone untaught… Where His anointing is absent, external words in vain strike in hearing "..." ... (Dogmatic Theology p. 14, Publishes monastery "St. Vmchk Georgi Zograf, Mt. Athos)"...

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Kind regards, ...Rosti...***

PS4 Varma Kela Valitusosoitus


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